a former Sathya Sai College student and teacher - Murali Krishna Yachendra who sent one-hundred-plus e-mails in his campaign of lies to sabotage the Sai Petition and critics of Sathya Sai Baba.

Note that the Sai Petition administration was highly suspicious from the start and both Pittard and Premanand - who were contacted to investigate this persons - very soon realised this was indeed a major and widely-organised scam intending to sabotage the work of critics of Sai Baba by getting them to accept unsound opinions and present these on websites etc. Murali Krishna - doubtless aided by various Sai officials, who all know him well as a long-term devotee of Sathya Sai Baba kept the scam going until Murali Krishna and supposed other sexually-abused student conspirators had sent over 100 e-mails! Finally - having no success whatever in convincing Pittard or Premanand - Murali Krishna was so compromised and so thoroughly exposed that he gave up and changed tack - declaring on pro-Sai websites how he is a Sai devotee and had been so all along!

Sabotage by Murali Krishna_____________________185
2nd Work Plan by Murali Krishna Email dated 10.1.2005 sent at 8.37pm
I had been to chennai From Vijayawada and had a long chat with an old friend of mine who is very trusted and he was of the opinion that it would be better to contact the boys for the Videography immediately after the work in parthi is finished. I plan to go to Mysore,Mumbai, Calcutta where 18 of the boys will be contacted and brought to Bangalore. I would leave for Parthi even earlier maybe by 5th of February and return to Bangalore mostly by the I8th and we can fix the Videography sessions by the 20th at the earliest. These boys Will not ask any questions for I would have explained to them everything needed already. I as­sure you that these Confessions would be the most damaging that you might have ever encountered and would be enough to nail SSB. I would give your otherwise materials from parthi that you requested when I come to Bangalore as I will be going to Calcutta and Mumbai directly from parthi.

3rd Work Plan by Murali Krishna Email dated 12.1.2005 sent at 7.07am

The following is a revised plan different from the one which I had given you. This came about because today a Friend of mine Mr.Katta Bhaskar working in CITIBANK in Chennai and one of my long time friends informed me through mail yesterday that my contact in parthi Mr. Amitabh Shanker (This is the first time I have .mentioned it to anyone) wants me to meet him on 22nd Janu­ary'2005 in parthi. Mr.Katta Bhasker is a class mate of Shanker and so con­fides in him to me.

January 22nd'2005 to January 29th'2005:

I will get the prospectus and the lists that you required and some other material which might be of interest to you. Also Mr.Praball Mall's letter will be given to me by some other party. I will also try to procure a list of current students in the School and the Institute who have applied for the entrance exams. I cannot be very sure if I can get this list, But-1 will try to procure it.
January 29th'2005 to February IOth 2005:
Will meet the following Boys and tell them that they should be in Bangalore by the 11th 2005.                                    
1. Santosh Rajput: studied from from 1989 to 1994.
2. Kshitiz Singh : —— do———
3. G.Sai Prasanth : studied from 1990 from 1994.
4. Ashish Dawar: studied from 1st-l2th - knew him from 1991 to 1994.
5. Dushyant Singh : ———do———
186______________________Sabotage by Murali Krishna
All these boys were in the eyes of SSB from the 6th class to the I2th class , when they left. All of them also got rings from SSB which were later found got from Mr.Chellaram's Shop in Bangalore. No.4&5 have got the duplicate as well. I got it for them to show them the proof. The bone of contention is that Santosh's may be reluctant to send him. I know them very, very well. He is one of our prime witness. If he does not come then what? I will try my level best. Another problem is that the parents and boys will talk only to me as they .consider me almost part of the family. All these boys and almost all those boys in the subse­quent have helped me to the tune of almost Rs.25000/- per year from 1995 to 2003.1 told them to stop in 2003.
ANMOL CHOUBEY - 1991 - 1995
R**** S****** - 1991 -1995 (WEBMASTER'S NOTICE: The name originally given here has been removed because the person concerned has contacted this site and stated that, though he was a student at the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School in those years, the statement about himself is "is completely bogus, baseless and hurtful to me as a decent human being and an upstanding citizen". Though these false allegations were not made by this website - his name is now removed - so as to protect his good name (though we are not legally required to do so). The untruthful entry is yet further proves that Murali Krishna Yachendra is an outright liar:- the named person and statement regarding him was made by Murali Krishna Yachendra in an e-mail to Basava Premanand. The statement was reproduced on this website as part of the evidence of sabotage and deceit by M.K. Yachendra, as taken from the published book ''Sabotage by Murali Krishna' with the publisher's full permission. [Skeptic Book Club No. 23 11/7 Chettipalayam Road. Podnadur - 641 023. Tamilnadu] .The publisher, Basava Premanand is now deceased.
RAMAKANTH - 1989 - 1994

All these boys will surely come and their confessions will be very damaging as they were.in SSB's eyes for all the duration of their stay in parthi. I had met all of them in the IIT Campus in Chennai in May 2004, when they wrote to me that they wanted to meet me there.
1. PRITHAM GANDHI -1989 -1995             
3. SHAILESH GANGULY 1989 -1994
4. PREMSAI 1989-1995
All the above mentioned were also on SSB's sights from 1993 to 1994,I might have to spend an extra day as these boys need some persuasion to come.
Let me assure you that I will try to persuade these boys to come as though my life depends upon it. The main reason being that everyone in parthi remembers these boys and their confessions will be devastating to everyone con­cerned. All of them will be got with the full consent of their parents and their parents under no circumstances will accompany them. Considering that I will spend 2 days in each city, it will take maximum a week to talk to all of them, I should be in Bangalore by the 10th and we can organise the Video Sessions from  iith onwards. I will tell the people to come to Bangalore by the 11th. They will make their own travel arrangements to and fro. The logistical arrangements in Bangalore can be taken ot later.

