Ms. de Witt works as a 'legal assistant'
for Holm. Wright, Howard and Hays PLC, Phoenix, Arizona - See details here and note how she omits her photograph - always trying to hide her identity.

She is an 'apprentice' helper of Gerald 'Joe' Moreno, the major Internet stalker, defamer and character assassinator.
[under the 'anonymous name' 'FreeLanceResearch' she was BANNED INDEFINITELY FROM EDITING WIKIPEDIA See decision here]

Fanatical and dementedly hateful Sai Baba supporters are ever accusing the many critics of him as LIARS, PERVERTS, FASCISTS, BOZOS, DUMBOS nd worse... constantly repeating phrases involving the word "blatant", "shameless" and so on (see this highlighted in bold red in the selected examples given below). Here is one from the Wikipedia TalkSathya Sai Baba page which shows the general level of de Witt's style of attack:- "Joe and I are not the ones responsible for the mean-spirited atmosphere here. Wherever the anti-Sais travel their toxic behavior and agenda of hate and lies goes with them. When is wikipedia going to stop these hatemongers from trying to use wikipedia for their own personal soapbox?Freelanceresearch 23:01, 4 September 2006 (UTC)"

Lisa de Witt has no other means to counteract the countless proven negative facts about Sai Baba than by abuse, defamatory comments, and dirty tricks! The prime exponent of abuse instead of facts or arguments is this obnoxious Lisa de Witt, [an acolyte of the web slanderer and defender of admitted homosexual abuse, Gerald 'Joe' Moreno and - until also banned indefinitely from Wikipedia was the- user behind the user name SSS108 ]. These two, with some hangers-on, got themselves banned indefinitely due to their constant rule-breaking, where they were carrying out the misinformation agenda of Dr. Michael Goldstein and Dr. G. Venkataraman (of the Prashanthi Council, the Sathya Sai Organisation and Radio Sai) to counteract any negative news and allegations about Sathya Sai Baba.

Lisa de Witt hid behind the cyber names conscientiousobjector2000, babafan , CO2000 and FreeLanceResearch (on Wikipedia) until her real name was exposed by someone on Yahoo groups. The proof that Babafan is Lisa de Witt can be viewed here and also here. The extent and depth of Lisa de Witt's slander is hard to match anywhere on the Internet. The level of her deranged and compulsive mentality is clear to see almost wherever she posts on the Internet - for example at Yahoo group sathyasaibaba2 and Quick Topic. Here are some telling samples of Lisa de Witt's witless ravings from Yahoo groups sathyasaibaba2:-

