The Prashanthi Nilayam ashram in the 1960s when the Shanthi Vedika building still stood (see on left). Note the library building on the hill behind South Prashanthi apartments and temple.
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Prashanthi Nilayama Ganesha gate shrine

PN inside gate - Ganesha shrine (and transformers!)

Left: The shrine to Ganesha inside the Ganesha gate, Prashanthi - spring 1985: close-up above

The 'old Sai Baba mandir' Puttaparthi

Goats herded in Puttaparthi 1985

Left: Gate to old Sai Baba mandir, Puttaparthi. Above: Parthi village street scene in spring 1985


Puttaparthi village & college

Left: darsan in Purnachandra Hall, late 1980s. Above: 1985 with college in background

Wedding of Radhakrishnan in 1989, Prashanthi

Figurines over main compound temple gate with sarva dharma symbol
Sarva dharma symbol with figurines above the main entrance to the Prashanthi mandir, now above the front entrance to the Kushwant Hall

On the left: band procession to the wedding of Radhakrishnan, Sai Baba's valet, in December, 1988. Radhakrishnan was killed in a knife battle in the interview room in June, 1993

Sai Gita-elephant-1985


Sathya Sai Baba's pet elephant, Sai Gita, in 1985. Sai Gita was excited because a dog which lived in her compound had just given birth the day before to puppies!

Above: Vidyagiri admin. block 1985

Chairs for handicapped and invalid visitors

'The chairs' or the section reserved for handicapped and invalid persons in fron to the garage beside the temple

Shopping stree in Parthi village

Puttaparthi village - shopping street. Late 1980s. No longer are the shoppers there, since Sai Baba's death