a barometer of the temperature of anger and hate among fanatical Sai Baba followers

In order to make the following mass of Yahoo postings more easily readable, unnecessary repetitions of former postings and hotlinks have been eliminated. However, for the sake of full reference, the full original postings can be found on Yahoo Groups sathyasaibaba2, as the identification number of each posting is given below. The vituperative nature of these postings speaks for itself, along with the glaring fact that all of the pro-Sai postings rely almost entirely on the primitive fallacy of argumentum ad hominem, namely, to defame a person then imply that nothing that person states can be honest or true etc. This is the red thread in all the postings of the pro-Sai flamers and defamers, whereas scores of serious critics, many of them professionals of mature age and other well-mannered ex-devotees in their many hundreds never stoop to argumentum ad hominem against Sai Baba or his defenders.

Defamers attempt to divert attention from the many world-wide alleged criminal acts of Sathya Sai Baba by attacking critics as paedophiles, sexual abusers, criminals etc. They act as a barometer - the temperature of their abuse and
The mails shown below exemplify the concerted attempt by the three defamers in hundreds of postings to defame not only Barry Pittard and the 30-member JuST group of prominent ex-devotees but also numerous other exposé activists or writers, among whose number are counted David and Faye Bailey, Glen Meloy, Hari Sampath, Basava Premanand, Conny Larsson, the Rahm family, Reinier van der Sandt, Sanjay Dadlani, Tanya Datta (BBC) Eamon Hardy (BBC),Tal Brooke, Mick Brown (Daily Telegraph), Dominic Kennedy (The Times), Sanal Edamaruku, Prof. Narendra Nayak, Øjvind Kyrø, and many more, including well over 1500 signers of the
Sai Petition.

The postings below are all taken from

GERALD ‘JOE’ MORENO (see also Serious Defamation Attempt by Moreno)
The following postings were copied from Yahoo Groups sathyasaibaba2. Vishvarupa108 is the pseudonym of Gerald Moreno of Las Cruces, New Mexico, who also occasionally signs himself ‘joe’ and ‘joe108’ on bulletin boards. Note how his bitter schadenfreude overflows in his pretence that his invasive dirt-digging was making a valid case against Pittard, though it was concocted from his misunderstandings of replies to his inter-continental telephone calls invading the privacy of Barry's former partner combined with his hateful imagination. He eventually had to admit (though only in the most curmudgeonly manner possible) that his facts were wrong!

From: vishvarupa108
Date: Sat Feb 4, 2006  3:30 am
Subject: A Grace Disgraced: The Rise & Fall Of Barry Pittard
Barry Pittard, the man who accuses SSB of "pedophilia" for allegedly molesting men 16 years of age or older, 
does not divulge the fact that he fathered a son with a 15 year old teenager when he was 51 years old (4 months 
before turning 52)! The age of consent, in Austalia, is sixteen: Refs:

According to these legal references, Barry Pittard unlawfully engaged in sexual interactions with a minor and
could have been (and possibly be) lawfully indicted under the Australian Criminal Code, Provision 210.(1)(a)(b
(c)(d) and 229B.(1) ("Any adult who maintains an unlawful relationship of a sexual nature with a child under the
prescribed age is guilty of a crime and is liable to imprisonment for 14 years").

Therefore, using the standards that Barry applies to SSB, one can very well make the case that Barry Pittard is
also guilty of "pedophilia"!

Barry's mate (whose name I will not mention out of respect for her privacy, her children and online business)
stated, on her webpage (out of her own mouth), that she was 15 years old when she conceived her first son. She
named Barry Pittard as being her "mate" and referred to Barry Pittard as the father.

Also, it is well known, among Sai Devotees, that Barry fathered his son with such a young girl, although many
are unaware that she was 15 at the time she conceived.

It is often seen that those who boast the loudest about morality and molestations have the most to hide. This
is true with numerous televangelists and priests. Barry Pittard, at the age of 51 (supposedly a Sai Devotee at
the time) had unlawful sex with an underage teenager, impregnanted her,fathered offspring and tried to keep it
a secret (notice how Barry NEVER makes any references to his children and his past mate). Another high-ranking
Anti-Sai Activist comes tumbling down off his moral soapbox.

Message 47497

From: vishvarupa108
Date: Sun Feb 5, 2006  6:38 pm
Subject: Tony O'Clery: Defending Pedophilia: A Fraud out of his own mouth.

