"The only test anyone can apply to a guru, of whatever kind, is whether his words are in harmony with his deeds.
Gurus are to be judged by how words are put in practice."
(Sathya Sai Baba in 'Conversations---"

Sai Baba died aged 84 after being disconnected from life support, though no post mortem took place and no legal death certificate was issued. The cause of his very severe weight loss and organ failures remains unknown, also the actual date of his death which evidence indicates was considerably earlier than claimed. His famous several different public predictions that he would live until he reached an age between 92 and 96 were put to shame. (See here)

In his last decades, Sathya Sai Baba increasingly showed himself to be quite other than what he has always claimed. The many who have ceased to follow him did so mainly because of the many credible allegations by young men of sexual abuse by him, secondarily because of his suspected deep implication in the murders of young men in his bedroom in 1993. That Sai Baba broke faith with his followers in many ways became more and more evident as testimonies came forth. This website primarily contains materials which expose and document as far as possible the many questionable and secret aspects of Sathya Sai Baba and the ever more cultist movement around him.

His teachings - when examined critically - are shown not to stand up to analysis, being simplistic, often simply untrue and frequently self-contradictory. As a form of cultist programming, the potential psychological and social dangers of his unrealistic and essentially otherworldly religious indoctrination are real enough. That he did not practice many of his own strong moral precepts (truthfulness, desirelessness, non-ownership) on which he staked his own credibility, is documented Read More

The International Sathya Sai Organization, though supported by many good yet naively uncritical people, both financially and through service projects, it was and remains clandestine and secretive. It has no public charter, is not formally incorporated in most countries (unless for tax-free charitable donations) and is legally unaccountable in India. Its Central Trust publishes no minutes of proceedings or accounts other than rough sums and that only after 2011. It is extremely authoritarian, its members must sign that they have no rights to information or redress of any kind, and thus they are invariably not legally protected for activities they undertake in its name.