In light of the eyewitness testimony by Eileen Weed ('Divya') that she has posted the Internet in 2012, the confusion about the killing of the four devotees who knifed two attendants to death in a fight to stop them intruding, the report by a co-student of one of the four murdered devotees emphasises the facts that the ashram most successfully suppressed in the aftermath of the horrendous night of 6 June, 1993. One fact which was reported at the time, but which great efforts were made to conceal, was that the four who were later shot by police, had actually been caught by a mob of villagers and students, were bound up and beaten to death with sticks. Van:Glycine Cytogenetics, University of Illinois  (GlycineUI@UIUC)

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Following is a brief description of the recent incident that took place in Puttaparti (Sri Satya Saibaba's Asram): (no offense intended to the followers of Satya Saibaba)
Probably many of you know that there was an incident on 6th of June, 1993 in Putaparti (SRI SATYA SAIBABA'S ASRAM) where few men were alleged to have attempted to assassinate Saibaba. At least 4 men were killed (by police firing) that night and 2 other murders were committed some time earlier at `Saibaba's Asram'. The police in their first investigation report (FIR) staed that they had to shoot the 4 men that night (6th June) only for self-protection. However, the pictures taken by several news paper reporters clearly indicate (described in EENADU and ANDHRA JYOTHI - daily news papers) otherwise - the 4 men were killed by extensive physical beating (by wooden sticks and other kinds of manhandling) prior to the police shooting as evident from the position of bodies, blood stains, twisted and broken limbs, etc.
During this process two other men (Mr. Boyapati Raveendra Babu and Mr. Santaram Prabhu) who were alleged to be part of a gang, with the 4 men killed, in conspiring to kill Saibaba that night, went out to get some cigarettes at a stall nearby. While they were out side, they heard several rounds of firing (police) and tried to get back inside (Saibaba's living quarters) to see what happened. By then, all the premises of Saibaba's living quarters were closed and no one was allowed to get in. Raveendra and Prabhu (the two men out side) were friends of the 4 men killed inside and they were all part of night security crew of the Asram.
These six people, being part of night security team, were aware of several clandestine operations that go on in the Asram. Raveendra (one of the men out side) says that he was actually a prime witness of two murders that took place several days before this incident. The organizers of Saibaba's all financial management and day-to-day activities (committee members of `Stya Sai Trust') seem to know that these six men were aware of their operations and planned to get rid of them that night. Raveenda and Prabhu who went out side, after hearing the firing and trying to get back in, soon learnt that four men were killed and that they were also targets of the killing that night. After realizing this they fled and stayed under-ground for over a month.

SOME BACKGROUND: Raveendra Babu (one of the accused) was my class-mate during under-graduation in India and a very good friend. I also know his father and mother. About 10 years ego his father and mother sold what ever property they had and joined Saibaba's Asram and became devotees of Sri Satya Saibaba. Raveendra Babu finished his Bsc (Agriculture) in 1980 and worked in seed companies for few years. Finally, a couple of years ego he also joined Saibaba's Asram and started living there. I visited India two times during 1987 and 1988 and met him several times. He was the same guy I knew during my undergraduate studies and a couple of years after that -- "he was religious and a man of high moral and ethical standards". His parents are some of the nicest people I know.

Coming back to the story -- about thirty days after fleeing from Puttaparti, Raveendra and Prabhu surrendered to Nagpur police on July 7th and revealed the real story of who is mainly involved in killing the four men on 6th of June. According to Raveendra and Prabhu the main hand in all this was that of Saibaba's brother Mr. Janaki Ramaiah and some of his men (Saibaba him self not included). It seems that the entire show at Putaparti is run by these men (Satya Sai Trustees) and that Saibaba himself is just a baba who chooses to ignore all these operations. According to news papers Saibaba himself stated that "it (the incident that night) was simply a friction between two gangs and not a n attempt to kill him". However, police (of Ananthapur) did not pursue the investigation in that direction. Police (and Satya Sai Trustees) are accusing Raveendra and Prabhu of attempting to murder Saibaba. According to Raveendra and Prabhu - Ananthpur police and also several Congress leaders were actually working for the Saibaba Trust Committee members. This is the main reason (according to several news paper reporters, Raveendra and Prabhu) why the police did some major cover-up operation in this incident (and several other unexplained disappearances of people before). There seem to be some big-time misappropriation of trust funds by the committee members. After hearing to all this, if I were a donor of funds to the Satya Sai Trust (Fund) - I would certainly take a hard look at how the money is being appropriated! Especially, the money sent from abroad ($$) in the form of cash or travellers checks are reported to be misused (directly going in to the pockets of the organizers!). The organizers seem to have been making outrageous statements openly - such as: It is they who made Satya Sai a "Baba" and that they can even kill Satya Saibaba himself and still run the show (keep getting funds, etc.) just with his tomb.

According to EENADU news paper the Satya Sai Central Trust Committee comprises of: The Chairman - Saibaba, Secretary - Narayanan, Members - Aarevi Janaki Ramaiah (baba's younger brother), K. R. Prasad, Indulal Shaw, Srinivas, Bangalore Rajamata, Justice P.S. Bhagavati, Justice Balakrishna Raj, Administrator - Colnal Jogi Rao. The trust has an estimated assets of over Rs. 2,000 crores.
On 7th of July, Raveendra and Prabhu were arrested and were charged with attempt of murdering Saibaba. Raveendra and Prabhu still seem to have a good deal of respect for Saibaba. They state that they simply want to expose the people behind all the wrongdoings and that they never had any intentions or reasons to harm Saibaba himself. Andhra Pradesh Civil Rights Association, OPDR, IFTU, ICF, Arunodaya, PDSU, PUCL, Chaitanya Mahila Sangham, AISF, and several other social and student organizations were planning to organize a meeting in support of Raveendra and Prabhu in Vijayawada on 25th of July - I don't have any further news about this meeting! Raveendra and Prabhu's case was being conducted in Penugonda. According to the latest news (July 13th) Raveendra and Prabhu were in Judicial custody.
I have several news paper (only Telugu) cuttings. If any of you are interested please write to my following E-mail address: (please include your postal address)

(Note) the author of the above is no longer contactable at the above mail address) The materials were first published on

See comment by Vitaliy Gordienko questioning the account:-
"Interesting material indeed. But seems strange that students (4 who is dead and 2 who's survived) claimed have no intentions against SB directly. It is really possible to suggest that with such claims they just wanted to escape terrible prosecution. As it known, some of them (if not all) were close to SB before, which means - under sexual usage and with full knowledge about cheating and other fraud going on. After all - Could they really have no intentions against sb personally? Strange..."

Reply from Robert:-
The background for their attempt to see Sai baba (which all agree they intended, whatever else) was that the organiser of the whole episode, Vijay Prabhu, who was not in the temple grounds when the knife fight took place was the security chief of Prashanthi Nilyam. He attested later that he the aim was to inform Sai Baba about the financial corruption and many bad things done by the clique around SB which virtually ruled the ashram, including Radhakrishna who was his valet and closest servitor at that time. Prabhu was excluded by Radhakrishnan and his gang from even meeting SB and he believed fully that SB had given him signs (in answer to his mental questions, I suppose) that he should carry out his plan. As to the others involved, it is reported that at least Mahajan was being sexually abused and so each of them would have also had different motives, though it was told by boy relatives who were allowed in the crime scene - to SB's sister and Eileen Weed on the night of the murders - that the intruders had no intention of harming Sai Baba. Sai Baba actually contradicted his younger brother and others who claimed it was an attempt on his life, saying that no such thing was intended.

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