--- In, "Tony OClery" <aoclery@...> wrote:
> Namaste, Avatars and Jivanmuktas do not have any desire of ego or preference. sb was addicted to betel and
>prefers a certain andhra cereal for breakfast. Therefore he has desire and is certainly just an ordinary man

> a fraud guru. Krishna
and Buddha substantiate what I am saying...Tony.
> Namaste Lets all start again with sb's own words...Tony. Simon, Joe and Lisa are you on your meds so we can
> debate without mania and paranoia?

Tony is fraud out of his own mouth. Anthony Tony O'Clery has openly lied about Sathya Sai Baba and FULLY ADMITTED to lying for "entertainment purposes":\y.html

Tony O'Clery opendly defends and attempts to detract from Barry Pittard's act of "pedophilia" with an underage teenager when he was 51 years old! Barry Pittard is the person who took his Anti-Pedophilia campaign to the doorsteps of the international community, pointing fingers and casting slurs directly at Sathya Sai Baba, all the while blathering about SSB being a "serial pedophile" for allegedly engaging in sexual activity with teenagers 16+ years of age and OLDER. And now the truth comes out that Barry Pittard (old enough to be the Great Grandfather to his mate) engaged in sexual activity with an underage teenager, impregnated her, fathered offspring and tried to keep it a secret!

This is the man who is making the allegations against Sathya Sai Baba. Therefore, Pittard's actions are entirely
relevant to this debate. Babble on that Tony like the trained parrot that you are.

Should there remain the slightest doubt of the baseness of Gerald Moreno's deceptions and agenda, see the following pages Moreno's deceptions -- Moreno unwillingly retracts his vile false allegation


The poster under the pseudonym "conscientiousobjector2000" is Lisa de Witt, of Tucson, Arizona, her name having eventually been discovered despite her continued attempts to conceal it. Subsequently she has admitted her name in numerous postings on Yahoo groups against many of the critics of Sathya Sai Baba. She here concocts unfounded allegations of criminal activities, usual, trying to smear the entire widespread community of critics of Sai Baba by association with the offence of one unnamed persons and one independent critic of Sai Baba. No criminals can be shown to ever have been connected with or supported by any members of the JuST group or with the many other names given at the head of this article. The level of her mentality and fanatical defamatory agenda shows most clearly in the texts highlighted here in red, just a few of many hundreds of her similar vile libels:-

Message 47483
From: "conscientiousobjector2000" <conscientiousobjector2000@...>
Date: Sat Feb 4, 2006  5:20 am
Subject: Re: A Grace Disgraced: The Rise & Fall Of Barry Pittard
The list continues to grow regarding the criminal elements in the anti-Sai crowd.
The law stipulates that a 15 year old does not have the mental or emotional maturity to consent to a sexually intimate
This issue brings up several questions. Was Barry ever prosecuted for this sex offense? One also wonders if
Barry Pittard continues to initiate relationships with underage girls.
Another anti-Sai who should be investigated.

Message 47488
From: "conscientiousobjector2000" <conscientiousobjector2000@...>
Date: Sun Feb 5, 2006  3:44 am
Subject: [Sathya Sai Baba] Re: A Grace Disgraced: The Rise & Fall Of Barry Pittard

> Another point is that sexual perverts like O'Clery continually prove every time they open their mouths that they have
> absolutely no interest in really protecting children from child abuse. Why? Because they defend those like Dadlani and
> Pittard who are proven irrefutably to be perverts
who may be endangering children and they could care less!
> Yet dumbo O'Clery just can't fathom the suspicious shadow this casts on him and his cadre of fools, so many who have
> criminal backgrounds
> Like I said, O'Clery et al's weirdness is just the tip of the iceberg.

Message 47499
From: "conscientiousobjector2000" <conscientiousobjector2000@...>
Date: Sun Feb 5, 2006  10:07 pm
Subject: Re: Tony O'Clery: Defending Pedophilia: A Fraud out of his own mouth.
--- In, "Tony OClery" <aoclery@...> wrote:
> No matter what is said about Barry he taught in PN and was in the inner crowd there. It doesn't effect the murders and
pedophilia committed by sb.............Tony.
> I'm not afraid what lunatics write or publish about me, do your worst go for it, I challenge you bunch of feckwits. It
doesn't change the prince of evil sb...Tony.

