Directly recorded notes by Robert Priddy - October 1990 at Prashanthi Nilayam

Transcript of main points only (in black text)
Comments in violet text:
The millionaire who donated the new Sai hospital by the airstrip gave 1,000 million rupees (1 billion). The hospital will have a wall of 1 mile in length. Brain surgery, liver transplants etc. will be possible. (Comment: The donor was Isaac Tigrett who made his money with the Hard Rock Cafe chain - which served meat and alcohol. These latter are forbidden by Sathya Sai Baba, but he was happy to accept the proceeds, of which a large proportion was pocketed by officials in his ashram and/or Trust Fund.)

See/hear the testimony of a friend of his, David Bailey
The exchange rate was around Rupees 30.- to the US $ in 1991, which would make the sum about $33 million. However, Tigrett told Bailey he gave $49 million, but only $34 million went to the hospital!

[The notes about darshans etc. are retained to show that this notebook was authentic, recording actual events in greater detail than memory would retain - they can in principle be cross-checked]
Met Michael Oliver afternoon - long talk/ (22 days later Michael was to be one of 3 US devotees crushed by the falling concrete dome of the Spiritual Museum. He died only after great suffering while in a taxi to Bangalore!)

A'noon darsan: Swami went to the wheelchair at the top (his Gold Medal student with the broken back). Comment: This was Sanjay Chibber, his security'watchdog' from the sidelines at darsan and a very close friend of the Dr. Naresh Bhatia before he was excommunicated for accusing Sai baba of pedophile sexual abuse.

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