4th Work Plan by Santhosh Rajput ! Email dated 19.1.2005 sent at 8.02pm I want to meet you there along with Murali Sir. I will be getting around 4 of my friends also well known to Murali Sir to talk to you and also to provide Video Testimonies. I would be happy if you could organise the Video Equipment on that day. Also I would like you to meet some more people who are willing to help in this matter. THey are also Students but they will be arriving only in the evening from Nagpur, I have got a flat in Bangalore in Cunningham Road in Golf Link Apartments, I wish you could meet them there in the evening. These sessions might take a very long time so you might have to stay for a few days. I and Murali Sir will. These sessions will be the first of many that you will have with many students over the week in Bangalore, and you will amazed by the kind of information that you will get out of this
As I said this is only the beginning of the kind of contributions that Murali Sir and his students will provide for yourself, there will be a lot more to come.

5th Work Plan by Murali Krishna Email dated 19.1.2005 sent at 10.45pm
I will leave for parthi via Ananthapur Tonight and then reach parthi on Friday Evening. I will be staying in 2 or 3 places for security purposes. I will be visiting Ananthapur every 2 days , so I will be mailing you every 2 days. All documents you wanted would be given to you in due course.
I hope you have received the mail from Santosh. I feel that you have to stay in Bangalore for a few days. A minimum of at least 15 boys will be coming to give various evidences. Is the date suitable for you or do you want it to be pushed a few days ?

All these evidences etc., will certainly be a huge boost to everyone concerned with the expose. It comes almost directly from the "Horses Mouth".
I seek your blessings, guidance, help and Love in my mission. Hope everything goes well.
Whatever happens to me in parthi good or bad, please contact Santosh through mail and give him the necessary number to contact you in Bangalore, he will be getting the people to meet you and providing the Video Results. He is the king pin in this whole adventure.

Email dated 21.1.2005 sent at 12:24 am

I will be leaving for Anantapur in another 1 hour, and then to Parthi tomorrow morning.
I will check my mail again in Ananthapur in the morning. Can you tell me the reason as to why Mr. Premanand has not mailed me for the past 5 days?
Please maintain contact with Santhosh Rajput Email dated 21.1.2005 sent at 2:54 pm
I have reached Ananthapur, and proceed to Parthi at around 4 pm. Could you please inform Mr. Premanand of my movements.
By the way, including you and Mr. Premanand in the CC I wrote a detailed email to your Malli, taking valuable time from a hectic schedule to do so, and yet he has not written back! Why?
He has gone to Dubai and Beijing and will be back in a week. I will check my mail only on Sunday again.
Email dated 21.1.2005 sent at 7.38 pm
I will be taking the bus to Parthi in another 75 minutes. I gave a mail to Mallikarjun to contact you by reply to your mail immediately. Mr. Santhosh will be in contact with you from tomorrow. Ramkanth may take some time as I am not getting any mails from him for the past 10 days. I will try to reach him though.

Direct Link of Video Conferencing Email dated 28.1.2005 sent at 11.07 pm by Santhosh Rajput

We are also are in the stage of planning a direct link of video conferencing from Connecticut with 3 of our friends who have suffered greatly like us, this will be a live feed, Anmol will get the equipment organised.

Email dated 30.1.2005 at 10.40 pm by Santhosh Rajput

We are going to set up a live Video Feed from Australia on the 16th, If you could tell me where you reside I will tell 2 of friends who will be doing the confessions live will meet you and discuss the various details of setting up the equipment wherever you want them to. We really hope whether you could be there and talk to 2 boys, they are our prime sources out of the country.

Email dated 31.1.2005 sent at 3.15 am by Santhosh Rajput

3. We have already made arrangements for the Video Link up to Australia and Connecticut, if you could me the place to contact you ON the 13th then Malli will do the needfull, He will coming with the equipment on the 13th and installing it in the place of your choice.

Email dated 31.1.2005 sent at 6.09 am by Santhosh Rajput

Please understand that Mallikarjun will be in Bangalore on the 13th with the equipment and the Rs.6000/- to be paid to you, if you can give me a contact, he can unload the equipment there and give the Money to them, because he will be in Bangalore only for a day, and has to go to Hyderabad again, I cannot possibly at this moment contact him and send him the key to my apartment where he could have loaded his equipment.Anmol is the technician who will be setting up the Video Link for transmission.