> A SERIOUS crime WAS committed dumbo. The documentation is IRREFUTABLE and you the idiot are STILL defending it (while
> pretending not to--what a mental case) which speaks volumes as to your motives. In fact, you are starting to sound even
more like a pedophile which really doesn't surprise me with what I know about you. So Tony the pervert thinks that points
> out when someone irrrefutably documented crimes they are paranoid? Remember, this is the pervert who makes up stories about
> brothels and admits to lying for the sheer entertainment aspect! What a pathetic weirdo.
Of course, the documentation was later refuted and this had to be admitted as true by Gerald Moreno. But not by de Witt!!

from Message 47501
From: "conscientiousobjector2000" <conscientiousobjector2000@...>
Date: Sun Feb 5, 2006  1:38 am
Subject: Re: A Grace Disgraced: The Rise & Fall Of Barry Pittard
--- In, "conscientiousobjector2000"
Leave it to the biggest fraud of all, Tony O'Clery, to continually try to distract from the fact that so many in his group of thugs are perverts, criminals and frauds (out of their OWN mouths).Once again, Tony OClery, the fascist has to be reminded that Sai Baba is the holy man and Tony O'Clery is the, liar, pervert and fraud.
The facts don't lie. Only Tony and his cadre of fools who will be thrown in jail in no time if they try their drivel in court. That's why you'll never see the cowards there. They are content to play their childish and idiotic mind games online where they can live out their kinky fantasies until they die.

Message 47528
From: "conscientiousobjector2000" <conscientiousobjector2000@...>
Date: Mon Feb 6, 2006  7:26 pm
Subject: [Sathya Sai Baba] Re: Canadian FAQ: Age of Consent to Sexual Activity
--- In, conscientiousobjector2000@ wrote:

> > > Barry Pittard's behavior is certainly exploitive for TWO reasons. He did NOT EVER marry his 15 year old victim and
> > > he did not even attempt to protect her from becoming pregnant. The 36 year age difference is also an indicator there
> > > is certainly something wrong here. This behavior is reprehensible for an older man, especially for a moralistic,
> > > condescending hypocrite such as Barry Pittard.

> > --- saiexposed420 <> wrote:
> > Lisa De Witt was sexually molested at age 13 by a care worker (apparently a fully-grown adult) in her care home.
> > As for age differences, her FIRST marriage was to a man FIFTEEN years older than her, although she apparently initiated
> > that marriage at age 20.
> >
> > Upon the breakup of her FIRST marriages, she appears to have had several boyfriends - including black men, despite
> > her known tendency for racism. Consequently, Lisa De Witt is not in a position to be a moralistic condescending
> > hypocrite against stalwart Expose activists like Barry Pittard.

> > As for Gerald Moreno, he appears to be asexual:
> > "The Ocean makes me cry. I am basically ambi-troverted, with an inclination towards being introverted. I am thankful
> > that I am very comfortable in silence and in being alone. I consider this a true blessing. While many people often feel
> > the 'need' for a companion, I don't. I am content. Yes, seriously." -
> >
> > Yep, SERIOUSLY. ;-)

> --- In, simon brace <sai2uk@...> wrote:
> S: How low can you go, Sanjay? Aside from the fact, that your words are filled with ignorance, and are totally unrelated
> to anything that you have attempted to tie them with. This just shows you up for what you are, and what your 'mission' is
> all about. I could, and quite easily, show up your words for the pure senseless tosh, that they are; but I don't think
> there is a need to do that.. I'm sure people here, are not as stupid as you are.

--- In, conscientiousobjector2000@ wrote:
More lies from sexual pervert Sanjay who has no idea what he is talking about. So pervert Sanjay admits he thinks a child
sexual abuser like Pittard
is a "stalwart individual."
What'd I tell you folks? According to O'Clery and Dadlani et al it is perfectly ok to be a sexual abuser as long as you
are an anti-Sai. According to anti-Sais, you are above the law if you are one of them. Now you know why I call them fascists.

Message 47506
From: conscientiousobjector2000@...
Date: Mon Feb 6, 2006  4:56 am
Subject: Barry Pittard should investigate and turn himself in
--- In, conscientiousobjector2000@ wrote:
Below is a melodramatic and hypocritical quote from Barry Pittard. If only we could get him or other anti-Sais to investigate themselves and turn themselves in for their crimes instead of covering up for each other (roll eyes) and
projecting their faults!