54048 ... Are you looking for another pedophile ring to hang out with Tony? You seem awfully desperate to find some boy friends. Funny that perverts like you always have your brains in your pants.
Lisa conscientiousobjector.. Feb 10, 2007
4:06 am
54227 Re: [Sathya Sai Baba] Anti-Sai up to their necks in their own doo-doo ... Desperate aren't you? The idiotic anti-Sais seem to forget they are covorting with anti-Semites (white supremacists), atheists, sexual perverts like...
Lisa conscientiousobjector.. Feb 19, 2007
10:41 pm
54232 Re: [Sathya Sai Baba] Yeah right, the "truth" written by a bunch of closet neo-fascists! Only part of the truth has come out about your sordid group of racist thugs. Lisa conscientiousobjector.. Feb 20, 2007
7:46 pm
54168 Only the fascists like Tony would try to claim that a citzen doesn't ... As usual the anti-Sais are busy acting like retards and do not know what they are talking about. Don't count on Tony getting his head out of his rear any time .. Lisa conscientiousobjector.. Feb 16, 2007
12:54 a
54193 Re: [Sathya Sai Baba] Re: Double whammy on the pervatar. ... rotting in your own self-created hell Tony. Remember dork brain, YOU are the one hanging out with all the fascists like Icke, Duncan Roads, Dan Winter, etc ... out the back', on Aussie beaches."--Tony O'Clery _ Lisa conscientiousobjector.. Feb 17, 2007
12:57 am
53882 Re: [Sathya Sai Baba] a response to the salacious psychotic, They are a bunch of phonies. With all the sexual perverts like Tony in their group, one can EASILY see why they are such hypocrites.
Lisa conscientiousobjector.. Jan 18, 2007
9:26 pm
53749 tells me without ANY DOUBT whatsoever YOU are a BLATANT (and desperate) LIAR grasping at straws. You are delusional Tony. Get some help. You'll pay for your lies Tony. You'll pay. Lisa conscientiousobjector.. Jan 6, 2007
2:34 am
53967 Tony O'Clery has become a shape-shifting, blood drinking Icke clone.
Lisa conscientiousobjector.. Tue Jan 30, 2007 8:15 am
53854 Re: [Sathya Sai Baba] sb and secret swami. ... didn't claim he was an Icke-type reptilian (alien) Tony. You are blatantly lying and distorting the truth as usual. You are pathetic. Please quit wasting time with your immature lies. Is this one of your childish attention-seeking ploys Lisa conscientiousobjector.. Jan 14, 2007 11:11 pm
53749 .Re: [Sathya Sai Baba] Apparently there are more than one photo out there. ... without ANY DOUBT whatsoever YOU are a BLATANT (and desperate) LIAR grasping at straws. You are delusional Tony. Get some help. You'll pay for your lies Tony. You'll pay. Lisa conscientiousobjector.. Jan 6, 2007
2:34 am
53106 Re: Lets put the record straight. ... Tony OClery" <aoclery@...> wrote: Namaste, This is a blatant lie from the supporter of sai baba. http://tony-oclery-exposed ... Just for the record, I have discussed the Tony O'Clery "lie" on other forums in public, in full view of O'Clery who Lisa conscientiousobjector.. Oct 14, 2006
11:05 am
52866 Re: [Sathya Sai Baba] Re: you know everything YOU area BLATANT liar lenin999 aka abusedbybaba. I have been here for FOUR years come November ... and claimed in an email to Joe that Conny Larsson offered them money to lie about Sai Baba. So one has to ask if this is that
Lisa conscientiousobjector.. Sep 28, 2006
8:51 am
52823 [Sathya Sai Baba] Re: you know everything ... they are liars. And I KNOW for a FACT that Conny Larsson is a blatant liar. Do you believe Conny's statement in the excerpt from his ... in an email to Joe that Conny Larsson offered them money to lie about Sai Baba. So one has to ask if this is that Sebastian ...
Lisa conscientiousobjector.. Sep 28, 2006
1:56 am
52819 [Sathya Sai Baba] Re: you know everything ... they are liars. And I KNOW for a FACT that Conny Larsson is a blatant liar. Do you believe Conny's statement in the excerpt from his ... in an email to Joe that Conny Larsson offered them money to lie about Sai Baba.
Lisa conscientiousobjector.. Sep 28, 2006
1:24 am
53318 Re: Story Lisa conscientiousobjector... ... fails to show just what a low-life pervert you are. -- H.H. Swami Saiexposedananda P.S. The comments of Gerald 'Joe' Moreno (vishvarupa108), Lisa De Witt (conscientiousobjector2000) and Simon Brace (sai2uk) to this post will Lisa
Nov 9, 2006
2:40 am
47709 Fwd: Re: Shocking video shows SSB sucking donkeys, animal advocates protest, SSB supp
... Sampath in a post the Sunrise site that Tony Blair said in a LETTER that you bozos MUST ... ROTTEN in the anti-Sai camp. BTW, it looks like Sarlo, who runs the gururatings group is ... But then I shouldn't be surprised since fascists like you usually hate the communists. My ...
conscientiousobjector... Feb 23, 2006
1:43 am
47770 Re: O'Clery, Pittard and Dadlani are perversion buddies. - In, "Tony OClery"wrote: Namaste. I have ... Talk about projection, O'Clery. A pervert like you seems to thrive on foisting his own shortcomings ... when the idiot realizes he is helping the fascists. conscientiousobjector... Feb 28, 2006
6:56 am
54168 As usual the anti-Sais are busy acting like retards and do not know what hey are talking about. Don't count on Tony getting his head out of his rear any time soon, he has an anal fixation and loves the smell of his own manure. I wonder if Tony is supplying children for Sanjay and Bailey to molest. Lisa conscientiousobjector...  
45844 Re:sai baba is a most degenerate ... Tony * It's pretty clear to anyone with brains that YOU are a LYING, negative force Tony. After all, YOU are the one who has friendships with fascists and talks like a fascist and sex pervert. Please get help for your untreated alcoholism. Lisa conscientiousobjector... Nov 21, 2005
4:18 am
