OR OIL ANOINTING? - part one
by Basava Premanand

Reply to Gerald Moreno's claims from under

The article is found under " Deception" and Sathya Sai Baba Oiling Contoversy and is titled:

"Sathya Sai Baba - sex oiling & oil manifested, materialized and applied near or on genital region.

Gerald Moreno's comments are in bold black face and mine are in regular case navy blue type.

GM : Fact : Most Oilings are Non-Sexual :

Reply : Gerald Moreno has titled this article as Sathya Sai Baba - Sex Oiling - applied near or on genital region. It is true. When he states that most oilings are non-sexual, it means that there are some oilings which are sexual but when he reads this reply he will (if honest) understand that all oilings are sexual and it was his belief in SSB as god in human form and that what he does has a different meaning which we mortals do not know.

GM : The fact of the matter is that oilings, from Sathya Sai Baba, do happen

Reply : GM tells at least one true fact by confirming that oilings by SSB do happen. Add to this his belief that SSB is a sexual abuser, as he has stated clearly on his website!

GM : They are a common occurrence and I have known about them since 1988, when I received an "oiling" myself.

Reply : Wonderful to know that GM himself received the oiling and that oiling is a common occurrence. Such a practice is against the laws of civilized countries. Why should Sai Baba and his devotees be beyond the law in this respect?

GM : The majority of people who have had oilings, say SSB applies the oil to their lower abdomen area, between their pubic area and their navel.

Reply : I hope GM knows that this area is the most erogenous zone of our body. Who are these majority of people who have had oilings? Who are the rest? Will GM kindly explain how many in his data are included as having been oiled, and detail how he has investigated and arrived at which is the majority and which the minority?

GM : All of the people who I have spoken to (who shared their oiling experiences with me), said their experiences were non-sexual.

Reply : I could not find their experiences recounted or summarised anywhere on GMs' web-site. Who are they and how many? And what are their experiences according to them? For any kind of neutral investigator (which GM falsely claimed to be from the outset) he falls down badly in his 'research', which is extremely biased and without any proper documentation. From what he writes, he considers research is just surfing the Internet, when this is only a small part of serious research.
Since he often demands from Sai Baba's critics information about their sources, and since he shows no regard for those who have alleged serious sexual abuse and attacks them in public, he should have no difficulty in revealing the names and contact details and addresses of his informants. Whatever the other side does, for him not to do what he claims is necessary is simply gross hypocrisy.

He has not shown anywhere that he has met or even contacted alleging victims of sexual abuse by SSB. He has avoided all phone contact requested by activists (eg. Glen Meloy, Dave Lyons - both former prominent Sai organisation leaders in the USA, and Ojvind Kyro - journalist and director of the Danish National Broadcasting documentary ' Seduced by Sai Baba'). and he is not surprisingly now cut off from those victims of serious SSB sexual abuse he has defamed on his websites. His belligere, unprofessional and callously uncaring postings towards the many victims of SSB's abuses and his harassment of the JuST group and others by searching personal details and posting them on his website shows his complete lack of duty of care. He continually brands all critics as "Anti-sais". He purposely and deceptively holds up two peripheral and somewhat extreme activists as representative of the many hundreds, who actually represent a very wide spectrum of ex-devotees and office-bearers from all around the world. Those who rejects SSB and his works have many different good reasons and hold many and varying opinions as to the degree and nature of SSB's deceptions, fraudulence and alleged criminal acts. Many who have had wide and close experiences over long periods of time still have different perspectives. It suits GM to pretend all of them are negative and liars of one and the same opinion!
The above shows some of GM's primitive, deceptive mindset and crafty behaviour. He forwards many unfounded, ignorant and arrogant claims, as if he had any competence or authority whatever. Is he willing to stand forth with full details of his education (what level?), trade/profession (if any), publications (if any), and - above all - his full legal name and current address? Or will he continue to hide on the Internet behind his various aliases?

The belief that the oilings are non sexual comes from the brain washing to believe that SSB would not do anything bad. GM's obsessive concern with instances which are not claimed to be serious sexual abuse is extraordinary in the light of his admission on the FAQ page of his vishvarupa website that he nonetheless believes SSB to be a sexual abuser. (Eg. he has even accepted Alaya Rahm's account as genuine, after criticising on details and having later to accept that he has cleared up the points he - GM - doubted or was confused about). Yet he is trying to defend SSB by endlessly raising minor points as if to excuse him of being what he believes him to be!
This persistent self-contradictory behaviour of GM's is classifiable as severe cognitive conflict. He also denies connection with the Sathya Sai Organisation, but - without any role than that of an inconsistent, querulous and arrogant anonymous person, he has taken on single-handed (and unasked by them?), the task it fears to engage in. It shirks giving any replies to any critics, whether within out without the movement!. Who is GM really, who finances his full-time internet engagement and costly websites so as to defame critics of SSB and the Sai Organisation?