Email dated 31.1.2005 sent at 9.48 pm by Murali Krishna

He is presently in Dubai for the shopping festival where his father has also a stall, he told us that he could not possibly send money that quickly but would get the money to Bangalore on the 13th where he will be for a day. He would repay you the Rs.6000/-, if you could give me your sisters address or Phone number, the money could be given to heron the 13th. You need not worry about the Video Equipment, We have identified a small room in Jayanagar where it will be kept or Harsha has got a friend in The Indian Institute of Science, Ban­galore in whose room it could be kept.
7. The Video link equipment would be got by Mallikarjun from Dubai, We will be getting Confessions from 3 Boys from Connecticut and two from Australia with whom Barry will be present. These 2 boys are presently in London and can meet Barry only on the 14th at the latest.
190_________________Sabotage by Murali Krishna
Email dated 31.1.2005 sent at 10.03 pm by Murali Krishna
It is not possible to send the 2 boys early because they will be coming to Austra­lia only on 15th and meeting you, They are very good boys, a little talkative, very curious, You will like them a lot, actually they wanted to come to Bangalore to meet Mr.Premanand , but I felt that meeting you was a more sensible option, What do you feel? Also they have some relations in Brisbane, so you need not worry about their accomodation, They are not very well informed about the "EXPOSE", But I hope you will manage. They are very critical as they are among a handful of overseas people we have, their names are Michael Grant and Sam John.                                                  .        .
Email dated 7.2.2005 sent at 11.59pm by Murali Krishna
please do not bother about the two boys they will be with you only for a few hours, they are very quiet.well behaved and will not cause you any discomfort, they will be calling you up on the 16th and the Video link up will be set up in your house on the 17th, the details you can work with them on the 16th, they will do everything, you need not worry about any technical or other matters concerning them. We do not want to impose any sort of additional burden on you.
191 ________________Sabotage by Murali Krishna
Evidence Collected Email dated 22.1.2005 sent at 10.33 pm by Santhosh Rajput
Sir, I want to inform you that the evidence we have got and when and if we give you would be the greatest amount of information that you would have ever got and will ever get. Till my last day in parthi the three of us along with MuraU Sir have been painstakingly trying to put together evidence for future. We tried to undertake a big concerted effort to Expose SSB, But everyone was notsiffe about the legal implications that was why we left it at that, that is also why we decided to contact you through Murali Sir.
Before asking what you could do for us, Our Evidences would include:
1. Video Confessions of the blatant kind from boys like who are considered "TOP RATED", We are not taking of boys molested once in a while and left at that, but continously for a considerable period of time. This list would include around 10 boys both from the school and the institute.
2. Incredible statement of bank transactions of Millions of Dollars transferred from the organisation's accounts in "The State Bank of lndia" in Prasanathi Nilayam to accounts in Switzerland, London, France. We procured this from Shanker and one other source from the bank office of the trust in Chennai.
3. At least 3 photos of SSB having sex, I told you about one of them, I will inform about the others later.                 
4. Signed affidavits of People whom SSB Molested in a regular basis, with dates if possible.                                          
5. A complete list of all teachers who have involved in all sort of homosexual activities in the hostel, along with their addresses and their phone numbers.
6. A complete list of properties of all relations of SSB which is amazing consid­ering that they own only thatched houses in parthi.
7. Complete list of properties of Mr.C.Sreenivas, Mr.Chakravarthi, Mr.Madras Srinivasan, Mr.T.G.Krishnamurthy, incidentally an exhaustive survey will reveal a deep connection with the trust's and their properties.                .

Email dated 30.1.2005 sent at 9.30 pm by Santhosh Rajput

3. The one point I and we all feel that has not been touched on and investigated properly is the "FUNDS" Connection. It is fraud of massive proportions. Money siphoned off by SSB's trustees amounting to Crores of Rupees. We have a fabulous Contact in Switzerland in Sai Manohar who works in one of the Swiss Banks, and he drew us to this situation a few years back, can you imagine that Mr.Chakravarthy has got an account there, We have proof of that. Also SSB has got at least 20 accounts in different names in at least 201CICI Bank accounts all over India. We have got indescribable proof that massive funds are transferred to many unknown accounts in many foreign countries . This is
_______________________Sabotage by Murali Krishna
the product of at least 2 years of fact finding from our Contacts in Switzerland, USA, Australia and in Mumbai. All these contacts are our Student Friends. Proof includes Xeroxed Bank Statements. This is proof enough to nail anybody.

Email dated 31.1.2005 sent at 9.48 pm by Murali Krishna

1. Four Bogus Firms without registration,.without even an office, staff was es­tablished in Mysore, Kolkatta, Chennai and Jamshedpurwho ahve in their bank accounts around Rs 10 Crores directly transferred from the State Bank in Puttaparthi, the Accounts holders are all relations to Mr.Chakravarthi, Mr.Srinivas and Mr.TG.Krishnamurthy. I will give you all the relevant including Xerox Cop­ies of transfers of Money etc., What Legal action can be taken, Can their Ac­counts be frozen and checked ?

Email dated 1.2.2005 sent at 10.03 pm by Murali Krishna

2. After discussing with Anmol who is the Technical Brain behind this whole set up, I really felt that We need the help of your Person who you described as a specialist in Tracking of Bank Transactions. At least 8 of the Boys have looked into the 60 pages of the Evidence into the shady bank dealings, and they can­not make head or tail of anything. .It is a maze of gizmos, You will have to be the person in charge of this whole set up. If you want it I can send you the whole lot after taking the Xerox copies by FEDEX because Harsha has got a Fedex Account. I can send it to you on the 10th. Please respond immediately, Or do you Want me to scan and send them on the 10th or do you think there will be a security problem in scanning it.                                

Email dated 2.2.2005 sent at 9.15 pm by Murali Krishna
In 2002, when I first got the news and details of the gross manipulation of accounts, I knew that we were entering into unknown territory, We already had a lot on our hands, Now this ?
the boys knew that this an entirely alien field, I told them that we would find people in future and then it would come handy, That is one of the reasons that lam very happy that you could take up this task regarding tracking of these accounts, Forget about the Cost, Mallikarjun would take care of it, I will send you ail the details by Fedex on the 16th after the meeting in Bangalore.

