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See my complaint to the police about Murali Krishna Yachendra
In the text below, SSB stands for Sathya Sai Baba and MK stands for Murali Krishna (also named Yachendra)

Since the Sai Petition Administration carefully checks all suspicious stories and avoids posting those which are suspicious, Murali Krishna's bogus entry and follow-up mails about sex abuses and worse was totally unsucessful (see his first set of e-mails here). He was asked to contact Barry Pittard and Basava Premanand with his 'information'... this led to a very long set of e-mails in which he compounded his lies to such an extraordinary extent. However, exSaiBaba group members played up to his pretences, realising that this would expose the methods of persons working to sabotage on behalf of Sai Baba and his officials. Murali Krishna was a student and later also a temporary 'teacher' at the Sai colleges. More than that, his well-known Venkatagiri family has always had the closest of connections with Sathya Sai Baba and not least to Sai officialdom in Puttaparthi and Brindavan. Here one can see the content of the first contacts with this lying Sai devotee Murali Krishna to view the range and cunningness of his deceptions (which he later admitted to be lies when hefinally 'came clean' about being a totally devoted devotee on Sai Baba bulletin boards. But is he an example of a good Sai devotee?). However, despite being informed of this, Gerald 'Joe' Moreno [representing the interests of Sai Baba and the International Sai Organization] defended and promoted him as a genuine, honest person (Moreno's unfounded and pretentious claims documented below)!!

An exchange of e-mails between Murali Krishna Yachendra and ex-SaiBaba group representatives began which extended over months, during which Yachendra developed his lies further and further, using all kinds of deceits to try to cover up his mistakes. In order to find out as much about him as possible, he was kept in the belief that he was being taken seriously. In this he was drawn out and the depth of his cunning and deceit showed itself up to the full. The emails and actions based on them were very many, and a summary of it all (here below) is from the book 'Sabotage by Murali Krishna Yachendra'

Praball Mall
Now let us take one by one the testimonials of MK and find out whether they are true or false.

In his email of 14-11-2004 he informed that a letter from one Praball Mall a senior student, teacher from Assam was circulated which has lead to a mass exodus of students which even now the authorities struggle to contain.

When MK was asked whether he can acquire a copy of the letter of Praball Mall he replied on 26.12.2004 that he can in due time may be after 1 or 2 months when he visits Parthi again. But he would surely get it for us.

In his email of 3.1.2005 MK confirmed that Praball Mall's letter will be surely given within the specified time. In his email of 6.1.2005 he mentioned that he has seen personally at least 20 students disappear within a span of days when they were found with Praball Mall's letter.
Here again it was a Ploy and as MK had not really prepared the letter of Praball Mall after consultation with Sathya Sai Organization, he could not even explain what was the content of the letter. It is probable that emails by MK were dictated by the SSB leaders who are legal luminaries.

Lots of students thrown away
Now let us look into the statement by MK on 14.11.2004 that lots of students who were used and thrown away by him (SSB) would not talk to anyone except MK as he was very close to them. He also stated that he had tried to get a few people's addresses it was of no avail and he does not know if they are alive. If this was the case what is the use of MK knowing that they were used and thrown away? This was the way he tried to confuse Barry without specific allegations and it needed lots of intelligence.

MK outcasted and hit squads sent
Now let us find what MK has to say about himself. In the same email he mentioned that there are already major fears among the hostel authorities that is why they outcasted him last year (2003) and sent hit squad after him in Madras.

In his email of 13.12.2004 he stated that he was asked to leave the place (Prasanthi Nllayam) the next day (12.1.1994) empty handed. If this is true the principal, Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School would not have given him a work certificate dated 16.8.1996 stating that he served as TGT in Social studies during the period of 1.7.1988 to 23.4.1996 and relieved from his duty on his request letter dated 23.4.1996. That on May 10th 2002 they caught him in (PN) but he escaped and is running from them till today. That he survived three attempts and is now in a secluded village in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh. In the email of 23.12.2004 he stated that nobody knows where he is.

When he was questioned whether he has any proof that SSB sent hit squads after him in Madras MK replied on 26.12.2004 that there is no proof at all, that if he was killed it would have made to look like a pure accident. When questioned to explain the 3 attempts he explained that the first attack was on 12.5.2003 in an alley in KK Nagar in Chennai, that one of the 3 people pulled out a knife and said clearly "traitor of Baba" that he screamed and suddenly 3 people came out of their houses and the assailants ran away. On 20.3.2004 in 28th street in KK Nagar he was again attacked and he ran into 'some house and struck up a conversation as a sales man. When he went to his room every thing was burnt. On 18.7.2004 he was attacked in an alley in Nellore town, but he escaped by scaling a small wall.

