8th World Conference (November 2005) of the Sathya Sai Organization

Pre-prepared questions and pre-ordained answers (but now with invasive comments) from the so-called 'Interactive Panel' of the
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Introductorily it should be pointed out that the following questions and answers demonstrate very well how avoidance of issues, cover-up of damaging facts and patronising talk is the backbone of all Sathya Sai Organization conferences. Anyone whose question gets too near the bone is put down by the constant technique of "instead of asking this, look into your own heart, examine yourself before criticising anyone or anything." The Sathya Sai Organization is very active in covering up the allegations of many crimes by Sathya Sai Baba, and its own mismanagement, hypocrisy and ego-wrangling (for which its leaders are infamous among its members). It reminds of Chinese leadership methods, but the real cuplrit is Sathya Sai Baba who selects as his leaders insensitive persons who have been tested thoroughly to show that they will accept ANYTHING he says or does (however criminal) and will execute his directions to the letter. He is the actual model of their propaganda, authoritarian ways, hypocrisy and light-handed manipulations with the facts.
My comments are in bold violet text

Interactive Panel
8th World Conference (November 2005)

At the conclusion of Mr. Chudasama’s talk, Dr. Gries announced that the questions that the delegates had written on the 3 x 5 index cards that were passed out at the conclusion of the previous session had been categorized and sorted and given to the panel members. (Sorted? Like at the Kenya elections, as I have seen done in the Sai Organization when I was a leader) He introduced the panel as consisting of Dr. Michael Goldstein, Dr. Narendra Reddy, Air Chief Marshall N. C. Suri, and Dr. William Harvey, member of Prasanthi Council. (The strictly NON-interactive panel - the parrot panel, rather)

Question 1. “Why are previous Conference recommendations and resolutions not implemented?” 

Answer 1. (Dr. Goldstein): Many recommendations and resolutions have been made. (That does not answer the question, as usual) Suggested changes to the Charter are being considered by members of the Prasanthi Council. (Authoritarian VIPs decide everything, in other words. Anti-democratic because it would all fall apart otherwise) Some resolutions may have been changed by Swami, some by the Organization, some were not suitable for adoption, some were impossible to implement, and it was resolved not to implement them. (Where do such amateurs get these bright ideas - to decide not to implement decision that are impossible to implement anyway? ) Some in responsible positions may not have been responsible. We all do our best but we are all imperfect. Still, we should always come together in the spirit of Love and unity.

Q4. Is it necessary to have Hindu rituals and Indian culture in Sai Centers in Australia?

A4. (Dr. Goldstein): Swami says that all Sai Centers should reflect human values. Swami emphasizes the human values. (Correction: not values humans decided on by divine values set in concrete!) The primary thing is Love. Do not emphasize the rituals. Emphasize the unity of faith and reflect the five human values. (What unity of faith? Muslim, Jewish and Christian agreement - the hundred warring sects within each religion?)

Q6. Will Swami answer these questions?

A6. (Dr. Goldstein): Swami likely will not address everything in His Discourse. His answers come in many ways. (Correction: they are imagined as coming by fervid zealots who want answers desperately, so find his answer wherever they want) The answer may come from friends and others, it could be an insight. (This proves my point From them, not via them, or from oneself) That is Swami’s way. He is Divinity. We must look into our own heart. And reflect on our actions. Swami will uplift and inspire us and help us address these questions. (This is sheer Prashanthi speak and psycho-babble, typical of all Sai leaders who have no longer an independent thought between them!)

Q10. Doesn’t the Organization need to set a vision? The Organisation is not addressing its sustainability. The speakers are not addressing the theme of the conference.

A10. (Dr. Goldstein): First of all, there is no question of addressing sustainability. This organization is imbued with divinity, founded in the name of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Imbued with Love, wisdom and power insofar as we are able to come together as devotees and tap that Love, the organization is invulnerable and eternal as is Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Swami has said so.

Q11. Can there be social mixing of sexes in the Sai Organization? It is strange in my society to separate the sexes. There are no arranged marriages in the west, how are they to meet?