Email dated 5.2.2005 sent at 4.33 am by Murali Krishna

The Body of evidence that we have got is the following
1. 3 Photos of SSB having Sex with Anmol Choubey, late Om Prakash and Rajeev Kumar, all three of them are blurred of that .The one concerning Anmol Choubey is of very bad quality, the other 2 can certainly be used as evidence We feel against SSB. This is the first time that Photos concerning SSB having sex are being released, you can imagine the consequences. This is our main evidence, which I feel you will treasure with vour heart
Sabotage by Mural! Krishna_______________ ______193
2. We have already taken Video Confessions of 25 boys , Recently I myself recorded in a room in Bukkapatnam, the confessions of 3 students who are at present studying in the 10th Class in the School. The Video equipment was hired from Ananthapur. Coupled with these 25 evidences, We will be getting Prime evidence from the 15 boys, This is prime evidence because these boys are known to most people associated with the Organisation, and also to many devotees.

3. We have around 60 pages of Various Bank Transactions of SSB's Organisation
from SBI, Puttaparthi, to various other banks. There is evidence of huge money laundering because many accounts to which the money was transferred are all bogus, this is a huge cover up concerning various banks. For E.g., On 19th December'2003, Rs.30 Lakhs was transferred from SBI, Parthi to ICICI Bank, K.K.Nagar, Cnennai into an account having Address No.28, 91st Street, K.K.Nagar. This address does not exist, the holder of the Account Mr.Madras Srinivasan, MemeberofThe Central Trust. The bank balance as of 31st'December'2004 in that account is Rs.95 Lakhs. Another Account of Andhra Bank. T.Nagar Branch, Chennai has an Address 23, 91st Street, Ashok Nagar, Chennai 600 083, This address does not exist, the account holder Mr.Chakravarthi, Secretary Of the Trust. The Bank Balance Rs.98 Lakhs. In this Account huge amounts of money were transferred from SBI, Parthi, SB), Hyderabad, Bank of America, Chennai Branch all from the trust accounts. Apart from this huge money was transferred to 3 major Foreign Banks - HSBC, Lon­don, CITIBANK - New Jersey, Bank of England - London. Money from Dona­tions have been scifned of to many accounts having bogus addresses, names. This is a huge operation of massive proportions.

4. I once told you about International Prostitutes Visting Parthi, We have got Evidence that Planes have landed in parthi in the middle of the night, Private planes from Deccan Airways, Jet Airways have been hired from Bangalore, Mysore. We have Log books of these aircrafts landing in parthi and taking of from cities at strange times.

5. Signed Affidavits of around 45 boys who were physically molested by SSB and his teachers.

6. Interviews of People who have been devastated by operations in SSIHMS. There are around 12 people who have been interviewed in this regard. People who have lost their kidneys and other vital parts of their bodies. These are Video Evidences. Apart from this we have interviews with two very important people and former students who had worked in SSIHMS, namely Mr.Bharatn Dutt and Mr.Deepanjan Chaterjee.
Email dated 6.2.2005 sent at 8.04 pm
He (Santhosh) has informed me that he will get his diary the negatives.
194                      Sabotage by Murali Krishna
Email dated 7.2.2005 sent at 11.59 pm by Murali Krishna
Regarding the documents I can only send it to you on the 17th

Email dated 7.2.2005 sent at 5.21 am by Murali Krishna
1. Regarding the 3 photos do you have the negative film which is very essential to accept these photos as evidence.
Yes We have the Negatives of the Photos.

2. Regarding the Video confessions of 25 boys have they mentioned their name and addresses and also their identification?
Yes, they have done so.                         

3. Have you Videographed the place of the address given while making the bank transfer to prove that the addresses are false. This is necessary. The place of the bogus address have to be Videographed. I can arrange it through our members on good cameras.
No, they have not Videographed, but it will done and brought to Bangalore.

5. In the 45 signed affidavits have they given their name, parents name, age and address? This is necessary also a photograph for identification.
Yes, they have given the above details, a photo will be brought to bangalore.

6. Have the 12 patients identified themselves with their name, parents name, age and address? So also of the 2 former students who had worked in SSIHMS?
We have the xerox copies of the admission and discharge forms of these 12 patients- wherein all details are mentioned. Regarding the 2 former students it is the same.

7. You have written about the various properties purchased by the accomplices clandestinely These properties also have to be Videographed. If you cannot do it I can arrange with a professional videographers to film them.
We have taken 2 photos of every property purchased.
Sabotage by Murali Krishna                        195
Confession by Mallikarjun Manohar Email dated 12.1.2005 sent at 11.04 pm
lam Mallikarjun Manohar a close friend of Mr. Murali Krishna, actually I was his student for 5 years and living now in Mumbai and working in a reputed IT firm. Murali Sir as I prefer to address him has helped me a lot in my studies in parthi and made me into a real good student. I am very indebted to him. He asks me to contact my friends who have also studied with me in parthi and who have undergone untold miseries. I was also one of them. Murali Sir briefed me about the visit he will making to Mumbai on February 1st and explained to me in detail through mail as to what he plans to do. Your kind did not need any introduction. I actually will contact the various boys and tell them about Sir's visit. I took Sir's permission to send you this mail because I really have some questions which I feel need to be addressed because these boys and I meet very frequently, party a lot and are very close and I cannot bear to forsee any disaster happening to them. I have already contacted them and they were thrilled that Sir will be visit-­ing them after a long gap. The reason I will tell them a few days before the actual visit.                                                  

Murali Sir has told me about your meeting and that you have helped him finan­cially, lam very happy because I know the kind of troubles he has undergone. I request you to help him in any way, because he does not take any help from us anymore because he feels that we have helped him too long.

