(Afshin) Queries Joe Moreno

Date: 11-30-04
Document date: 11-26-04
From: Said Khorramshahgol (Afshin)

I would like to respond to some accusations that a Mr.Gerald Moreno has made against me, Said Khorramshahgol (Afshin).

I was recently sent a copy of an "expose" Mr. Moreno has written about me on his website.
Even the briefest scan revealed that all his accusations are the same as those that have been levelled against me by Sai devotees before. Mr. Moreno did not contact me to hear my side of the story or to give me a chance to clear things up, he instead chose to just smear me without giving me any chance. But that has been typical of devotees who want to defend Sai Baba.

I am surprised to see that a person in some ways coherent as Mr. Moreno tries to convince everyone that just because I have spammed and just because I have used foul language before, then it means that I am mentally ill and therefore my sexual molestation account cannot be counted on. Is Mr. Moreno a psychiatrist or psychologist that he can so confidently pronounce on a person's mental state, and with so little evidence?

Now I would like to point out some of the problems I see in his "expose".

First and foremost, Mr. Moreno assumes that everyone will believe anything that he says, which might explain why he does not give any real proof of anything. Here is a list of the "proof" that he presents:

1. A link to the account of my abuse at the hands of Sai Baba where I talk about the guilt that I felt after following Sai Baba's teachings and how the guilt affected me.

2. A link to an MSN group called SaiBabaMaestroeAvatar, where I supposedly spammed over 1,200 times.

3. A link to a yahoo group where I have posted a lot of messages.

4. A link to some newsgroup posts that are supposedly from me.

The above can hardly be considered as proof. Anyways, here is my response to the above:

1. As I said in my account of sexual abuse at the hands of Sai Baba, I felt very guilty for failing to follow ALL of the teachings of Sai Baba and as a result the guilt made me depressed over time. Mr. Moreno and other devotees make the point that this is an "evidence" that "proves" that I have mental problems. It is a completely shameful and appalling argument and it is not becoming of a seeker of Truth and Love to use such negative smear campaign.

Why have Mr. Moreno and so many Sai devotees refused to hold Sai Baba and his organization to the civil, moral and ethical accountability that are expected of the rest of us? Have they never stopped to consider the terrible battle sexual abuse survivors have to get their accounts listened to?

Together with other devotees, Mr. Moreno grabs at straws over how I felt guilty when I could not practice the very difficult teachings of Sai Baba. Perhaps he and they are immune to guilt, but I would like to let them know that many people in the world do feel guilt, some more than others. Does that make them crazy? In case it is thought that such shameful psychologizing is confined to rank and file Sai devotees, let it be recalled that it has been used by top Sai leaders such as Dr. Hislop when he refers to the testimony of a boy devotee from Northern California as "teen anxiety and projection." (Memo, January 18, 1981, in possession of a former Sai leader Dr. Timothy Conway, of Santa Barbara, USA.) Similarly, the Rahm family relate how Dr. Michael Goldstein said that their son might be "delusional." Again, rather than provide, for example, an independent, third party professional assessment, there is the attempt to attribute mental symptoms.

It is very revealing to see Mr. Moreno and a number of Sai devotees act like they do not know how guilt affects people, especially if the guilt is acute.

2. Mr. Moreno provides no proof of where he gets 1,200 froMoreno I ask Mr. Moreno to tell us where and how he came up with the number 1,200.

3. By suggesting that I posted a lot of messages on that Group, Mr. Moreno tries to depict me as not just a regular poster to it but as spamming that group. Anyone can go to the Group and see my posts and decide if I post spam or if my posts are, rather, discussions/arguments/etc with other club members. Perhaps Mr. Moreno would like to provide a link from an internet ethics site where they condemn a group member from discussing issues (i.e., posting) a lot of times. If you are interested in seeing my posts, go to the link below, my username is la_quake@yahoo.com at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sathyasaibaba2.

Also, Mr. Moreno fails to say that there are some devotees (like Bon Giovanni, whose hyper-intellectualized, heart-absent labyrinths tend to resemble his own) who have posted thousands of messages in various groups and newsgroups. Does Mr. Moreno think that they are spamming too? Or does he believe that they are just defending Sai Baba or promoting Sai Baba?