In his email of 3.1.2005 MK explained that both the attempts on him were because he was in possession of some names and addresses of students who were anti SSB and were at that time studying in Puttapatrhi. Though first he stated that every thing was burnt, he changed it to that his house was raided and materials were lost or taken away.

It is sure that nothing in MK's house was burnt because none of the neighbours knew it. Moreover he was working with Sathya Sai enterprises, Chennai from 1.5.1996 to 2.5.1997 after he left the teaching job on 23.4.1996 as per the certificate given by the Principal of SSSHSS dated 16.8.1996 and G.S. Rahej' Finance and Investments Ltd., Madras until 10.10.2002 as per the work certificate given by them. This is confirmed by MK. in his article in the internet dated 9.2.2005. Surprisingly he states that he had to return to his native district Nellore as his mother's health was very serious after 2002. MK has not explained how he would be attacked on 12.5.2003 and 20.3.2004 at Madras when he was in Nellore and also not explained how he knew that. In a new information from email dated 2.6.2005 he was working with Gayathri Securities which could be only after he left G.S. Raheja Finanace & Investments Ltd., As he has not given a copy of the work certificate from Gayathri Securities it has to be investigated and his connection with Ramchand in Chennai to whom he wanted Barry to send US $300 or 400 for his expenses. While MK was working in Madras he might have been staying there, so his allegation on 13.12.2004 that he is running from them till today is false. Moreover if the hit squad knew where MK was and attacked him 3 times in Madras and Nellore it is sure they would have been behind him and murdering anyone is the easiest and if the idea of the hit squad was to make it look like a pure accident as alleged by MK, they would not have come with Knife and bawled out "traitor of Baba" when one of them came to him with knife. They would have simply come with a vehicle to the alley and knocked him out to make it look like an accident. This would prove that these were all stories. If it was true he would have filed an F.I.R in the police station. In his email MK alleges that it was the same people who attacked him all the three times. More over many of MK's relatives are staying in Madras who would have helped him including his bosses to complaint o the police.

If the SSB had identified MK was a traitor his photograph would have been in all police stations of Andhra Pradesh as alleged by him in his email of 3.1.2005 that the police were given shoot at site orders. If would have been easier to shoot him as in an encounter.

If what MK told in his email of 23.12.2004 that nobody knows where he is, then the alleged hit squads would not have been able to trace him three times.

The most humorous was the statement in email of 29.12.2004 when MK said that he can guarantee my security in Nellore or in Chennai because he has travelled a lot to these places in the past year and have had no problems.

Returned from the accursed place (Prasanti Nilayam)
MK in his email of 24.11.2004 informs that he has just returned from that accursed place (Prasanthi Nilayam) and that he can sense the end is coming. On 4.12.2004 he confirms that his clandestine visit to Parthi was a few days back and one could feel the tension in the air due to the Shankaracharya's arrest.

To a question by Barry as to the precise date of MK's visit to Puttaparthi recently, he replied on 26.12.2004 "exactly on 29.11.2004. " This is not true because on 24.12.2004 he states that he had just returned from that accursed place!

Parents Murdered

MK in his email of 13.12.2004 alleged that his parents were killed by hit squad on 5.6.2002 in Chennai and that the details are too gruesome to be told. Though initially this pained us so much and felt sorry for him.

In this reply of26.12.2004 to our questions as to how he concluded that SSB - related forces killed his parents in Chennai, was any F.I.R filed, police complaint given, postmortem done, his reply was very vague. He said that he has never seen or traced his parents for the past 2 years. That he prefers not to discuss this with anyone. He cried for days together, but have steeled his resolve to get to the truth. That his contact in Puttaparthi told him that they are no more. At this time MK was working with the Raheja's until 10.10.2002 and he was staying with his parents. So the story that his contact told him that they are no more was a big bluff. The very fact that he did not say anything about the complaint to police, F.I.R and postmortem proved that he was lying. In his email of 3.1.2005 he informed that he is doing all this over the dead bodies of his parents. When Barry is suffering when his friend glen passed away he told Barry that he can well imagine how he must have cried for his dead parents who were the only ones dear to his heart.

MK was to meet me on 7th or 8th of January 2005 at Vijayavada and in his email of 5.1.2005 he wanted me to arrange for a return ticket from Vijayavada to Nellore the same evening as he has some very personal work which cannot be postponed at any cost.

