Directly recorded notes [by Robert Priddy]

Michael Oliver - dome collapse

I had met Michael Oliver previously on several occasions. Not long before the accident, I spoke to him and also had an evening with him and Bonnie (who also died)

At 3-30 in our room, Reidun and I heard a great crash. 'Sounds like a building collapsing' I said 'But it can't be'. 'Perhaps it is' said Reidun. She looked out at the ones behind us, but saw nothng. Actually it was the Museum - central towers' top dome. A crack had been seen and reported to the engineers by the workers at noon. The engineer had not reacted. A rumbling was heard at 2.30 Seventy workers withdrawn from the building. The noise ceased. The four working on the mosaic tiles of the obelisk (from the U.S.) re-entered. Three were crushed by the collapse of the mass again from th 2nd floor. Michael was severely injured (9 fractures, skull opened(?) and internal injuries --- haemorrhages)

A'noon darsan went off as usual - but a long wait of ca. 1 hr. before Sai came out. He was swift - took in a large group that was already 'prearranged'. Meanwhile Michael was being removed from the rubble or 'patched' at the hospital.

When bhajan was on I met Robert B. ((note: Bruce)) (just after I had had ta with Narasimhan and had heard of Swami's many erroneous complications in his discourse - eg. Einstein & Socrates mixed up/Panama revolt jumbled up in latest speech).

Robert & I went to the hosp. & saw Michael Oliver, heard that Bonnie and ______ had died. that Carol, who was going to M. to Bangalore

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