47528 [Sathya Sai Baba] Re: Age of Consent to Sexual Activity ... What'd I tell you folks? According to O'Clery and Dadlani et al it is perfectly ok to be a sexual abuser as long as you are an anti-Sai. According to anti-Sais, you are above the law... Now you know why I call them fascists. conscientiousobjector... Feb 6, 2006
7:27 pm
52309 More shameless lies from Dadlani and Priddy, perverts of a feather ... tried to claim I was banned from wikipedia which is a BLATANT and lie. What happened is that when I first came to wikipedia ... never been "banned from Wikipedia". Another shameless lie from ..
Lisa conscientiousobjector.. Sep 5, 2006
4:35 am
52246 Re: [Sathya Sai Baba] ...experience is that Priddy, like so many of the anti-Sais is a blatant liar who needs to get help for his ethical and moral perversions ... chances to straighten their act out yet still they continue to lie without remorse. I do not think history or karma will be kind ...
Lisa conscientiousobjector..
51762 Tony Baloney the wannabe "teacher" ... Notice how Tony continually distracts from the issue of his blatant hypocrisy by trying to play the history teacher. Sorry Tony ... are so "smart." Try educating yourself on your own pathetic lies, hatred and drunken behavior.
Lisa conscientiousobjector..
51299 Re: Predictable Aoclery & Saktidasa Update ... advertises and draws all the kinky perverts to him without having to blatantly advertise. His mouth probably has to make up for what little ... multiple- person\ ality-disorder.html> * Exposing the pathological lies of Lisa conscientiousobjector..
41004 Re: La_quake is a LIAR and a COWARD ... COWARD TRANNY did not answer any of my questions. &&&&&&&&&&&&} It's easy to see you are a blatant liar, bozo. It's obvious you, like so MANY in your group, have SERIOUS mental problems.= No sense in wasting time on such conscientiousobjector.. Sep 17, 2004
11:20 pm
40896 Re: Just scuttled norah jones from sai baba movie ... devotees! Do you even realise that you come across as a STUPID liar?&} Also note that hypocrite ... had ANY private interviews with Sai Baba. And then he makes blatantly stupid comments like this. It's obvious the lazy idiot does . conscientiousobjector.. Sep 10, 2004
12:47 am
40755 Re: SSB & The Advancement of Sience ... Dennis comes up with a statement so ridiculous it makes you wonder WHAT planet he has been living on. You are truly one blatant LIAR bozo. BTW, it looks like your star witness, Khorramshahgols is ANOTHER mental patient. conscientiousobjector.. Sep 7, 2004
9:43 pm
40506 Re: BBC I have documented blatant deception in almost every case. There are a lot of liars in this group. conscientiousobjector.. Aug 30, 2004
7:39 am
40059 Sai Movement Closes Ranks Yet More You guys are the biggest pack of liars I've ever seen. Leaders are allowed to discuss whatever they want to and DO it all the time. conscientiousobjector.. Aug 15, 2004
3:37 am
40031 Re: Anti-Sai avoidance of the issue of "victim" responsibility LOL!!!!!! Dumbass! hehehehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!! You're a blatant liar just like Dadlani. See folks, once again we see the blatant disrespect for the law by HARASSERS. conscientiousobjector.. Aug 14, 2004
1:25 am
39078 ... VERIFIABLE ID. What a liar. ... obvious deception from those involved ranging from harassment and blatant lying to falsification of documents. The accusers are RUDE ... conscientiousobjector.. Jul 17, 2004
12:12 pm
38773 Re: Exposing the Phonies the Indian government is AWARE that this is a racist campaign ... their molesters unless FORCED!!! Anybody who says OTHERWISE is a LIAR. Only a pervert child molester would claim that people WANT ... conscientiousobjector.. Jul 7, 2004
7:00 am
38037 Re: ignorance of academic standards ... You guys are nothing but a bunch of liars and con artists... come back on you and especially in this regard when you are so blatantly LYING and projecting your own crap onto a holy being. You've ... conscientiousobjector.. Apr 30, 2004
9:11 pm
38031 Re: Dadlani's ignorance of academic standards ... and then lie about the rest. << Right. Fascists think the laws don't apply to them and ... EXACTLY what your crooked little group is like. It's also the MAIN reason so many of you ... s Dan Winter, idiot? Who cares? Where's Tony O'Clery, idiot? conscientiousobjector.. Apr 30, 2004
4:55 pm
35612 Re: Testimony Of David Bailey: ... told him so. David also lied and told a suicidal person Sai Baba doesn't read letters to him which is a blatant LIE. The suicidal person killed himself. So we should blame his suicide on DAVID BAILEY. David Bailey is a LIAR. And SO are YOU idiot. conscientiousobjector.. Feb 13, 2004
11:09 pm
35263 Re: According to Krishna, Tony is demonic because he lies about being a gigolo ... also consorts with atheists which are, according to Krishna demonic. Tony's great hero Premanand has also been proven a blatant liar and is therefore demonic conscientiousobjector.. Jan 27, 2004
7:05 am
35211 Re: Jai B Premanand ... you idiots would be sure to have them posted all over the internet. That's how it's so easy to tell YOU are a blatant pathological liar. If anyone has an arrest record, it's probably YOU retard. Now grow up. Lisa conscientiousobjector.. Aug 3, 2003
5:23 am
32995 Re: [Sathya Sai Baba] Re: Al Drucker and the Nazi officer ... respect for any kind of ETHICAL or LEGAL protocols. That's why NOBODY with any brains should or does believe the LIARS. Their BLATANT HYPOCRISY is very symbolic of a lack of respect for AUTHORITY. Lisa conscientiousobjector.. Jan 22, 2004
1:46 am
29082 Re: sb's real birthday, he's lied all his life now see this ... Hari Sampath is a proven liar. He claims the plane miracle photo was the same photo on the front of Murphet's book, " Sai Baba: Avatar and that is a BLATANT lie. The photo is absolutely NOT the same. If someone has ... Lisa conscientiousobjector.. Mar 6, 2003
10:42 pm