A11. (Dr. Harvey): Try to look at what Swami says, and strive to move towards that. Our minds will foster doubts, always. We worry what happens if my child does not meet the right person. It comes back to the fact that we have to keep working on ourselves and to pray for stronger faith. (Dr. Harvey wants to be even more indoctrinated - fully brainwashed, because he evidently can't clear his own doubts about the sexes or Sai Baba and his sexuality either! Look more at what 'Swami' does, and take what he says with big pinches of salt) Our mind convinces us that we are the doers, but that just is not so. All is God’s Play. He is the Director. It is all in divine order. We have to relax, to “let go, and let God.” Have confidence that things will work out. We don’t have to be worried that we are the ones who do everything. (In my time, Dr. Harvey was spoken of by US devotees as a most passive and useless 'leader')

The male world of Sathya Sai Baba

Q12. All the members of the Prasanthi Council are men. Why? This panel is all men. Why?

A12. (Dr. Goldstein): Swami appointed the members of the Prasanthi Council. (and he is a known misogynist) With regard to the panel, I thought these people would be the best to serve you. (So it's a man's world for Goldstein too!) (Air Chief Marshall Suri): Men and women can relate. Our understanding of Love now is based on animal instincts, but Love should be pure (Suri can speak for himself). Swami gives us options, take time to think about what will be correct action. Do relations have to be physical? It is the manner in which we relate to one another that becomes important. Love is different from relationships. We have the task of letting people know the difference. The problem you mention is not foreign to Indians. (Women's liberation may have just begun weakly in India, but certainly NOT in the Sathya Sai Organization!)

Q15. Heads of the Sai organization are becoming status conscious. How could this be remedied?

A15. (Dr. Goldstein): The remedy for officers who are so status conscious is to treat them with Love. (Better to kick them all out and have genuinely spiritual leaders. Anyone who asks sensitive questions is kicked out (eg; Leader of the Moscow Centre, Serguei Badaev, and Spiritual Coordinator in South Australia, Stephen Carthew) So why not also and not least these immature and often authoritarian characters. But if so, then there would be too few left, it seems - while 'Swami' would probably reinstate them anyhow, as he did with several Indian 'big shots' who most UK followers were glad to see the back of there. Mega-ego Goldstein is the one to talk about status consciousness see here and treating people with love as his bullying behaviour towards Tanya Datta of the BBC demonstrates so well!!) If they remain status conscious and this a problem, then there is recourse to higher levels of the organization. But first reflect and check that this is not something within yourself that you are projecting onto others. Make sure there is no dirt in your own eye. If status consciousness is detrimental to the function of the Sai Center then appeal to a higher level in the organization. (Dr. Harvey): The faults we see in others are reflections of unresolved issues within ourselves. It means we have work to do on ourselves. When we find ourselves finding faults, we should take some time out to reflect on the irritating events. And then ask do I have some tendencies in the same direction? For example, we might conclude we have 10% of the bad behavior, and the office bearer has 90%. Work to reduce your 10%. If you reduce yours to 5%, you will find what you now perceive in the other is reduced by 50%. (Comment: This has been the standard response to any criticism of anything in the Organization - cast the beam out of thine own eye first. I reacted against this shrugging off problems when I was a leader [a job I tried to pass on time and again but no takers!]. This Goldstein hypocrisy and avoidance of real issues is all about personal power. Virtually every humble devotee will know this from experience of their leaders, but the foot soldiers who do all the real work have no say.)

Q16. Office bearers in the Sai organization should not hold an office in another spiritual organization. Please discuss.

A16. (Dr. Goldstein): Office bearers should be single-minded on this Name and Form. If an office bearer wants to be in another organization, then he or she should resign as an office bearer from our organization and just be a devotee. (The Sathya Sai Organization is not allowed to co-operate with other spiritual organizations either, unless it is clearly on the premises of the Sathya Sai Organization and under their name. It is a competitive religious sect with clandestine activities and cultist behaviour)

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