OR OIL ANOINTING? - part two
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by Basava Premanand

Reply to Gerald Moreno's claims from under

The article is found under " Deception" and Sathya Sai Baba Oiling Controversy and is titled:

"Sathya Sai Baba - sex oiling & oil manifested, materialized and applied near or on genital region.

Gerald Moreno's comments appear in bold black face and mine in regular case navy blue type.

So What Does All Of This Mean?

GM : Honestly, I have no clue what the oilings mean. I know that Baba asked me to observe celibacy and I was able to do so effortlessly. Whether this was due to the oiling or not, I honestly cannot say for certain.

Reply : How can Gerald Moreno be so certain that they are not sexual grooming, then? He repeatedly fails to acknowledge the fact that in many accounts of sexual abuse grooming is the prime method of approach by the abuser. He also ignores the repeated concern voiced by many responsible individuals and families who were for many years respected members of the Sathya Sai Organization around the world. That he is so chronically unwilling to see proper investigation not only into the sexual abuse allegations but into allegations of lack of duty of care by Sai organization leaders is reprehensible and puts Moreno in the position of others in the world who have suppressed or otherwise failed to respond to allegations of sexual abuse and of cover-up.

Interestingly, GM has stated elsewhere on his website that he has remained celibate and 'asexual' since then, so he thinks this may have been due to Sai Baba's oiling. It is, however, utterly unlikely to have had any physical effect on him, and not even to affect the digestion (stomach), though it may have had the psychic effect. He does not stop to consider the powerful and unconscious psychological forces that frequently operate when individuals bow their minds to a supposedly superior individual's influence. One also wonders if the words "lower stomach" are in coy avoidance of saying "genitals" right out. But why would oiling on the stomach - i.e not on the genitals - be considered able make one asexual? It would be relevant to know whether this oiling caused GM to have an erection, which (at a certain stage) is one of the aims of sexual grooming. If it did not, then Sai Baba would have been less likely to have further pursued his obvious sexual approach.

From the way in which Moreno asked questions in his deception series, I wonder why he did not question SSB as to what the oiling means! Why does he show no evidence of having questioned his leaders? In these days of fast-increasing accountability and transparency demanded of religious and other organisations, does he accept the answer he gives them - "Swami is pure" - is good enough? If so, he is gullible to the n'th degree - to believe this from an alleged paedophile. ALL paedophiles deny guilt! GM's mania for denying that the oilings can and do have sexual significance, while trying to suggest that they are a form of healing, shows his complete ignorance about their nature. GM is simply so much in the grip of adulation for SSB that he will not make a proper enquiry into it, he prefers to remain in denial and try to hinder further inquiry (eg. by sabotaging the Sai Petition, maligning everyone involved etc.). If his own confusion on all this - which he even admits - were not so overwhelming, one would have to laugh it off.

GM : After my interview with Baba, I had many incredible visions and experiences with Sathya Sai Baba. Whether these visions and experiences were due to some sort of "awakening" of kundalini, again, I honestly cannot say.

Reply : The visions and experiences are doubtless caused by the suppressed desires. GM has himself stated that he was looking for some sort of spiritual guidance and he believed that SSB would guide him. Also he stated that he did not know the meaning of the oiling. The anointing of oil on the most sensitive parts of our body cannot awaken the kundalini. Moreover kundalini awakening is another myth or a fiction. Many other devotees who also claim to have had 'incredible visions and experiences' with SSB have, however, acted responsibly and bravely in reporting this clearly illegal sexual molestation by SSB.

GM : I have never had anyone question whether my oiling experience was sexual or not.

Reply : No one would like to interfere in GM's personal matters, but he has used his own example as supposed evidence that others experienced nothing more than he claims he did himself. However, I have also seen he was questioned exactly as to this on the Internet, so he is not being accurate (as usual) or telling the whole truth (as usual).

GM : Only recently, has it come to my attention that Sanjay Dadlani and Reinier Van Der Sandt, using my name, in the sathyasaibaba2 yahoo discussion board, have been blatantly and erroneously insinuating that I have been sexually fondled by Sathya Sai Baba! This once again shows how Anti-SSB activists will lie and see sex, lies and perversity where they do not exist and have never existed.