I will be coordinating his activities like speaking to the people concerned, and may also come to bangalore. I used to go to parthi with him every year till last year but now I have a very important project to complete for WIPRO, so I cannot make it. Do not worry Sir will be fine as Shanker will take care good care of him.                     .

Sir also gave me his itinerary of touring Parthi and then to Mumbai, Kolkatta and Hyderabad, I sincerely feel that when he comes to Bangalore the information will much to your liking and on more than expected lines.

We tried to do something like this in 1999, But the logistics did not work out. Maybe it will do this time for everyones sake.
196                                  Sabotage by Murali Krishna
Confession by Santhosh Rajput Email dated 13.1.2005 sent at 00.36 am
My name is Santosh Rajput and living in Colaba in Mumbai. I studied in parthi from my 1st to the 12th. I came to know Murali Sir from 1989 to 1994 and he really helped me a lot in my studies, whatever l am in my life is due to him. lam ashamed to say that I was physically molested by everyone concerned. Even toady the name of mine is spoken in the most dreadful fashion by both the students and the techers especially in the primary school. I owe everything to Murali Sir, He has never asked me for any help save once in 1998 when he asked me for a Video Confession on my experiences in that rotten place. I have helped him financially for about three years. He asked me to stop it last year and I did. He sent me a detailed email and asked me to contact Malli (MalliKarjun), I came to know the full details of what you propose to do. I have no problem in giving any confessions, ('will do anything for my Sir. My confessions will be very damaging as I have maintained a diary of all the days I have got interviews, they are about 80 entries. I never thought that it was wrong at that time, but now I realise the significance of the situations.

Email dated 22.1.2005 sent at 10.33 pm

Murali sir had asked me to email you and be frank in everything I communicate to you. Some of the works I use below may not please you but I could'nt find better ways of communication.

l am Santosh Rajput, I spent 12 years of my student days in Parthi, I studied from the 1st to the 12th Class in the Primary School and then in the High School. I was a marked boy from my 6th Class till my 12th Class. I along with a few boys were first selected by the teachers and then thrown into the fray, to be used by SSB. No word is apt to describe our sufferings during the period. In my case SSB would have put his penis in my mouth and Vice versa innumerable times. You might consider it shameful on my part to write like this, but respect, shame is something that I have lost long ago.

At first I was asked to strip Naked and SSB would lie in the couch and stare at me, then after a few interviews he started Scrubbing me with a cloth, then the cloth Disappeared and he used his bare hands, this went on for days together, all the while he was dropping hints that we would get the world for his favours. After some time of fondling with me, He started to fondle me penis and then his mouth was in my mine. This used to happen on to three boys Myself,  Anmol Choubey and the Rakesh Dawar. Sometimes he used to strip naked and asked us to fondle his penis and then he would groan like a goat with pleasure. This did not happen always but once in a month, it was always him caressing us. During his stays in Parthi we used to get interviews along with ordinary devo­tees, but on Sundays we were called in the afternoons for his benefits. When he used to take us to Whitefield and Kodaikanal it was still worse, a perfect settings for his deeds. What could we do?. From my 6th class I knew that it was wrong, but to whom could I narrate my horrors?. Then I started hearing stories of Murder which may me still scared of opening out.

We used to get tremendous favours: Money, Good Food, Rings, Lockets and everything that made us look like heroes in front of others. On the other hand, whenever SSB thought that the idea of discipline should be enforced strictly, then inevitably the ire was directed on us, which resulted in the 3 of us thrown out from the hostel, the message sent across being that that SSB did not care about personal affiliations when concerned with enforcing discipline, We slept in the sheds for a few days and not allowed in the ashram, then one day we were asked to sit and Beg in front of everybody asking for forgiveness eyes filled with Crocodile tears, then when the drama was enacted he would take us inside and then....

In the summer of 1993 in Whitefield, Myself and Anmol were called in the after­noon, at that time I was taking some photos of the garden , and the small pentax camera was still in my pocket, Anmol went inside and after some time I parted the curtain and saw SSB facing me and was sucking Anmol's penis, I immediately took a photo without a flash.(It always was the case that when myself and anmol were called there was not a soul anywhere near us) It was a partial disaster, SSB can clearly be seen, but the snap is very blurred. I will show it to Mr. Premanand and then mail it to you.