MK in his email of 6.1.2005 tried to gain our sympathy. He said "whatever I am doing have done in connection with SSB is dedicated to my parents. Till I last saw them they were very staunch devotees of SSB who refused to budge to my repeated proddings. What did they do to deserve such fate that they finally met with? I also will surely meet with such a fate irrespective of what you might say but in the meantime, I wanted to do something for my parents which will bring peace to their souls. The lie about his parents murder was exposed when he stated ". Incidentally the last time I saw them was on 9.1.2003 and I observe that day as their death day and that is why I want to come to Nellore immediately to pray for them in a temple that they faithfully visited for over thirty years.

When MK said that his parents were murdered on 5.6.2002 it was really comical when he said that the last time he saw them was on 9.1.2003. His mentioning my book in email of 6.1.2005 "Murders in SSBs Bedroom" proved that he has read it from Puttaparthi before planning the sabotage by trying to infiltrate into the ex SSB Group. He mentioned that the person who was directly responsible for Radhakrishna's murder was his relative who was MKs close friend and lives now in Coonoorand knew every thing beforehand.

With all his above statements that he has to return to Nellore the same day to observe January 9th as the death day of his parents, MK in his email of 10.1.2005 informed that he had been to Chennai from Vijayawada without going to Nellore. This proved that he was bluffing.

Spectacular Photos in  Venkatagiri

In his email of 4.12.2004 sent at 7:31 pm MK mentioned that there are some spectacular photos of SSB taken unknowingly by his uncle and they are in Venkatagiri while his uncle is in Hyderabad. In his email of 26.12.2004 MK mentioned the name of this uncle as Madana Gopala Krishna Yachendra and they are in the basement in the palace along with hundreds of photos and that he can lead me there.The photos were supposedly taken when SSB was sexually abusing some workers. The very purpose of using the word "unknowingly" brings out the lie.
And when asked whether he needs some assistance to go to Venkatagiri to get the Photographs, he expressly avoided the question and said that it is very risky for the next one month as there are lots of functions now in the palace. He can take the friend whom you trust only after Feb 10th 2005 but he should be prepared for a long haul for guaranteed success. It can be done but will require your friend to spare a lots of time to search hundreds of photos. Even if there were thousands it could have been done within one night.

In his email of 3.1.2005 sent at 8:31 PM he states that the Venkatagiri trip har. to wait a few months. He also talks about the risk pointing that Venkatagiri is a place totally devoted to SSB and access to the palace will be tough but he will get in ultimately and get the job done. In his email of 5.1.2005 he assures that the Venkatagiri trip will be undertaken anytime after the Parthi trip and warns that we have no idea about the evilness of the place like Venkatagiri.

In the later emails there was nothing about the Venkatagiri photographs. In his email of 5.2.2005 sent at 4:33 am wherein MK sent a list of the evidences he had collected there was no mention of the spectacular photos from Venkatagiri. This very clearly proves that this was a fraud played on us. MK also avoided one question as to what was spectacular in the photos.

3 students sexually abused and murdered
On 23.12.2004 he mentioned about Siddharth Singh, Om Prakash and Das Gupta who were alleged to have been sexually abused by SSB. That on 12.1.1994 they left the hostel and never came again. That after 2 months later they were murdered.

On 26.12.1994 when questioned as to how MK knew that these 3 students were murdered and whether he saw the photographs and whether he has any copies, MK evaded the last two questions and replied to the 1st question that he saw their dead bodies being left MK had to leave Bukkapatnam tank. When on 12.01.1994 MK had to leave Puttaparthi and was being persued by SSB people he did not explain how he was at Bukkapatnam on the particular day and when 3 bodies were found in the tank whether FIR was filed by the Police, postmortem done and what was the postmartem report. Naturally all news papers would have published the death and continued to published what happened to this case. To my knowledge as I get newspaper clippings on SSB from my friends there was no mention of this incidence anywhere. Later in MKs email of 3.1.2005 sent at 8:31 pm the name of Das Gupta was surprisingly changed to Raman Mehta when he mentioned that "they are all classmates of Raman Mehta Siddharth Singh and Om Prakash". This would clearly prove that this story was invented for us by MK to save SSB from the allegations.

Disowned by the family.

On 14.11.2004 he informed that none of his family knows that he is engaged in this activity and unusually SSB has not told them. On 23.12.2004 MK informs that he is a member of the Venkatagiri family and much related to Mr.Sai Krishna Yachendra. He mentions that they have disowned him because of his activities were known to them in the summer of 2003. Both these statements contradict it each other. Again he affirms that his family has disowned him due to his activities. The fraud by MK could be found from these statements.