GM : My own oiling experience was non-sexual as well.

Reply : I will be commenting on GMs experience here later.

GM : It is also significant to point out that 2 of the "witnesses", sited on (Greg Gerson and David Paul), have shared their own "oiling experiences" and have also stated that what happened to them was not sexual abuse.

Reply : I quote Greg Gerson's testimony on SSB's action: "He then "materialized" oil and pulled down my underwear and applied the oil on my lower abdomen below my navel and above my penis. He did not touch me sexually or ask me to do anything to him." This shows that, without being asked by SSB - Gerson was pressed into taking down his pants and being massaged in a part of the body which it is illegal to do even by a doctor, unless clear assent has first been given. Independent observers would surely classify this as a form of sexual molestation. That it was not perceived as such by Gerson is no proof that it was not actually sexual in intent or an infringement of law relating to touching a persons genital area.

As to David Paul's testimony, he states: "during the first interview I was taken into the back room and subjected to one of the so called oilings that have so often been spoken of and I am not sure even today where I stand on that particular subject" This clearly refutes GM's claim that Gerson stated "that what happened to them was not sexual abuse". Here GM is attempting to deceive through his inaccurate and tendentious presentation of documented facts.

GM : Despite Greg Gerson and David Paul saying this, lists them among the 15 "witnesses" who were sexually abused!

Reply : Clinically and psychologically this is 'grooming', the first testing step in processes of sexual abuse. This comes under child sexual abuse (see definition and a list of what all acts come under "child sexual abuse" at the end of this document). In accordance with his warped agenda. GM does not mention the many other testimonies which DO claim sexual abuse by SSB. This is typical underhand avoidance method.

GM : It is my opinion that the overwhelming majority of "oilings" are simply not sexual in nature.

Reply : GM's opinion has no value before the opinions of the specialists about sexual abuse, such as is practiced by SSB. Above, he asserted definitively that the majority of 'oilings' were not sexual in nature, now he says it is just his opinion. And what about all the other oilings which are sexual in nature then? As he tacitly admits here, SSB is a sexual abuser! How can one therefore take GM at all seriously... or accept his double morals? He defends a sexual abuser and wishes to minimise his crimes! Is not this is the mentality of a totally immoral or sick person?

GM : Many Anti-SSB activists believe that all oilings are sexual and involve some sort of genital touching or manipulation. This isn't true. I know this from my own first-hand experience.

Reply : How many? GM does not document his first statement in any way. It need not be genital touching alone, genitals get excited by touching erotic zones of our body and the groins are the most sensitive part and while rubbing this the genitals also get the pressure as the skin of the genital also get moved. The expressions the persons who have been oiled as narrated in GMs' comments speak of that Further, it is very common for sexually molested persons to cover up or lie about the details, for obvious reasons. Among these are strong feelings of shame, not wishing to appear a victim, fear of destructive publicity and slander by unconscionable defenders of abusers. For one thing they risk having people like GM trying to discredit and even try to cow them from speaking out. This comes under "child sexual abuse" (defined at the end of this document).

GM : When I was 18, I went, by myself, to India. I was searching for God and looking for some sort of spiritual guidance.

Reply : This itself proves that GM had problems which he could not solve.

GM: I almost left India, the day after I arrived, due to extreme culture shock, but found myself boarding a train to see Sathya Sai Baba, after a series of incredible events.

Reply : Even inspite of GM's extreme cultural shock, his catching a train to SSB Baba shows his dependence on him as god in human form. GM has not clarified whether the series of incredible events he experienced were after he arrived in India or before he started for India.

GM : I had Baba's darshan on September 15th, 1988 and a private interview on October 5th, 1988.

Reply : The very fact that he waited eagerly for 20 days speaks that he fully believed that SSB would certainly find a way to help him with his problems.

GM : I talk about my experiences, with Sathya Sai Baba, on my personal web site that I created in 2001. Sathya Sai Baba called me into the private interview room (next to the main interview room which is separated by a doorway, covered with a curtain).

Reply : God that GM confirms that there exists a private room where individuals are called in. In fact, there is also a (double-) door to the private interview rooms in Prashanthi mandir as can clearly be seen in photos taken there after the 1993 murder incident - and also Trayee Brindavan has curtain and door.

GM : At one point, during the private interview session, Sathya Sai Baba raised his palm to my face and drew small circles, with his thumb, on his four fingers.

Reply : The purpose of his raising his palm and drawing small circles to GM's face is a typical magicians trick to divert attention. It has been reported by students who were oiled (but who have to remain anonymous for their own safety) that Sai Baba grips a sponge kept soaked in oil, which is concealed somehow under his chair in the private interview room. Then he circles his hand to keep up the illusion that it is 'manifested' by him. Such a simple trick!