Email dated 30.1.2005 sent at 10.40 pm

You seem to be having a fantastic impression about Mr.V.K. Narasimhan, I re­ally beg to differ. Once in February '1993, SSB took me and him for an Inter­view, He took me inside and started Sucking My penis in the private interview, After about 20 minutes I came out weeping , SSB went out to give Darshan to everyone, He and I were alone in the room, He told me" He is God , he can do anything to you, You have to bear with this". He knew everything , he had a good house, everything in Bangalore, he chose to live with SSB, Why?, FAME, PRAISE. He used to be eulogised by SSB Before everyone, Who is the saint and who is a sinner?. He could have easily left SSB and lived happily in his houses elsewhere, but did'nt. On the day I left I gave him a piece of my mind to him, told him how I was treated, he stared point blank and said that he knew, but said that he wanted to be here, I cursed him to "You will die due at this at the feet of satan". He did ultimately at satan (SSB).
200                                  Sabotage by Murali Krishna
Spectacular Photos in Venkatagiri

Email dated 4.12.2004 sent at 7.31 pm

there are some spectacular photos of SSB taken unknowingly by my uncle and they are in Venkatagiri while my uncle is in Hyderabad.
I don't trust anybody with the photos and I cannot go to Venkatagiri to get them
right. these photos are crucial to get and I will try my level best to get them,

Email dated 26.12.2004 sent at 9:04 pm
Q. What is the name of your uncle at Hyderabad?
Mr.Madana Gopala Krishna Yachendra

Q. With whom are the "spectacular photos" in Venkatagiri?
They are in the basement in the palace along with hundreds of photos . I can lead you there.

Q. Do you want some assistance to go to Venkatagiri to get the photographs? A trusted friend may be willing to meet and assist you.
It is very risky for the next one month as there are lot of functions now in the palace. I can take the friend whom you trust only after Feb 1Oth 2005, but he should be prepared for a long haul for guaranteed sucess. It can be done but will require your friend to spare a lot of his time for me in this pursuit.

Email dated 3.1.2005 sent at 8.31 pm

I plan to go to Venkatagiri only after my trip to parthi as this may be the most important trip I will ever be making there. I feel the Venkatagiri trip can wait a few months. I shall discuss it with Mr. Premanand and with you and decide.
Venkatagiri is a place totally devoted to SSB. Acess to the palace will be tough
but I will get in ultimately and get the job done. I will explain when I speak to
Mr. Premanand.

Email dated 5.1.2005 sent at 2.00 am

8. Venkatagiri comes after that
12. I assure you that the Venkatagiri trip will be undertaken anytime after the
Parthi trip.
14. You have no idea about the evilness of a place like Venkatagiri where his
ardent supporters will do anything for him. It is a second parthi.
Sabotage by Murali Krishna                                  201

Attempt to Murder Murali Krishna Emaildated14.11.2004sentat23.21

There are already major fears among the hostel authorities that is why they outcasted me last year and sent hit squads after me in Madras. I am now living in a small village in Nellore district Andhra Pradesh.

Emaildated 4.12.2004sent at7.31pm

My clandestine visit to parthi was a few days back and one could feel the ten­sion in the air due to the shankaracharya's arrest.

Emaildated 13.12.2004sent at4.13pm

I was asked to leave the place the next day empty handed. (12.1.1994)
On May 10th'2002 they caught me in Prasanthi Nilayam, but I escaped and lam running from them till today.
I have survived three attempts and lam now in a secluded village in Nellore district of Andra pradesh.

Emaildated 26.12.2004sent at9.04pm

Q. When (precise date(s)) was your clandestine visit to Puttaparthi recently? (You mentioned that it was a few days prior to your email dated 2004-12-04 7:26 PM)
- exactly on 29th November'2004

Q. Have you any proof that SSB sent hit squads after you in Madras? If so, what proofs?

No proof at all, if I was killed it would have made to look like a pure accident

Q. Are you able to prove that on May 10, 2002 you were caught in Prasanthinilayam. How did you escape?

No proof, I hid in the trunk of a car which took me to Bukkapatnam from there it was easy.

Q. What are the 3 attempts on your life? When did they occur? Where did they occur? What saved your life? Any clue as to the identity of assailant (s).

On May12th'2003,1 was attacked in an alley in K.K.Nagar in Chennai .one of the 3 people pulled out a knife and said clearly "traitor of baba", I screamed and suddenly 3 people came out of their houses and the assailants ran away On March 20th-2004, in 28TH Street in K.K.Nagar I was again attacked and I ran into some house and struck Op a conversation as a salesman, when I went to my Room everything was burnt. On July18th'2004, I was attacked in an alley in Nellore town , but I escaped but scaling a small wall.
202                                                  Sabotage by Murali Krishna
Email dated 3.1.2005 sent at 8.31 pm
Both the attempts at me were because I was in possession of some names and addresses of students who were ant SSB and were at that time studying in Parthi, when my house was raided the materials were lost or taken away, A xerox copy is available with my contacts.

Email dated 5.1.2005 sent at 2.00 am

6. They were young goondas but professional enough to identify me and finish the task speifically given to them.
8.1 have definite information that 3 of very important friends of mine are coming to Ananthapur on 18th February, I will give their details in the next email on Thursday. I want to formulate some pain of action and take some documents etc from them so their might be some delay maybe not 2 months but surely my stay in parthi will be for a month.

Email dated 6.1.2005 sent at 2.21 am

If they did not kill you, they were probably amateurs - whatever may have been their abilities to locate you. In any case, they may not have done the locating, which could have been the work of others.
Do you not think that if the instructions came from high up in the SS Org, or alternatively from seasoned political operators who are devotees, they would hire the best professionals)?
It does not bother if they are amateurs or otherwise if they take someone else's life, do you think that it is coincidence that the same people attacked me all the three times?.
Do you have any information about other former devotees who have been at­tacked and are still living? For example, you mention "Photos of known Anti SSB supporters are in every police station with every sub inspector in Andhra Pradesh"
8.1 have definite information that 3 of very important friends of mine are coming to Ananthapur on 18th February, I will give their details in the next email on Thursday.
The main reason I am meeting my three friends are because they know much more than any of us about the various people, devotees of SSB who have become anti now. The three people are Mr.Hirok Changakoti - brother of Mr.Roopak Changakoti who lived upstairs with SSB for many , many years. Mr.Deeepanjan Chaterjee - the disowned brother of Mr.Sandeepan Chaterjee, arguably the most powerful student with SSB now, and Mr.Krishna lyer - brother of the famed Mr.Sunder lyer.

