The amount of errors, inaccuracies, absurdities, mistaken viewpoints, slanders, lies and other redundant waste matter of the ever-expanding websites of Gerald 'Joe' Moreno cause him constantly to modify and delete pages whenever he no longer wishes it known what he has written. Among some of the many dozens of such pages, his original FAQ page (see below) contains strange statements about himself, his viewpoint and so forth. However, these can be seen to have become a heavy liability to him, so he changed and deleted to try to limit his self-damage. As one may see below, Moreno had the audacity to pretend that he is "the only type of person who can present a balanced view into the Sathya Sai Baba debate"! Yet since he began, Joe Moreno has presented a TOTALLY one-sided view - constantly arguing on every most unlikely and irrelevant point to discredit ALL criticism of Sai Baba. That he claims to have had "many positive, powerful, spiritual experiences with SSB" need not have stopped him reaching a balanced view, as it did not with many other much closer and long-term devotees who left Sai Baba in disgust, but a look at any page or any posting written by him will confirm that he is totally and fanatically one-sided (excepting his belief that Sai Baba is a sexual abuser, see below!).

So this is plain and simple self-deception and bunkum. Yet Moreno claims - beyond all credibility - that he would not go "to the extent of making excuses for SSB (as devotees generally do)"! For he defends Sai Baba as a sexual abuser to the last straw! He makes NOTHING BUT excuses for SSB and his devotees and he NEVER utters a word of criticism of him or any of them we can find in his many hundreds of pages of contorted arguments and studied irrelevancies! This demonstrates where Joe really is at, though no one can quite figure what kind of delusive disorder he labours under.

Despite his boast, he has not successfully refuted ONE SINGLE FACT put forward about Sai Baba and his movement by the main exposé activists (eg. on this website, on ExBaba.com or Saiguru.net to name the main current sites). His main form of attack is the argumentum ad hominem, including defamatory dirt-digging, and demonstably false and vicious libels one can find on the internet, all backed by some of the most obvious attempts at avoidance of the issue, pettifogging irrelevancy and stubborn impertinence. May those who have the misfortune to come across his materials judge for themselves whether he is fair, balanced or presents any case-relevant facts or sound documentation on real issues.


Ex-devotees who had learned the facts set out to "expose the lies, deceit, misrepresentations, conflations, exaggerations and contradictory allegations" made by Sai Baba and his supporters throughout all their propaganda. Parrot-like, Moreno pretends to apply the same medicine to them. However, he actually avoids all the indisputable substantive facts and documentations presented in the exposé and instead make superficial, misleading, out-of-context and untrue characterisations of exposé writings. He constantly recycles words and statements levelled by critics against Sai Baba, applying them back to their authors in a tit-for-tat manner.

The reason for him not giving his phone number is really doubtless that Gerald Joe Moreno wishes his actual identity and whereabouts to remain hidden, not least so he may escape the consequences of his illegal activities on the internet (copyright theft, defamation and invasion of privacy). Repeated attempts by various persons to get him to provide public information like a CV and an address, phone number which upright citizens with nothing to hide or hide from do not fear to give. His partner in hiding, Lisa de Witt, is the same.

If no one even tries to disprove Moreno's adulterated twaddle, why then does he invent questions supposedly "frequently asked"? Who asks him these questions, one wonders? Joe is just posturing in trying to imitate serious websites which have a genuine need for FAQ pages. Much of what he has written that may seem substantive at first glance has actually since been factually disproved by a few exposé activists (such as on Yahoo groups and other bulletin boards, and not least on this website). Few of the dozens of vocal critics of Sai Baba have bothered with him and have evidently not found him worthy of more brief responses.

While claiming not to suppress other viewpoints, Moreno does his utmost to do so by ignoring the main contents of the exposé and the documentation provided. Mostly, he sets out to undermine the authors' reputations. He lies outright that his site has been banned from linking to the critical sites. One can see links to such sites even on this page - and everyone has all along been able freely to make such links! It seems he wrote that so as to excuse himself from linking to our sites (which, however, do not regard Moreno's endless ramblings significant enough to link to and advertise unduly).
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Why is Gerald Moreno unable to contact most of the alleged sexual abuse victims? Firstly, he has disqualified himself from their trust by trying unfairly to discredit and slander many of them - some in most vile terms (eg. Said Khoramshhagol). Moreno sets out to defame in puerile ways many of those who defend the victims of Sai Baba's acts and deceptions, (see his blog defaming Sanjay Dadlani) and slanders and/or calculated lies about Reinier van der Sandt, Barry Pittard, Robert Priddy, Dave Lyons, Alexandra Nagel, and others, including all of us who have posted on this website. Moreno's main way of forwarding his alleged "balanced view" is to defame his opponents and ignore every point which he is unable to twist and misrepresent.

Secondly he has shown such antipathy and total lack of sensitivity towards alleging victims of sexual abuse. He tries to undermine every account made frankly and bravely by persons - even under threats to their lives. No one who realises who and what Gerald Moreno is truly like would have anything to do with him. He has harassed two young Swedish men who were molested by Sai Baba, posting their e-mails without permission - and trying his worst to discredit them.

Moreno's complaints against the Rahms, which he has spread out through numerous web pages, bulletin boards, and e-mails have been answered most graciously by Al Rahm. Yet Moreno goes on libelling Alaya Rahm, whose accounts the BBC investigated and defended against legal interference by Dr. M. Goldstein of the Sai Organisation. One may wonder why Moreno is so terribly engaged in this issue. Evidently he is struggling to believe that he was not himself sexually groomed by Sai Baba when his pants were taken down had oil was applied (allegedly only) to his "lower stomach". This is a typical avoidance by some involved of stating precisely where the oil was actually applied. It is also of some note that Moreno states he was a devotee of Sai Baba for 8 years, but ceased to be so. Why he defected after such "positive, powerful spiritual experiences" as he claims, he has refused to explain. Yet Joe's agenda is 100% clear, to deny and defy all facts according to his overwhelming obsession - to defend Sai Baba religiously at the cost of both the truth and normal human decency.

The 'genital switch' variously reported by several sexually molested ex-devotees of Sai Baba makes no different to the functionality of a penis. Hermaphrodites can have a fully functional penis, in addition to a vaginal opening. This is exactly what hermaphroditism consists in! Like this, Moreno is always trying to prove a point and shows he doesn't understand properly what he is talking about.

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