"A decade ago, I have spent three years writing a book on my experiences related to ssb, and a great deal of segmented 
time revising it. It seemed to be finished, until immensely sad revelations intervened and I began my investigations.
The book was almost published by an Australian publisher who got cash-strapped (or so I hear! Yes, hearsay.)
Recorded in it are wonderful first-hand experiences of leelas, miracles and so on - yet:in that other terrible
September came the Nexus articles. Ring of truth there, too!
I shall never resile on what has been so wonderful. Yet it is confronted by the direct confrontation of what is so terrible.
Close, relentless personal investigation, including witness contact with an array (from different parts of the world)
of those who say they were molested has been at times truly gutwrenching. Even if it were proved that all the stories were
misguided, there have been the immeasurable joys, too, that come from following one's heart. Joy in sorrow. Sorrow in joy.
Just as I accepted the beautiful revelations, I now accept the terrible ones. I have given up the attempt to create a
covering theory, and resort to a fundamental: I am a citizen, and a human being, with a duty never to cover up what even
SEEMS to me to be an honest account of sexual molestation. If I cover up alleged misdeeds of the one I thought to
manifest Divinity, why should not my fellow citizens cover up serious allegations of misdemeanors by those they deem to
be Divine? ---Barry Pittard--unlawfully impregnated a 15 year old."

(NOTE the red text is de Witt's comment added to make it seem Pittard wrote it himself)

Message 47537
From: "conscientiousobjector2000" <conscientiousobjector2000@...>
Date: Mon Feb 6, 2006  7:37 pm
Subject: Anti-Sais working overtime to dig deeper holes for themselves
> --- In, "conscientiousobjector2000" <conscientiousobjector2000@> wrote:

It's hilarious watching perverts O'Clery and Dadlani now try to justify what they have been ranting against for years over
the internet. Can anybody take these bozos seriously? Meanwhile, Pittard is probably still out chasing underage girls to get
his thrills
. I wonder how many other "love children" he has fathered.
BTW, dumbos OClery and Dadlani, according to the law Pittard committed STATUTORY RAPE. Pittard is a RAPIST

> --- In, "Tony OClery" <aoclery@...> wrote:
> Namaste,
> Oh I get it, now that is settled all charges can be dropped against sb. Remember Barry was in the 'in-crowd' in puttaparthi.
> And there are many stories from students who were molested by their teachers and not in the pedophile brothel either.
> sb is claiming to be God, Barry isn't. And whilst I wouldn't want a 15 year old girl going out with a 52 year old, that is

> not my business. If the Aussies refuse to prosecute under this law unless there has been some harm,. what can anybody do?

Pathetic Tony just can't conceal his hypocrisy and lies. Actually, Tony, we don't know that Pittard wasn't prosecuted.
For all we know he has a criminal record.
Blockhead Tony still can't get it through his braindead head that accusations are NOT proof and none of the accusers
have even tried to file charges which doesn't surprise me since it is so easy to prove their lies which have been
clearly documented. Tony has completely double standards when it comes to following the laws for anti-Sais.
Talk about dysfunctional and brainwashed. Tony is like a cult-like zombie.

Message 47549
From: "conscientiousobjector2000" <conscientiousobjector2000@...>
Date: Tue Feb 7, 2006 3:08 am
Subject: Re: Lisa De Witt shoots herself in the.... um, foot.
> --- In, "conscientiousobjector2000"
> <conscientiousobjector2000@> wrote:
Yes folks, Dadlani is REALLY this dumb! The dumbo does not understand the BIG difference between DOCUMENTED proof (as in the
victim's written statement out of her OWN MOUTH that Pittard is the one who impreganated her at the age of 15 + a baby with
genetic material for further proof) and an accusation which has absolutely NO concrete proof to back it up. Dadlani please go
back to reading your comic books. You are a total embarrassment to the Hindu community. O'Clery and Dadlani are the two BIGGEST
dummies in the anti-Sai group. They are also two of the biggest sexual perverts. Just call them the Energizer Dummies.

From: "conscientiousobjector2000" <conscientiousobjector2000@...>
Date: Mon Feb 6, 2006  8:53 pm
Subject: How the law views Barry Pittard's behavior
Doesn't matter how hypocritical perverts O'Clery and Dadlani try to sugar-coat the issue, according to Australian law, Pittard 
committed RAPE. His victim should be in counselling so she can come to understand how this victimization has negatively affected
her life.