From       LISA DE WITT continually shows off her genius for bad taste and her spleen tongue here too....

CO2000 Person was signed in when posted


02-20-2007 08:28 PM ET (US)

Edited by author 02-20-2007 10:40 PM
I have more proof that you are a sexual pervert (out of your own disgusting mouth) than I do that Baba studied hypnotism or is a hermaphrodite.

CO2000 Person was signed in when posted


02-20-2007 02:06 AM ET (US)

Edited by author 02-20-2007 04:31 AM
And asking if fags can see dead people is a "smart" question, James? How do you know if people on this board are fags? Did you date them?

CO2000 Person was signed in when posted


02-18-2007 10:36 PM ET (US)

Quit whining you hypocritical wacko and crybaby.
Hard to believe that big baby is in his fifties!

CO2000 Person was signed in when posted


02-18-2007 10:33 PM ET (US)

Edited by author 02-18-2007 10:47 PM
Like I said before, you have just revealed you are a liar. You said you had sex with Sai Baba because you believed he was God and now you are saying you don't believe in Avatars or God!

CO2000 Person was signed in when posted


02-18-2007 10:15 PM ET (US)

Edited by author 02-18-2007 10:18 PM
You have a personal agenda ya hypocrite, otherwise you wouldn't be here pushing your demented filth.

CO2000 Person was signed in when posted


02-18-2007 10:08 PM ET (US)

I don't care what your beliefs are usedpervert. I've seen enough of your perversions to last me a lifetime. If you want to play guru, start your own cult and leave us alone.

CO2000 Person was signed in when posted


02-17-2007 09:49 PM ET (US)

The whore here is YOU hypocrite! Just look at your filthy mind and filthy language!
Get a grip dumbo!