GM : A thick, green oil appeared. It was wonderfully fragrant. The fragrance was very fine and had a mixture of jasmine, rose and sandalwood scents. The predominant fragrance was eucalyptus. SSB applied the oil just beneath my navel.

Reply : GM has not explained how far 'below the navel'. Below the navel includes down to the genitals, and there is very little skin to massage there without touching the genitals, unless perhaps one is extremely fat, that is! The fragrance proves nothing, there are many unusual scents in India - such as that of 'amrit' which is simply a little-known rose essence from China - and they can be mixed together too. Besides, others report that SSB produced a creamy substance to 'oil' them with.

GM : Baba never touched my genitals.

Reply : Even if this is truthful (which can be doubted on other evidence - see later), it is enough that the oil is applied just beneath the navel. That is enough to stimulate the genitals. But it is just a first step… had GM had got another interview, then what? Many others reported that it repeats itself and often goes further too … even much further!

GM : As soon as he was done applying the oil, he resumed talking to me. Baba never touched my genitals. My genital area was never exposed, at any time.

Reply : Why does GM need to repeat that SSB did not touch his genitals. Also, he has not informed whether he wore any underwear. Did SSB draw down his underpants too? Or was he not wearing any?

GM : Baba gave me no reason why he materialized the oil.

Reply : Did GM question him about it? Probably not, because no one can supposedly question this 'God' without risking vengeance?

GM : My impression was like I had just been to see a doctor.

Reply : When SSB did not have any degree including medical degree GM's impression was doubtless only psychological because of his intense need for attention etc.. He is clearly very impressionable.

GM : I did not feel violated or victimized in any way.

Reply : How GM can feel violated or victimized when he was completely under SSB's spell as the god in human form? SB made him feel valued, and GM wrote himself on his website that was the first time anyone had taken notice of him. It is the known technique of all gurus gathering to a following by flattery and manipulation of attention etc..

GM : This impression has been shared by others as well.

Reply: It is true that they cannot reason otherwise when they believed him as the god in human form.

Oiling experience of Marc-Andre St-Jean

GM: referenced from : In FACTNet Marc-Andre St. Jean said in an interview from Montreal that when he was 19 and had a private session with Sai Baba, the guru pointed at his genitals and said, 'Something slow'. Although St. Jean didn't know what Sai Baba was talking about at the time, he said the guru then 'asked me to drop my pants. He made a materializing motion with his hand and there was cream on it. He applied it to my scrotum'. St. Jean thought at the time the event was not sexual -- but more like 'going to the doctor' for what he found out was a urinary infection -- but St. Jean has since quit the group after hearing and believing the mounting allegations of molestation."

Reply : In In message 61 dated 10-14-01 sent at 8:51 pm what Marc-Andre told was:
" I met baba in September1992 (3 interview in 4 or 5 days)…. ….10 minutes after giving the ring he took me in the private interview room and pointing to my genitals he said "Sometime slow" he was referring to my urinary problem, he then proceeded with the oiling. So, even if it was not sexual, I know he was doing that sometimes, and I never had a healing."

So Moreno, SSB could not cure Marc Andre St. Jean of his urinary problem. If he could not cure him, why the oiling? When SSB was not a medical doctor, Marc Andre having fully believed him to be god on earth came to a wrong opinion and believed it was more like going to a doctor.
As I have confirmed, Marc-Andre St. Jean is now fully convinced that Sai Baba has no right to do oilings or in any way touch males in ways which would compromise any other adult who used his power to do so.

Oiling experience of David Paul

GM : Referenced from: David Paul says, "I can categorically state that such oilings do take place as it happened to me, as for further allegations of abuse I do not have first hand knowledge".

Reply : As already shown, GM omits David Paul's statement that he was not sure where he stood on the subject when he gave his testimony in ( club)

Oiling Experience of Greg Gerson

GM : Referenced from: html Greg Gerson says, "During one interview, which occurred just before I was scheduled to fly home to America, while we were alone, Sai Baba had me pull down my pants. He then "materialized" oil and pulled down my underwear and applied the oil on my lower abdomen below my navel and above my penis. He did not touch me sexually or ask me to do anything to him."

Reply : It is only after the person reacts passively to the request of pulling down his pants that SSB himself pulls down the underwear when he wants physical contact with the genitals, then massaging below navel up to the penis and watching the facial changes then only SSB moves to next and further manipulations sexually. This genital area oiling is not mentioned in any of the medical or religious texts from India. Oiling is not done in one part of the body but all over the body and massaging every part in Ayurveda, The massaging is done not only by hands but also by legs. This is believed as a rejuvenating therapy.