Reply : Moreno generalizes from a small handful to many others, which is dishonest. As GM has not mentioned the full website I cannot know what they stated. If it is about the oiling he had from SSB below his navel (he has not explained how much below the navel and so I have to conclude that it includes the pubic area) and if it is so, it is purely sexual as even according to Kundalini Yoga this is not the place to be massaged for the arousal of Kundalini shakthi, though one might not have had an orgasm or ejaculation.

GM : Such being the case, these are the very same people who are investigating Sathya Sai Baba and making accusations against him. I cannot help to wonder if these Anti-SSB activists are spreading lies to support their own desperate ideas and concepts.

Reply : How untruthful! Moreno knows very well that there are investigators from various world leading media and other sources. These persons are two of many and different kinds of professional and other persons who are active in exposing SSB, and not the most prominent or active investigators of SSB by far. Most do not frequent the Internet but are still active in various ways. GM tries mostly to tar all opponents with one brush, which again shows his extreme bias and defamatory deceit. When the allegations are about SSB, and when he had not cleared himself of the allegations or even stopped the investigations by his influence in the government, I cannot understand why GM is acting as his spokesman, when he has not been appointed as one (or has he?). Despite massive deceptive attempts to derail the issue, GM has not been able to prove one lie since he started his deception series. Also, I cannot find he has any professional or other qualifications from which to express views on these subjects. He even hides his address, fax and phone numbers, using anonymous e-mail IPs (so that he cannot be formally traced as their author) so even his stated name may be bogus, who knows? He constantly puts the worst interpretation on matters open to various alternative interpretations. He cannot communicate with those he has aggressively attacked. Even to keep track of the sheer volume of his constant obsessive writings is futile.

Gm : My story is not unique. I am not the first to say that I have had an oiling experience and it was not sexual in any way, shape or form.

Reply : GM should instead have said "it was not understood as sexual ..." When his explanation about the oiling by SSB itself strongly indicates to any independent person that it was sexual, it is his mental conditioning because of his faith in SSB as god as to why he did not find it sexual in any way. Most likely, it was the 'grooming' test to see if the response permitted or invited further sexuality. SSB has no business at all in touching the genitals of anyone. That is the law, which applies to all citizens, and in turning a blind eye to it Sai officials and devotees who know this fail in their duty of care.

GM : Despite this fact, certain Anti-SSB activists are obsessed with SSB and Sex and see sexual overtones in everything SSB does. This reflects on the character of those who are Anti-SSB and their lack of concern for any truth that does not fit into their negative agenda of hate.

Reply : Those who criticize SSB do so for many other things than his sexual acts, like his fraudulence, lies and deceptions. Their righteous calls for accountability are different to 'hate'. GM's above statement purposefully and massively twists the facts, and is also vague. For it deceitfully avoids naming who he refers to, no doubt deliberately so as to mislead. However, most critics are not "obsessed with SSB and Sex", while Moreno is obsessed with SSB and with defending him despite all evidence and even his own conviction that Sai Baba is a sexual abuser! Understand this who can! What activists are trying to do is to expose the wide extent of SSB's deceptions and lies, his murder involvement as well as also his sexual activities, so as to help youths visiting SSB not to be sexually abused (or murdered if the speak out there), by showing there is proof that SSB sexually abuses them. Their agenda is positive and GM's is truly negative.

GM : I have also received hate mails that accused me of being sexually fondled by SSB.

Reply : When GM has confirmed that SSB anointed the area below the navel with oil containing sandal wood and eucalyptus oils, and when he even wrote that he laughed at the testimony of many who claim they were seriously sexually abused by SSB, what does he expect? How many hate mails? One or two from the same person are no big thing... activists report they receive many dozens from Sai devotees per year! Some are even posted just to show a sample. Is GM too naïve to realise that standing up in public anywhere often entails receipt of hate mail from someone or other?