Elimination of Premanand

In the email of 3.1.2005 sent at 8:31 pm MK stated that "did he know that in March 1998 before one of my students very eyes SSB offered someone Rs. 10,00,OOO/- to eliminate Mr. Premanand?

When questioned, in the email of 6.1.2005 sent at 2:21 am he explained that he came to know about Mr.Premanand only a few years back, the person who told him this, is working in the administrative block. His name is S.Vijay Sai.Only 5 people apart from himself know about this threat as they were in the interview room and SSB had taken the 4 people of the trust and the warden mentioned below inside the other private room and told them what to do and MK's friend heard it very clearly. The people present were Vijay Sai MK's friend, Mr.C.Srinivas of the central trust, who lives in Bangalore, Mr.Chakravarthy of the Central Trust, Mr.Narasimha Murthy, the warden of the hostel in Whitefield and Mr.T.G.Krishnamurthy - the convenor of the activities in Tamil Nadu apart from MK. He has not answered why he did not inform the police etc., and also warned me about this.

We have separated all the emails of Murali Krishna and his friends to different subjects from page182 to 280 so that one could know how he has managed to spin stories to look like real while in almost all letters he affirms that he is frank and everything mentioned is truth and nothing but truth. With this affirmations one thinks as to why one should affirm and state that these are true unless they are false.
In the end he gives a list of evidence MK has been able to collect in his email of 5.2.2005 sent at 4:33AM.

1. 3 photos of SSB having sex with students
2. Video Conferencing of 25 boys coupled with the evidence from 15 boys.
3. To what happened to the evidence he has collected from 100's of students which MK had agreed to send to Barry, MK is Silent.
4. 60 pages of various bank transactions of Sathya Sai Organizationanization wherein money has been transferred to bogus accounts in India and Overseas.
5.The log books copies of airways bringing international prostitutes to Puttaparthi
6. Signed affidavits of 45 boys who were physically molested by SSB and his teachers.
7. Video interview with 12 people who have been devastated by surgery in SSHMS who have lost their kidneys and other vital parts and confirmation by 2 students in SSIHMS namely Bharath Duttand Deepanjan Chatterjee.
In the email dated 22.1.2005 sent at 10.33 pm an alleged student of MK, Santosh Rajput stated that the evidence would include.
1. Video confessions of the blatant kind from boys.
2. Incredible statements of bank transactions of millions of dollars transferred from the organizations to accounts in Switzerland, London, France. He told that these have been procured from Shanker and another source from the bank office of the Trust in Chennai.
3. At least 3 photos of SSB having sex
4. Signed affidavits of people whom SSB had molested in regular basis with dates if possible.
5. A complete list of all teachers who were involved in all sort of homosexual activities in the hostel with their addresses and phone numbers.
6. A complete list of properties of all relatives of SSB.
7. Complete list of properties of Mr.C.Srinivasan, Chakravarthi, Madras Srinivasan, T.G.Krishnamurthy etc., to reveal a deep connection with the trusts and their properties.

Santosh Rajput in his email of 31.1.2005 informed the good news that MK had got what I wanted and much more. He has sent the .whole lotto me. I will get it to Bangalore along with the rest.

MK on 2.2.2005 wrote that in 2002, when he first got the news and details of the gross manipulation of accounts, he knew that they were entering into unknown territory. We already had a lot on our hands.

If the whole lot of evidences had been sent to Santosh, MK's statement that evidence is at different places exposes him.
On 28.1.2005 at 11:07pm Santosh informed that on 3.2.2005 Ramesh from Nellore will be going to different places to collect the materials, if all the evidences had reached him, it is surprising why Ramesh should be sent to different places to collect the materials. This was a ploy to get Rs.4000/- as travel expenses for Ramesh.

In his email of 31.1.2005 sent at 3:15 am the alleged Santosh stated that they needed this assistance to pay some people off and also;for travel expenses for collecting evidence. This proves that the travel of Ramesh was a ploy if he had received from MK all the evidences.
On 31.1.2005 at 6:09am Santhosh had affirmed that Ramesh can leave on 7.2.2005 and be back on 13th. But these days are not enough even to travel to the many places Ramesh was to visit, not to think of the many persons whom he was alleged to meet in those places and collect different information and get it to us. This was nothing but a fraud played to get Rs.4,000/-.