4. Mr. Moreno asks people to click for an example of my posts to newsgroups and by clicking that link people are taken to posts made by a khorramshahgol@mydeja.coMorèno If Mr. Moreno had done his research, he would have realized that even though "khorramshahgol@mydeja.com" bears my last name, I have always and for years denied that it was I who created and used that account. And I can provide proof. Read every post of this khorramshahgol@mydeja.com and you will see that an individual was stalking me and by means of his or her posts was trying to ridicule me. As a side note, truth and reason never stopped the devotees to continue claiming that khorramshahgol@mydeja.com is me, even when they saw that the individual is taunting me and trying to bother me, etc.

Sadly, Mr. Moreno and a whole procession of Sai devotee activists assail without proof those who testify to being sexually molested by Sai Baba. For example, follow the link below to a list of questions that I have been asking a devotee since August 27, 2004 (I am drafting this response on November 12, 2004) without any luck:


Again, one must note that Mr. Moreno does not present anything new in his "expose". All that he said has been said by other devotees. Would Mr. Moreno tell us whether he was being fed this information by someone else?

I would now like to answer Mr. M.'s other accusations (for which he did not provide any links/proof/etc.).

This is a first hand account given by Said Afshin Khorramshahgol, from Iran, who claims to have been sexually abused by SSB.

This proves that Mr. Moreno did not do a good job in researching or that he got the information from other devotees. My name is not Said Afshin Khorramshahgol but Said Khorramshahgol. This is a typical mistake that some devotees with whom I have had interactions in various groups/newsgroups make. I was given two first names at birth, Said and Afshin. I have said this before. Hopefully, Gerald Joe Moreno and the others will one day get it right.

Said Afshin Khorramshahgol's online activity and behavior shows he has acute mental issues. Afshin said in his letter to the Bailey's that "I was busy talking to him about my problems, the problems of my country Iran, and my family's problems, and I was asking him for his blessing for all of them".

Mr. Moreno claims that my online activity proves that I have extremely severe "mental issues". Trying to prove his point, he provides a quote of mine from my accusation letter where I was talking to Sai Baba. How Mr. Moreno linked my online activity to my accusation letter is beyond me. Further, how does the sentence "I was busy talking to him about my problems" imply that I have mental problems? And also, does Mr. Moreno know of anyone who does not have problems?

Does he know anyone who, given the chance to be face-to-face with God, would not talk about their problems in life? Is Mr. Moreno himself exempt from mental or any other types of problems?

Does Mr. Moreno have any kind of credentials to be able to say who has mental problems and who does not? It doesn't sound like he is a psychologist, psychiatrist, or therapist. If he were either a sexual abuse professional or simply a person of sensitivity and compassion he would realize that people all round the world are sexually abused irrespective of the greater or lesser severity of their mental problems.

Afshin has many problems. Something he openly admits.

I never made such an admission, but how can I prove it to you, the reader. It is impossible for me to prove the negative. It was Mr. M.'s ethical and moral responsibility to provide a proof to you. I ask Mr. Moreno to provide proof that I did admit to having many problems.

I would also ask him, does he think that problems are solved when a person they adored and worshipped sexually abuses and betrays their childlike trust?

His online activity shows he has many more problems than one would initially think. Besides the many letters he wrote to Bon Giovanni and others, Afshin has spammed SaiBabaMaestroeAvatar, an MSN Sai Group, no less than 1,200 times. He spammed 920 times under one name and was banned by Deja.com and then Afshin resumed spamming (admittedly) under multiple fake names. Click Here for Examples.

Besides the fact that Mr. Moreno needs to prove that I did spam that group 1,200 times (I asked for such proof already in response number 2), he needs to clear up what he means by fake names? Don't people create names like 'loveu' or 'badboy2004' or 'demolitionman'? I thought that this was normal and accepted practice on the internet. Again, I ask Mr. Moreno to provide a link from an internet ethics site where they condemn having such alias names.

An even more important issue is that Mr. Moreno implies that spamming is a mental illness. So I ask Mr. Moreno to provide proof from any credible source to prove his assertion that spamming defines mental illness.