GM : The person who accused me of this, signed me up to over a dozen porn sites! This points to the type of sexually-focused people who openly support Anti-SSB sites and who are dispersing Anti-SSB propaganda on the Internet.

Reply : As usual, GM draws the most wide-ranging conclusions from one anonymous instance and makes wild accusations on that basis. He does not name the one person - he evidently does not know who it was among the thousands of ex-devotees or other abusers. Evidently, GM is determined to defy fact and reason in his campaign of defamation against people who are acting for justice and on their conscience and sense of duty to protect the vulnerable and threatened victims of sexual abuse.

Most recently, for example, GM went out of his way (i.e. contacting Barry Pittard's former partner, who wanted nothing to do with a total stranger contacting her out of nowhere) in a badly misdirected attempt to dig dirt and defame Pittard, claiming that he is a paedophile! However, GM was so eager to defame that he failed to read clearly the source he quoted as proof as well as heeded wrongly informed Sai devotee informants who, he claimed, substantiated his interpretation, and so he eventually had to retract his false allegation, though he did so grudgingly without a hint of apology. His bad grace shows clearly who and what he is. Despite this he still defames Barry Pittard in his devious and untruthful way as being anti-Semitic, which many Sai devotees and others who have known him well for many years know to be throroughly without foundation. These uncalled-for and obsessive actions on all fronts by GM strongly suggest that he is a very disturbed and confused person who has been affected deeply by the deceits of SSB and the genital oiling and other interaction in the interview room.

Oilings and sexual abuse

GM : There are also allegations that some oiling are sexual. I make no excuses for Sathya Sai Baba. He is responsible for his own actions.

Reply : If this is true why does GM spend so very much valuable time to protect SSB from the sligtest criticism? He is really making excuses for his own driven attempts to prove that genital oiling is non-sexual (though he admits he has "not a clue" why SSB does it!).Why does he, on countless occasions, violate the understanding that the civilized world has to live by: that touching genitals (except for very limited medical reasons) is forbidden? Why doesn't he leave it to SSB to prove it himself? Is it because SSB would not be able to prove that the oilings are not sexual? Here is an example from such a testimony by David Paul from 2001 (click to see account in full):

(SSB said) "
Yes but what’s this and touched me again" "undo" he said motioning to white pyjama type suit I was wearing which I did but was somewhat confused at this point he then pulled my underwear down below my scrotum and said "sometimes you dissipate too much energy this way" he let the underwear ping up and then waved his hand in the fashion he does and apparently materialized some oil and rubbed it on the pubic region above the penis and around the stomach and told me to " do up".
"During my second trip the interview was almost the same except i was not drawn into the back room this time and the talk he had with me on that occasion was almost a carbon copy of the first time but as I stood up to leave at the conclusion of the second interview he whacked me in the testicles with the back of his hand and it was a deliberate move."

GM : I have not met anyone who has ever had a sexual encounter with Sathya Sai Baba.

Reply : Good GM came with the truth. When he claims to know about the persons who claim to have been sexually abused by SSB on the Internet, I thought that he met them and investigated! So all his comments on those persons are only hearsay and uninformed prejudgment! He cannot meet anyone unless he meets them on the basis of trust, mutual respect, sensitivity and confidentiality. Otherwise, why would they agree to meet him? Unless he approaches them personally and goes through their records - without his perpetual motive of confounding and confuting - it is not possible to know the truth. His position is probably hopeless, as few - if any - victims of sexual abuse would ever now wish to meet him after all the fact-twisting and slander he has generated.

GM : Despite many people sharing their oiling experiences with me, none of them made any mention to sexual activity, despite specifically addressing this possible perception.

Reply : Who are these many people and their addresses to verify whether they have shared with GM their oiling experiences? Unless I know this it is not possible for me to find out whether he specifically addressed this to them.

GM does not give any details of these "many people" who have "shared their oiling experiences". Since GM is constantly producing a vast amount of meticulous details in an attempt to prove deception by ex-devotees, including screen captures, phone-calls, postings of e-mails from ex-devotees without their consent and much more, I challenge him similarly to prove his assertion by releasing the materials he has received on this matter "specifically addressing this possible perception". Until then, GM's statement must be doubted, not to mention his pretended neutrality and claimed lack of bias! But GM puts all his effort into denial and cover-up the world-wide evidence of severe sexual molestation in numerous published accounts. Many families and individuals in excellent standing have gone to senior members of the Sai Organisation and have met with shocking retreat by officials and failure to follow up or report to any authority about it.