We had to inform Santosh that money cannot be sent in the name of an unknown person and we are sending to the address he had given to MK c/o Ramesh. The alleged spending of Rs.1,000/- for phone calls also was false.

At any cost the Rs.4,000/- reached MK on 4.1.2005 itself and in his email of 4.2.2005 sent at 2.12am he lied that he had done exactly what we said, that he had taken a loan of Rs.10,0007- wherein Rs.4,000/- was to have been paid today, that he had already sent Ramesh on his trip to collect the evidence from everybody, that he was presently in Delhi. If this was true I was wondering how Ramesh would have received the MO if he was not in station on 7th and is proved an afterthought after the question as to why he did not take a loan to send Ramesh on tour as expressed in his email of 28.1.2005 sent at 11.07pm that he will make other arrangements if I am not in a position to send it.

Mallikarjun's email of 13.2.2005 sent at 9:57pm stating that "because there is going to be a lot of delay in collecting evidences some boys are not willing to give it there has to be some persuasion is also false as all evidences has been alleged to have been received by Santosh Rajput.
Email of mallikarjun dated 14.2.2005 sent at 2.23 am exposes MK and Santosh Rajput when he informed that there are certain problems as I have mentioned before regarding collection of evidence etc., so also MK's email dated 14.2.2005 sent at 9:05 pm when he informed that even if he comes to Bangalore tomorrow it will be empty handed alone and without evidence.

On 15.2.2005 at 7:55 pm Mallikarjun asked whether they can talk on phone to my number and that also did not happen. The email of 16.2.2005 sent at 6.55am by MK was another ploy" that the main reason for our postponement have been our parents(but according to MK his parents were already murdered by SSB) that it is a great misfortune that parents of Prabal Roy and Rajeev Kumar have found out about our evidence and have confiscated them. Ofthe15 boys 8 of them have kept their parents in the dark about this whole operation. 4 of their parents have threatened suicide and two of them are in hospital due to high blood pressure. On 17.2.2005 at 2:15 am Mallikarjun informed that at least parents of 8 people are here in Hyderabad. But mentioned that the evidence is still within the group and has not gone out. The question for us was what to believe and what is true. MK confirmed by email dated 17.2.2005 sent at 7.53 pm the emails of Mallikarjun and said that we are extremely sorry that we could not make the appointments. If they had already collected the evidence as informed in their earlier letters and was with Santosh Rajput he could have brought them to Bangalore on 17th and handed them over to me.

It was only after I informed him of his double play as to how much money he made out of Tsunami, writing to the followers of SSB and that I would warn about this to the Andhra Government, he came with a confession dated 20.2.2005 sent at 4.23 am that anything stated in the emails are false that there are no people like any of the names of students mentioned by him. That all the IDs of the emails sent by him and his friends are his. By that time we had already identified the origins of the messages of MK and others and that the emails share the same original servers, one of them in Nellore itself- although some others that are not Nellore are nonetheless with the same company located in Delhi.

Now the question is whether MK took advantages of us to help his parents, or it was a ploy by SSB to come out of all allegations against him before he is dead so that his credibility remains. But his plan did not succeed to defame the ex Sai Baba group.

Like what Kamakoti Sankaracharya did to confuse the police after he was arrested for murders by making some persons to confess in the court that they murdered Sankararaman and change the course of justice, SSB tried to get people to make false confessions against him so that the ex-Sai Baba group puts them in the internet and news papers and later to prove that these were false and also confuse people that the confessions published in the newspapers and TV's were only rumours like this.

Though it is true that SSB sexually abuses youths, hundreds of his devotees have been murdered in the ashram, lots of financial irregularities have been found out and much transferred to the accounts of his inner circle members in India and abroad, that much of the money gifted to SSB org. have not been accounted for and put in foreign accounts especially the donation given by Issac Tigrett and money in Indian currency given by Rama Foundation. He has cheated most of his devotees by collecting foreign exchange for flats and later sent them put without paying back the money and the foreign money collected in the name of "currency of love" which included eyes to the blind, limbs to the lame, ambulance, buses to save school children from long walks, emergency relief for earth quake victims, supply to refugees and foremost of all, educational, medical and food grants to millions of poor and needy people totally free of charges as per the circular regarding currency of love.
Also drinking water to 2 million people in 750 villages and in the end explained the currency of love means voluntary contributions.
It is necessary that government of India investigates the voluntary contributions and also publish a white paper whether the contributions have really been spent as mentioned above and how much and to whom as the government have exempted SSB Organisations from all taxes.
Sai International Charitable trust (SICI) was established on 6.5.1996 for achieving the sacred goal of participating in the Divine Charities Scheme called "Sai Seva Savings" in 2000. The scheme was caled "Ceiling of Desires".