Email dated 24.1.2005 sent at 4.18 pm
I am mailing this from Dharnmavaram, My friend told me that all the big shots know that I met Mr.Premanand,

Email dated 28.1.2005 sent at 11.07 pm by Santhosh Rajput

Also certain important things have cropped which need everyone's immediate attention:
One of our dear friend Harsha Kumar from Chennai was threatened with dire consequences by some people if he were to be associated with Murali Sir and Mr.Premanand , Murali Sir was worried as to how his mane was linked to you, that means that "they" know that Murali Sir met you, I wonder what else they know. None of us are bothered by this personally because we have personally experienced these threats, also Harsha has also experienced them, I have told him to come and stay with me in Delhi till we leave for Bangalore.

Email dated 29.1.2005 sent at 5.26 am

then I mailed him that my visit undercover has been blown and that I might be in big trouble,

Email dated 30.1.2005 sent at 9.30 pm by Santhosh Rajput

2. All of us are being watched, of this there is no doubt, it has become more so since Murali Sir has been spotted in Parthi, incidentally he is safe in parthi and will return in a few days time.

Email dated 31.1.2005 sent at 9.48 pm

3. There is tremendous surveillance on everybody, but I managed to get away without being seen,

Email dated 8.2.2005 sent at 5.24 am by Mahesh Kumar

He was spotted, and I think followed, I fear for him too.

Email dated 10.2.2005 sent at 9.31 pm by Mallikarjun Manohar

Murali Sir and Ramesh are not responding to my mails.

Email dated 12.2.2005 sent at 12.04 am by Mallikarjun Manohar

Did you sent anyone to Murali Sir's Addresses in Nellore to enquire about him?. Please reply immediately

204                        Sabotage by Murali Krishna
3 Students abused and murdered Emaildated13.12.2004sentat4.13pm
3 Students became my favourites Siddharth Singh, Om prakash and Das Gupta. these three boys were very close to SSB and used to be summoned daily for interviews sometimes for weeks at a stretch. On Oct15th 1993 they had a long chat with me at the hill view stadium and told me everything about SSB, that conversation change my life, my outlook towards everything. They said they were used by everyone in the hostel. They continued meeting me and then the inevitable happened. On 11th January'1994, they spoke to me at the chitravathi river and told me that they had taken a photo of SSB sucking the penis of Om prakash, I told them that they would be in big trouble if they found out and that they immediately give it to me . They left to the hostel and never came back again. Nobody ever saw them again. I found out 2 months later that they were murdered.

My ambition is to avenge the death of the 3 students who were my life.

Email dated 23.12.2004 sent at 5.17 pm
But after living and moving very closely with students and after seeing their lives tarnished I want to do something for their departed souls.

Emaildated 26.12.2004sentat9.04pm

Q. How did you know that Sidharth Singh, Om Prakash and Das Gupta were murdered? Did you see the photographs? Do you have any copies?
I saw their dead bodies being left half burnt in the Bukkapatnam tank. That sight I dream every day and that has changed everything in my life.

Email dated 3.1.2005 sent at 8.31 pm

They are all classmates of Raman Mehta, Siddharth Singh and Om Prakash.
Sabotage by Murali Krishna                                   205

Murdered Parents Emaildated13.12.2004sentat4.13pm

They have killed my parents on June 5th'2002 in Chennai, the details are too grusome to be told.

Email dated 26.12.2005 sent at 9.04 pm

Q. How did you conclude that SSB-related forces killed your parents in Chennai? Was any F.I.R. filed? Police complaint given? Post-mortem done?
I have never seen or traced my parents for the past 2 years. I prefer not to disuss this with anyone. I cried for days together, but have steeled my resolve to get to the truth. My contact in parthi told me that they are no more.

Email dated 3.1.2005 sent at 8.31 pm

lam doing all this over the dead bodies of my parents.You are suffering when your dear friend Mr.Glen [[ed. Meloy]] has passed away, You can well imagine how I must have cried for my dead parents who were the only ones dear to my heart.

Email dated 6.1.2005 sent at 2.21 am

Whatever I am doing, have done in connection with SSB is dedicated to my parents. Till I last saw them they were very staunch devotees of SSB who re­fused to budge to my repeated prodings. What did they do to deserve a fate that they finally met with?.
I also will surely meet with such a fate irrespective of what you might say but in the meantime I want to do something for my parents which will bring peace to their souls. Incidentally the last time I saw them was on 9th January'2003 and I obseve that day as their death day and that is why I want to come to nellore immediately to pray for them in a temple that they faithfully visited for over thirty years.

Email dated 17.1.2005 sent at 9.39 pm

the last time I saw my parents were on 09.01.2003-You or no one can understand the trauma caused by the non existence of parents from one's life. I say that is contadictions on my parents death is very unfair, If there is any miscommunication in my regard I regret it immediately. The centre of my life till that date mentioned were my parents; now it is revenge for what was done to them.