The phrase many people would have to mean anything from 20 or so persons upwards. By his own accounts, GM is known to have had limited contact in the Sai movement over a relatively short time span and not to be a member of the Organisation or even a devotee himself. The movement is claimed by devotees to amount to many millions of persons. This strongly indicates the correctness of what has been alleged by persons very close to SSB like Dr. Bhatia and David Bailey - that there are very many young males who have been groomed and had their genital privacy invaded in this way by Sathya Sai Baba. Claims by devotees that genital oiling is a way of reducing the male sexual instinct (i.e. which would have to involve physically reducing testosterone levels) or alternatively - that the physical act is necessary for an allegedly omnipotent sadguru to raise the spiritual energies of a person - fall by their own sheer absurdity. Furthermore, no kind of evidence - medical, historical or scriptural - supports those wild 'explanations'.

GM : I urge those who feel that they have been sexually abused to file a court case, against Sathya Sai Baba, in India. To date (June 2005), not even one person has filed a court case against Sathya Sai Baba, in India.

Reply : A court case detailing sexual abuses with affidavits and other criminal accusations was filed against SSB by Hari Sampath as plaintiff Judges Lahoti and Patnaik presiding. It was effectively quashed by the Sai-devotee judiciary involved. Why should the innumerable people involved file a case against SSB in India, where the full legal process invariably also takes many years and excessive costs? Besides, many of those concerned and their families - after the pain of having their faith and trust totally abused by SSB - do not wish either to go public with their anguish or to risk persecution and worse by SSB's henchmen? Would GM pay for the court expenses and lawyers?

Along with the murder case in 1993 I have requested for a CBI enquiry on the sexual molestation of the youths as mentioned in para 18 of the affidavit. Instead of all the abused persons going to the court if SSB had only filed one defamation case against all of them (he has enough funds to go to court and judges on his side) it would have been easier for the persons to prove the sexual abuse if the court gives them protection. The very fact that SSB did not approach the court even with a band of partial judges and with the government on his side would indicate that the allegations are irrefutable.

I am wondering why Gerald Moreno did not suggest this to SSB and made him accept it and if SSB proved that he was innocent of the allegations in the court his name would have been cleared once for all.

GM : Like other Indian Consuls, the British Consular Office, in Chennai, said they have not received any complaints, nor could they find any court cases underway, against Sathya Sai Baba. Such being the case, one can't help to wonder why Anti-SSB activists are so keen on taking legal action against SSB, yet fail to file even one case in India. The excuse, I have come across on Anti-SSB sites, is that SSB has vast political influence and has high ranking devotees in the Government and in the Judicial system. Despite this claim, again, not even one person has even tried to file a court case, alleging sexual impropriety, in India, against SSB. I think that speaks volumes in and of itself.

Reply : GM has incredible naive ideas of the country where I have lived a lifetime, and of which he knows little or nothing. As so often, he is outright wrong - a case was filed with the Supreme Court of India by Hari Sampath (8/5/2001 Writ Petition (Cr.) No. 80/20011 For Preliminary Hearing Item No 7. Court No 2. SECTION PIL), and heard - but despite the 'inexplicable' absence of the documents and the court's decision from the Supreme Court public records - a legally-certified copy of the decision by judges G.B. Pattanaik and R.C. Lahoti to reject the petition and refer it to the Sai-dominated High Court in Andhra Pradesh - plus a transcript of the proceedings - were saved as legal evidence. (Click here to view scan of this document).

He has not provided testimonials from the British consular office, without which I cannot comment anything and I would have contacted them on my writ petition. It is true that Exbaba activists would like to see victims file a case against SSB in an Indian Court, so if GM could meet the Court expenses - which would come to a big amount, justice could still not be got by an ordinary person because SSB has the largest assets and could throw away money to win the case.