The very fact that Greg Gerson allowed SSB to make him pull down his underwear only indicates how much faith he then had on SSB as god on earth. David Paul states:"I was taken into the back room and subjected to one of the so called oilings that have so often been spoken of and I am not sure even today where I stand on that particular subject" This clearly refutes GM's claim that Paul also stated "that what happened to him was not sexual abuse". Here he is again attempting to deceive through inaccurate and tendentious presentation of the documented facts.

Greg Gerson has confirmed that he regarded this as sexual abuse nonetheless for he also wrote in his testimony: "I have been reading the web site for some time. I just thought you might be interested in hearing from me regarding these two important topics and my personal experience with them. A) Sai Baba and sexual misconduct B) Sai Baba and fake jewels. (My underlining). Why dis GM make no effort to contact Greg Gerson and hear why he thought this was a case of sexual abuse? It was also a illegal act in any event.

Oiling Experience of Al Rahm

GM : Referenced from Secret Swami. Al Rahm, revealed that he had an oiling from Sathya Sai Baba too. On the BBC Documentary, Secret Swami, it says, "10.19.37 Tanya Datta To Alaya's surprise his father had had the same oiling experience when he first visited Sai Baba aged eighteen. The guru had told him it was a ritual healing process.

Reply : Oiling has nothing to do in any ritual healing. This is not mentioned in any of the medical or religious texts from India. Oiling is not done in one part of the body but all over the body under strictest ethical guidelines by trained and properly chartered masseurs in the Ayurveda system. The massaging is done not only by hands but also by legs, except the private parts which the massager asks the person to oil himself. . This is believed as a rejuvenating therapy.
How Al Rahm, Marisa Rahm, and Alaya Rahm accepted it as a ritual healing could be understood from the transcript of the USA Sai Regional Conference August 30-31-1997. Read also his
'explanatory letter' to Gerald Moreno'!

GM : Al accepted this and when it happened to Alaya he saw nothing wrong." If Al Rahm saw "nothing wrong" with his oiling experience, then it must not have been sexual. Especially when he did not consider it wrong for his own son to receive an oiling treatment.

Reply : The mental condition of Al Rahm, Marisa Rahm and Alaya Rahm could be easily known from the transcript mentioned above which made them believe that there was nothing sexual about it. What ever may be the feeling of the people the oiling cannot be considered non-sexual. It is truly sexual if one goes through the books on sexology and the erotic zones of our body. Later, the Rahms all recognized fully that SSB was sexually abusing Alaya merely for his own pleasure. GM is clearly trying to imply that Alaya Rahm was NOT seriously sexually abused by SSB. However, he testified unconditionally to the seriousness and the frequent repetition of this on the BBC film 'The Secret Swami'? Even the experiences of making Alaya sit on the lap of SSB as narrated in the USA Sai Regional Conference August 30-31, 1997 is legally sexual abuse. Such confused thinking on GMs part cannot be taken seriously at all.

GM : In the Divine Downfall Interview, it says, "Al Rahm said, 'In 1995, Alaya had come to his father. In a private interview, he said, Sai Baba had 'materialised' some oil in his hand, unbuttoned Sam's trousers and rubbed his genitals. Jeff told his son he had had a similar experience when he first met Sai Baba at 18. 'I said to Sam, what did you think about it? He said he didn't feel there was anything sexual about it; it was like Sai Baba was doing his job'. And I'd kind of had that experience. A doctor gives a boy an exam. I'd taken it as some kind of healing.'"

Reply : with the full belief that SSB in the God in human form who is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent they could not have thought otherwise. Later, when he knew of the horrific treatment of his son by SSB, he came to his senses and took a completely opposite standpoint. But Gerald Moreno would prefer he stick to his former deluded attitude and that the current facts would go away! This seems to be another instance of his pathological denial syndrome.

I have also recieved the following statement from Al Rahm in a mail of September 5, 2005: " After SB rubbed oil on me I also told people that there was nothing sexual about it. That comes from others, (such as the Litestorm group) telling me that they all received this treatment and many others have also received this treatment and that SB only does it to relieve sexual desire. It also comes from deep programming and justification that SB is an avatar and it could only be pure. It also comes from embarrassment that others will think the sexual nature is your fault and that SB had to do this to purify you. In retrospect it is easy to see that it was very sexual and SB was doing it for his own pursuit of sexual interaction. Those who cling to supporting SB will never understand what it is like to be sexually abused by a being as famous as SB. The oil is only a warm up for more intrusive, later to come encounters. With some they happen and with others circumstances change the course. In my case I left the same day and returned years later with a family. In Alaya’s case, he was there for a month in 1997 and many opportunities were there for SB to carry out his devious plan. I will be happy to testify at any time for the purpose of supporting any case against SB."