Email dated 19.1.2005 sent at 4.44 pm

Regarding the discrepancies in dates about my parents, it is a sensitive and I get overcome with emotion. If I have messed up with any dates please forgive me, this will never happen again with me, nor will any facts be hidden from you from me.
                             Sabotage by Mural! Krishna

Email dated 23.1.2005 sent at 10.39 pm
Today is my father's birthday, Sir, lam telling you this this because over the past 3 months you have been like a father and guide to me in my deepest times of despair and unhappiness. I thank you for your love, kindness that you have shown to me.

Email dated 20.2.2005 sent at 4.23 am

First of all my parents are alive but are old and are aged, I have two brothers, One of them studied his MBA in parthi and was totally supported by me for 2 yaers from my salary. When I left parthi in 1995, because my Parents became very sick in Chennai as they have got severe breathing problems, My Brother Govinda Krishna got married and left us in the Lurch, taking away everything including Furniture, utensils everything bit of things from the house. My Father suffered a major stroke, he is still very weak. After staying in Chennai I took up 2 jobs as an Office Assistant till 2003, for a salary of Rs.2500/- per month, I had to pay for my parents medical expenses, It was/is a hand to mouth existence. I told my parents to go to Nelaturupalem Village near Nellore District where we have a small house built ages ago by some far off relative, In August 2004, My Mother became seriously iII again. She was seriously sick, there was abso­lutely no response from my Elder Brother, I also have one younger Brother -V.Ramesh Krishna who is a loafer and is a total liability to the family, I had to resign my job in Chennai and come to the Village to meet my parents , After staying there for 4 months, The Tsunami happened Devastating everything, Our House and all our belongings were lost, We are now living in a relations house in Nellore Town.

Email dated 1.3.2005 sent at 9.14 pm

lam a very ordinary person who have studied in Puttaparthi, I have a lot of contacts with Students who have studied there. My elder Brother V.Govinda Krishna who had lived with my aged, old and diseased person and who survived on my income for his studies and everything, left us taking even the bare ne­cessities after marriage and left us in the road, both my parents suffered mas­sive heart attacks in Chennai, What could I do? They recuperated in Semi Human conditions in Chennai, then I knew some freinds in Nelaturupalem Vil­lage in Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh and I took my parents there and made them stay there for 5 months, when the Tsunami Struck and took away everything we had got except our lives.
Sabotage by Murali Krishna                                   207

Elimination of B. Premanand Email dated 3.1.2005 sent at 8.31 pm

1. Did he know that in March 1998 before one of my students very eyes SSB offered someone Rs.10,00,000/- to eliminate Mr.Premanand?.

Email dated 5.1.2005 sent at 2.00 am

16. As regards the threat to Mr.premanand I came to know about it much later and anyway I could not do anything about it.

Email dated 6.1.2005 sent at 2.21 am

We may have to disagree. I am not happy at this response. A death threat can still be carried out further down the track - one year, five years, ten .... Not to get a warning through to a person irrespective of the time issue is simply not my way
This is grossly unfair as I Came to know about Mr.Premamand only a few years back, the person who told me this is working in the administrative block. His name is S.Vijay Sai He was my best and only friend at that time and I did everything to help him in every way possible, He gave me away to the authorities when I got close to Raman Mehta and Siddharth Singh, such is betrayal. He is the room mate of my contact in parthi and my beloved student fears his life but still helps me. that is why lam very cautios in giving away names.
Nor have you provided me with the name of your student who saw, in March 1998, SSB offering someone Rs.10,00,000/- kill Sri Premanand.
It is mentioned in the previous paragraph.
My question "Am I to suppose that none of you got a warning message through to him?" you have answered as regards yourself but I asked not only about you but any of you who new about the death threat of which you speak.
Only 5 people apart from myself know about this threat the as they were in the interview room and SSB had taken the 4 people of the trust and the warden mentioned below inside the other private interview room and told them what to do and my friend heard it clearly, the people present were - Vijay Sai my friend, Mr.C.Sreenivas of the central trust who lives in Bangalore, Mr. Chakravarthy of the Central Trust, Mr.Narasimha Murthy, the warden of the hostel in Whitefield and Mr.T.G.Krishnamurthy- the convener of the activities in Tamil Nadu apart from myself.
You have yet to say whether you think the identity of that 'someone' may be by some means established.
208                                       Sabotage by Murali Krishna

Janakiramaiah Poisioned Email dated 3.1.2005 sent at 8.31 pm
2. Does he or anyone know that Mr Janakiramaiah ( SSB'S Brother was poisioned by one of the students of SSB and that student still is with SSB).
Email dated 6.1.2005 sent at 2.21 am
You have yet to revealed the name of the student whom you say poisoned Janakiramaiah.
He is my contact in parthi. I will give the full details to Mr.Premanand, IS IT ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY TO GIVE THE NAME OF THE BOY?

Photo's of Anti SSB persons in Police Stations Email dated 3.1.2005 sent at 8.31 pm

One thing must be kept in mind when you travel anywhere in Ananthapur Dis­trict is that you have to travel only in the night and in incognito. I stay in Bukkapatnam and visit my friend only in the nights and we meet after 10 P. M in the hill view stadium, After all my years of experience of travel and stay in parthi and in the places around it is not possible to guarantee any safety to anybody who is considered anti SSB, it is shoot at sight orders for them, Photos of known Anti SSB supporters are in every police station with every sub inspector in Andhra Pradesh, I feel that by travelling alone my work will accomplished at a faster rate.


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