The texts are excerpts from a personal story written by a former top committee-member of the Sathya Sai Organization of Australia. He chose to remain anonymous, his wife still being a devotee at the time of writing. However, after over 10 years later, openness is needed and it is time to name this person. He is an Australian, Neville Fredricks, of 1 Jambaroo Mountain Road, Robertson NSW 2577.

"Unfortunately the current leaders of the Sai organization, many of whom I still regard as my friends, have somehow temporarily lost their 'moral compass'. They seem more interested in maintaining 'faith' even openly admitting to it (their faith) being 'blind'.
Believing that Sai Baba is God, some even reason that "so what if it is true - God can do whatever He likes - this is all Swamis Play".
This line, nor any of the other rationalizations do not wash with me, so I have written about why it doesn't stack up.
I have now personally followed through on many of the written testimonies, speaking to ex-devotees who have had sexual encounters with Sai Baba. I have talked with parents of youth who have been sexually molested by him. Most of these were long time devotees with nothing to gain and lots to loose by speaking out. They have been prepared to drop their ego and cop the embarrassing fact that they had been deceived for many years.
'Embarrassment' is a small price to pay for making a contribution to the truth. Only the truth will set anyone free. If truth shakes ones faith then that faith needed a good shake.
I have been amazed by the web of perversion and corruption attributed to Sai Baba. It is hard to know how much is true. However it does seem verifiably clear that his homosexual activity with devotees under 30 has been known about and condoned by quite a few of the older leader of the organization.
Having said this, most of the devotees and many of the leaders are very loving people who serve society, often in outstanding ways. There tends however to be a 'blind spot' in regards to this issue.
I have seen the negative mirror of Sai Baba's teachings. I discovered that although he preaches the beautiful truth of "Love all, Serve all", there are areas of his life where he actually lives something quite different.

He says "My life is My message". I have become convinced that "his life" is certainly not "his message" - It is almost unbelievably different."

"Indifference, hiding from fact or rationalizing distasteful evidence is actually a form of cowardice rather than a demonstration of faith."

Is Swami is Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff?

It would be sad to see sincere people, who inquire openly, relegated to the "chaff bag" having been sorted. Leaving only the inflexible hard liners as the nutritious "wheat". At the very least the organization could be grateful for their excellent "roughage" that the organism absolutely needs to prevent the ever-lurking possibility of spiritual constipation."

Once members start expressing or even making internal judgments on those who are leaving, then 'cult creep' slithers into the group psyche.

Self-righteousness and smug self-glorification of ones own "faith" easily follows. This can grow like a science fiction amoebae, into an ugly growth that flip-flops over our own mask of insecurity, obvious to everyone else but us. Beware of this insidious tendency that lurks within us all. You know it when you see it. It's the - "look at me I'm sitting pretty - full of faith"? ....Full of what......!?"

Where does pride cometh - before a fall?

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