Now, for Moreno I shall show why the oilings below the navel are most likely to have a sexual significance.
The navel and the part below the navel up to the pubic area is the most erotogenic part of the human body arousing sexual desire.

This is what he states happened to him and others mentioned by him in this article about oilings.
1. GM : The majority of people who have oilings say SSB applies the oil to their lower abdomen area between their pubic area and their navel.
2. GM : SSB applied the oil just beneath my navel
3. Marc-André: He applied it on my scrotum
4. David Paul : the oiling took place just above the pubic region and on the lower stomach
5. Greg Gerson : Applied the oil on my lower abdomen, below my navel and above my penis.
6. Alaya Rahm : Rubbed his genitals. (Testimony IS available to properly qualified civil authorities and investigators, licensed health professionals, responsible media, etc)
This - along with the far greater number of accounts which are NOT released so that those of malicious intent like GM can devour and ridicule them - would make an overwhelming case that all the oilings mentioned by GM and his own experience have a predatory sexual motivation.

This is not the way to raise the Kundalini Shakti (sexual power) as described in scripture. Oriental text books on Kundalini Yoga explain is that massaging has to be done at the portion below the scrotum and the anus where the Muladhara Chakra is situated (that is to say, the perineum).
While practising Kundalini Yoga one has to sit in an Asana (posture) where the heels press the portion below the scrotum and anus. Then GM has to take a deep breath, while pressing the lower abdomen and it is believed that a vacuum is created inside the body and the sexual energy ie Kundalini (semen) rises up through the Sushumna Nadi. This Sushumna Nadi cannot be dissected or seen by the mortal eyes but can only be visualised by mind. Though this is not true medically, people who practice Kundalini Yoga believe that Kundalini rises through the Sushumna Nadi up to Sahasrara (the top centre of the Brain) as it is in the treatise. So by rubbing with oil on the erogenic zone below the navel and the pubic area the Kundalini does not rise up but arouses sexual desire. So the oiling by SSB is truly sexual and the first step of his game to select youths who cooperate with him in sexual abuse.

Definition of Child sexual abuse by Driver & Droisen – 1989

Any sexual behaviour directed at a person under sixteen years of age without that persons confirmed consent

( In 2000 the age of Juveniles has been changed from 16 to 18 years in India.)

Any sexual behaviour directed at a person (under aged) may invoke touching parts of the child or requesting the child touch oneself, itself, or others; ogling the child in a sexual manner taking pornographic photographs, or requiring the child look at parts of body, sexual acts, or other materials in a way which is arousing to oneself and verbal communications or suggestions to the child which are intended to threaten the child sexually or otherwise to provide sexual gratification for oneself.

This includes :
An adult exposing his or her genitals to a child or persuading the child to do the same.
An adult touching a child’s genitals or making the child touch the adults genitals
An adult involving a child in pornography which include showing a child pornographic material
An adult having oral, vaginal or anal intercourse with a child
Any verbal or other sexual suggestion made to a child by an adult
An adult persuading children to engage in sexual activity among themselves
An adult inserting foreign objects into a child’s body for his or her own sexual gratification.

Case histories of child sexual abuse.

1) Vaishali’s chacha bends over to nibble-mudge her on her toes with his mouth. Vaishalis chacha bends over her again and softly begins sniffing in a systematic way, in her vagina area and moves it. He sets his dialing finger on Vaishalis vagina area and moves it. His finger encounters a sticking spot
2) A tuition master reprimands his boy, girl students by touching them non-accidently and clearly more than once, on the side of the breast instead of hand.
3) A grand father makes him/her sit on his lap and strokes his/her thigh. He/she feels something hard as he/she sits on his lap and he strokes him/he

References from:
'Bitter Chocolate – child sexual abuse in India' by Pinki Virani, Penguin Books, India 2000.
If the perpetuators are above eighteen years of age – be they women or men - and the victim eighteen or below, it is child sexual abuse.

(I want to thank my skeptic colleagues for relieving work pressures on me by key board work and editing of my answers)

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