CO2000 Person was signed in when posted


02-17-2007 09:24 PM ET (US)

Edited by author 02-17-2007 09:31 PM /m2163
You must be drunk again dumbo, I said NOTHING of the sort. You said you gave Baba blow jobs because you said you thought it would "purify" you. And that is EXACTLY what you said. Need I get your quotes again dumbo and prove it?
Chew on your own words bozo:

CO2000 Person was signed in when posted


02-17-2007 03:31 AM ET (US)

Edited by author 02-17-2007 03:35 AM /m2158 So the demented retard just can't stop playing his sociopathic, alcoholic and infantile mind games. And the weirdo wonders why nobody with a brain takes him seriously. Why are the anti-Sais like usedcrybaby all so dumb? Yes usedpervert, YOU are a loser. You are also the weakest link. Good bye.



02-17-2007 12:38 AM ET (US)

Edited by author 02-17-2007 12:40 AM
I do the blow job to anyone who pays me. I do it to Baba and I will do it to anyone who pays me.I am actually lovingly called either Blowsa or Lisa De Blow and I am proud of it.Actually i am also known as Lisa the Blow job.I do it for any one of any religion.

CO2000 Person was signed in when posted


02-15-2007 08:43 PM ET (US)

Edited by author 02-16-2007 12:58 AM
I see usedcrybaby is still babbling like an idiot trying to avoid the reality that his contradictions are as obvious and as plain as the nose on his corrupt face.

CO2000 Person was signed in when posted


02-15-2007 02:54 AM ET (US)

Edited by author 02-15-2007 04:37 AM
/m2110, /m2108
No usedpervert we think you are the molestor since you are so obsessed with the issue and obviously have the sewerbrain to match. Your brain is mush.

CO2000 Person was signed in when posted


02-13-2007 09:00 PM ET (US)

Edited by author 02-13-2007 09:18 PM
I see usedcrybaby is still trying to dig himself out of the hole he has dug.
Angel, I already told you that when he did it for the first time to me he was an expert in handling people and i was just a young boy in college totally trusting him and worshipping him like what u are doing now or even more.I am not talking about ur devotin and comparing it to mine, i was physically in his place, hearing his dicourses people always talking of miracles. What would be my faith? When he did it for the first time, i was so devoted i felt all my sins are gone once he touched my privete part. it took years to undrestand that he was actually exploiting me. For some students, they were smart enough to understand this and immediately either ran away from parthi or hid from him during darshan or had to bear with it so that they would not lose their education.some of them used baba and got their work done, like getting into MBA or jobs and partly they enjoyed having sex with him. I was confused for a long time and he troubled me like hell indirectly.I did not lose faith in him and that made him cool down a little. I could not have sex with my divine lord. that was something i could not do... i was not a hypocrite. most of the students do not know about baba, because if we talk they will be perturbed and immediately tell the warden or write to baba.and we wil be out. so it was generally only those who were exploited who talked with each other.and that too only close friends. Even now there are students who believe that BaBa is doing the sex thing for some divine reason.
Imagine that, an "innocent" young boy in college who thinks giving blow jobs to God will purify him!!!
I do not remember the date etc., come on how can you ask some one who was treated shabbily and moreover i do not know the date on which i understood that he was not my God. Imagine you worship someone for years and he starts talking

CO2000 Person was signed in when posted


02-13-2007 08:26 PM ET (US)

Edited by author 02-15-2007 05:56 AM
Tony and usedcrybaby are so dumb they think telling the same lies over and over again are going to make them true Tony O'Clery has a VERY long history of alcohol and drug abuse (along with a very obnoxious and big mouth). He admitted to being an Australian gigilo in his checkered past and still, to this day, talks like a sex worker and bar fly who still lives in a brothel and hangs out at bars. Nothing he says can be trusted as he seems to be inebriated and irrational most of the time. Why are you people so perpetually stupid and crooked?

Below seems to be the posting from which English under-achiever Lisa (and Gerald Joe Moreno too) first learned the phrase blatant liar! It was used to describe her by an anonymous poster on Yahoo groups!

42059 Reinier the Fascist Strikes Again ... One unwanted guest on the guestbook - Lisa de Witt - whose entries are banned, has shown herself indisputably to be a blatant liar and person abuser using the most vile sexual language and defamations on Yahoo groups sathyasaibaba2 Lisa conscientiousobjector.. Nov 24, 2004
11:32 am
Holm,Wright,Howard & Hayes PLC, Phoenix - staff Lisa de Witt - Phoenix, Arizona CO2OOO & Babafan