Listen to the actual phone conversation in mp3 here:- Part One,   Part Two  and Part Three
Here follow transcripts of the conversation between David Bailey and Thomas Wiehe

The full-time defender of Sathya Sai Baba, his Organization and all institutions plus and his officials and devotees is Gerald Moreno. He goes to extreme lengths to cast doubt on every word that is written by about 50 persons who have been active in dissenting and exposing Sathya Sai Baba. His absurdly childish attempt to cast doubt on the recorded phone conversation is given prominence on some of his many web postings. Here is a sample of his technique of trying to undermine evidence, worthy of an Al Cohn and a Richard Nixon.

For example, the call actually begins as follows:-

(Phone Ringing) Faye Bailey Hello

Thomas Wiehe: Hello my name's Thomas…

Faye Bailey Calling from Sweden?

Thomas Wiehe: Yes

Faye Bailey Yes, okay Thomas, I will put you through to David.

Thomas Wiehe: Okay, all right - thanks.

Comment: It is perfectly evident that the recording was made by Thomas Wiehe, who rang up and who Faye Bailey did not recognise at first. But Moreno chooses to pretend this is a mystery... it helps suggest that this was some kind of set-up... but it was Wiehe collecting information to forward to other devotees who wished to know why Sai Baba's great favourites - the Baileys, had become disaffected.

However the obsessively pernickety Moreno cannot even understand what he hears, or else he tries to distort by making a clear statement figures "confused". He was not to know that the lady was Faye Bailey, who knew Thomas from Puttaparthi.

Moreno continues with his puerile attempt to cast doubt on the evidence.

Comment: Moreno should have raised that David Bailey is a very fluent speaker and it was no problem for him to talk continuously for hours without notes after gaining such his extensive knowledge of Sathya Sai Baba and his investigations though 18 months before he took the major step of exposing him.

Moreno sees it as suspicious that bailey waited 18 months before he first became aware that students claimed sexual abuses. He then travelled around the world and was repeatedly informed of the facts by parents and other self-declared 'victims' of Sai Baba's abuses. He did not make any quick judgements, as Moreno would have had him do - as Moreno originally did himself, it appears (see his statement to the effect that he believed Sathya Sai Baba to be a sexual abuser, even while continually defending him to the hilt for years!!)

Moreno talks of 'scintilla of evidence' but he has not a single such himself to refute the sworn testimonies of numerous students!

Moreno's comments give no vital insights into David Bailey in any way, but the do expose the techniques and fanatical blind belief by Moreno.

Note that Gerald Moreno responded to this with a defamatory blog against me claiming I had counterfeited these copies of his web materials (It is entitled: Ex-Devotee Robert Priddy Resorting To Open Acts Of Screencap Fraud (at They are, however, taken from cached pages. There is not a single word in them which is not found on his website. He is justr trying to raise dounts over tiny details like background colour and theappearance of a tiny red arrow which was not on his page, but which arose in the process of capturing his materials. He has not corrected the fals information he gives, namely that part two of the phone conversation has not been posted by any exposé writers, which is obviously not true, as anyone who checks can discover. Moreno lets nearly all his false claims stand without modification, which shows his total lack of integrity, for he wants to malign and creat confusion to the greatest extent so that the transparency of his deceits seem less thin.

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