Message 47596
From: "conscientiousobjector2000" <conscientiousobjector2000@...>
Date: Wed Feb 8, 2006  10:22 pm
Subject: Re: Canada to increase age of consent--Tony enraged.
Hard to believe that Tony is sixty two or sixty three years old and still this immature. Apparently Tony didn't read or understand the age difference statute I posted. Tony thinks 14 yo's should be able to consent to sex even though his buddy Barry Pittard could not even make a mature adult-like decision at the age of 51 and illegally impregnated a 15 yo girl which
is considered statutory rape according to Australian statutes. If an adult Barry's age cannot make the right decisions about sex what makes Tony think a 14 year old can? This is part of the problem with the anti-Sai crowd. they have absolutely NO common sense or morals # as you can CLEARLY see by Tony's continued childish behavior and lies. Ditto for Dadlani. In addition to that, the anti-Sai hypocrites want to be able to play as dirty as they can but expect everyone else to act like perfect angels. Pathetic hypocrisy at it's finest.

The above conclusion by Lisa de Witt adequately sums up her own contributions, such as are documented above and more of which are exposed at
By her own typical twisted and hate-blinded illogic, de Witt hypocritically upholds her defamation - even though her friend and supporter Moreno could not avoid recognising its falsity and was forced to save some face - in view of such crushing proof - and withdraw his main allegation. Lisa de Witt continues angrily and brazenly to defame Pittard, all being just an extension of her constant imaginary muckraking and inflammatory crude swearing on bulletin boards across the the Internet against every known critic of Sai Baba, most often on Yahoo groups (sathyasaibaba2 - see for example


Message 47487
From: simon brace <sai2uk@...>
Date: Sun Feb 5, 2006  3:04 am
Subject: Re: [Sathya Sai Baba] Re: A Grace Disgraced: The Rise & Fall Of Barry Pittard
--- In,
--- Tony OClery <aoclery@...> wrote:
> > Namaste, How does this justify sb's predations, murder, and fraud? I'm sure most of sb's predations were statutory rape... > > Whatever B Pittard is or isn't hasn't nothing to do with the fact that sb is a fraud, pedophile, murderer and embezzler...
> > ...Barry could be Jack the Ripper it doesn't alter sbs activities. This site is about sb it isn't about anyone else, as > > the pro sai feckwits and mentally challenged seem to is a fraud out of his own mouth anyway....Tony.
>********************************* > S: Do you really not 'get it', Tony??? Yes, this group is about the Glorious Avatar - Sai Baba ... and what has, and is
> being discovered - talked about, is that ALL those 'things', which you accuse, make allegations of .. they are all groundless.
> They are made also, by people - like yourself, like Sanjay, like Riener etc.. and specifically in this case, B Prittard.
> What is the common theme, which unites all the above? It's quite simple, isn't it, Tony? Yes, and you are all to aware of it!
> YOU, are ALL ... DEEPLY dishonest people.
> And ALL the allegations - such as those you make above, have been shown to be utterly rediculous!
> SO it is about YOU, and your disgraceful partners in crime ... it is ALL about you! Why?
> Because the allegations - and lets be clear.. that is all they are! The allegations, are made by self-serving, dishonest,
> and outright evil personalities.

> Dishonest people - making allegations, are allegations, that hold no water.
> How can we talk about any thing 'wrong'that the Avatar has done.. when there is NOTHING to show, that any wrong doing has
> occured? Get real, Tony!
> And while you're at it.. save yourself from the hell of a pit, that you have descended into.

Message 47493
From: simon brace <sai2uk@...>
Date: Sun Feb 5, 2006  4:41 pm
Subject: Re: [Sathya Sai Baba] Re: A Grace Disgraced: The Rise & Fall Of Barry Pittard
S: Yes, Lisa. These are sadly, all too real points that you make. Was it Reiner, who actually sticks up for his CONVICTED 
child abuser friend?

For the record: the above implied allegation by Simon Brace that it may be Reinier who sticks up for a child abuser friend is totally without any basis in fact, nor can it be shown that there is such a friend for whom Reinier sticks up. More can be learned of Simon Brace's involvements as a pro-Sai internet flamer at

Other messages which contain a mass of similar defamatory and flaming materials by the three pro-Sais:

See 47513, 47514,47517,47520,47528,47531,47534,47545, 47546, 47547,47548, 47549, 47550,47551, 47558, 47561, 47563, 47574, 47595, 47596,47598, 47600,47618,

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