Devotees were asked to deposit in Barclays Bank PLC Alperton Branch, 220 Ealing Road, Alperton, Wembly, MIDDX HAO 4QHUSS current a/c No.80361453

a. Upon receipt or cheque deposited in bank, SICT would issue a bearer "Sai Seva Savings Certificate which is available in these denominations of US $ 750, US $ 2,500 and US $ 5,000.
b. Redemption will be against surrender of the Original certificate duly signed by the bearer.
c. All administrative services offered by Sai Volunteers free of art.
d. The Sacred Savings received from devotees will be placed by SICT in a collective fixed deposit Indian Rupee account with a bank in India. The deposit can earn an estimated 20% p.a. of which 15% will be donated to SSS central Trust, Prasanthinilayam, India, for Charities of Medical, Educational and other service activities every quarter. The balance of 5% p.a would be added to the redemption amount to be encashed on 23rd November 2000.

SSSC will be redeemed in Indian Rupees only at the Liasion Office of SICT in India. Devotees will make their own arrangement, if any, for conversion to foreign currency for remitting their saving to their Countries. There can be a profit or loss foreign exchange, which is for the account of the depositor.

Enquiries where to be made to the SICT Liasion Office, N0:6, Tardeo AC Market, Bombay 400034, India.
That money was necessary to undertake operation and maintenance of the water project for an indefinite period in order to ensure that the water system functions efficiently. This will call for additional financing to meet recurrent expenses.

But as per the Sanathana Sarathi of July 1996 page 173 in a simple function in Hindupur on June 27, the SSS Central Trust handed over the responsibilty for the maintance of the water project to the Surpanchs of 260 villages.
No receipts are given for the cheques sent for these activities. So it is necessary to check the accounts of the Trusts run by SSB whether they are accounted for and spent for the charities truthfully.

Lots of US $ have been collected for the housing scheme promising them that the houses can be used by the donors for three months and after receiving the donations the time of use was reduced to fifteen days and for occupying even for fifteen days the donors had to pay a heavy amount for maintenance. From this it can be found that each flat will be owned by 24 devotees and they would have donated US $ 6,000 each. Later by flimsy the donors are not allowed to occupy the flats even for fifteen days and pushed out without refunding the amount paid for. the flats. All these activities of SSB collecting US $ for deposit and changing the deposit value to Indian Rupees is also against natural justice as the depositors are unable to redeem the amount on 23.11.2000 are thereafter as they are not allowed to transfer the money to their accounts in foreign currency.

In 1980's we had sent a complaint to Mr. Rajiv Gandhi against SSB. He had forwarded it to CBI. While someone from CBI met us, we found he was connected with SSB and so we refused to give him any information.

We are sending this to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi along with our books, Murders in Sai Baba's Bed Room and Robert Priddy's "End of the Dream". Also to the Hon.President of India, Hon.Chief Justice of India, Hon.Prime Minister of India, asking them to start enquiry on the sexual abuse of students, the hundreds of murders in SSB's Ashrams, financial irregularities and misappropriation going against Foreign Regulations fraud against his devotees and misuse of funds collected for charities. We sincerely hope to get their acknowledgements and confirmation that legal investigations would be started against the Trusts founded by SSB in India and other countries.

Here is a selection of pages from 'Sabotage by Murali Krishna' summarising some of the different deceptive themes with excepts from his e-mails

More excerpts from Gerald Moreno's defamatory websites

Here one can see the extent to which Moreno goes to avoid finding out the facts
yet he is so biased that he even defend the totally indefensible sabotage and lies!
In his usual reckless way, he ignores all evidence and gives his full support to this
iniquitous and lying saboteur - which make two of a kind!

Moreno on YachendraGerald Moreno supports Murali Krishna Yachendra

Here one see Moreno at his typical playground tactics of 'tit-for-tat'

Moreno support for Yachendra's sabotage and lies

Note: I obtained Gerald Moreno's vilifying article "Basava Premanand: Deception" from Murali Krishna Yachendra at Nellore where I had gone to meet the Superintendent of Police, Nellore and District Collector of Nellore District to find how far my complaints have been investigated. I already gave a copy of GMs article to them and have replied to his vilifying article.

B. Premanand deposition

See also important relevant document with more and very damaging e-mail excerpts from Murali Krishna Yachendra:-