And I also ask Mr. Moreno to provide proof where I admitted "spamming" under "multiple fake names". I think these accusations are so ruthless that at the minimum I deserve to have proof.

He swears using the F*** word and calls a person "bastard".

Mr. M., do you live in Pleasantville? It sure sounds more and more that Mr. Moreno is fanatically trying to hold on to straws in his accusations. The fact is that some survivors of sexual molestation swear and some don't. But Mr. Moreno is impervious to such commonsense realizations, and instead appears bent on doing a hatchet job of those who have tried, against unending attack from devotees, to get a proper, impartial hearing for their accounts of being sexually abused by Sai Baba.

Mr. Moreno might be surprised that the Sai informants that surely keep him primed with information are also capable of such language as I am sure you are too. Take a look at Bon Giovanni’s response at the link below, where he uses the word "cunt", if you don't mind me saying. Does Mr. Moreno turn his critical attention on his Sai brothers-and-sisters-in-arms?


Supposedly, he has made over 3,000 posts in over 100 news groups (something he does not deny)! I'm sorry, but anyone who spams any site over 20 times has mental issues. I have never heard of anyone spamming any site from 1,000 - 3,000 times!

"Supposedly"? Does he mean to say that he is accusing me of making "over 3,000 posts" (let Mr. Moreno make up his mind - is it spam or post?) and continue to use this supposition/accusation to claim that I have mental problems? Ludicrously, he starts out by saying "supposedly" and later on that I don't deny having made 3,000 posts. Isn't that illogical? Is Mr. Moreno being dishonest?

Let Mr. Moreno say how he came up with the number 20? What makes it OK to spam 20 times or less? It really sounds like his 'arguments' represent his attempt to clutch on to straws. It all sounds so very childish.

Again, I ask Mr. Moreno to provide proof where I admit that I have made over 3,000 posts in over 100 newsgroups.

A person, who had an interview with SSB, gave their experience of seeing incredible materializations and Afshin completely bashed that person saying they lied about what they saw and experienced with SSB, however, Afshin wants others to believe what he saw and
experienced with SSB!

I don't even know which incident he is referring to, how can I argue about it? This supports my point; besides the fact that citing a source is a must for any argument, it is also ethical to provide proof for your accusations.

On this page, on ExBaba.com, Afshin said, "You might be asking me why I am emphasizing guilt. As a result of all of this I became very depressed and also I had a lot of paranoia. I came to the point that from the pain, my chest felt like had opened and I could feel every cell in my chest blowing from the pain as if they were boiling water. At the same time I was very paranoid about things. After years of telling myself that I was stupid and not good enough, I had somehow come to the belief that I was crazy. I would interpret every sentence ten different ways". All of this shows that Afshin had mental issues prior, during and after his meeting with SSB.

How very compassionate and sensitive Mr. Moreno is! Using using someone's low point in life to launch an unfair attack on theMoreno

Anyhow, I answered this accusation in the beginning of this message (response number 1).

Consequently, I have valid reservations about the integrity of his accounts.

We shall see if my integrity will stand when he, if he, provides the proofs that I have asked for.

On the sathyasaibaba2 yahoo online forum, Afshin has made literally thousands of posts in addition to the 3,000 posts mentioned earlier. On this MSN Group Forum and on the sathyasaibaba2 yahoo forum (which has allowed white supremacist images, of the vilest kind,
to be posted in their "photos" section since February of 2004) Afshin has said …"

I answered this point above (response number 3), but I would like to ask Mr. Moreno if he has attempted to contact the creator/owner of that group to see why he has not deleted the white supremacist images? He may be dead and unable to delete the images. I am surprised that he has not made a "point" about the apparently sex-related posts on the group! Did he know that those posts have not been deleted either? Even though Mr. Moreno may conclude that the owner of that group is a sex-crazed white supremacist, I think that the owner of the group probably never visits the group anymore and so the group is not being managed. Here, for Mr. M.’s benefit, is one that was posted very recently: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sathyasaibaba2/message/41992

Mr. Moreno provides 8 paragraphs in his "expose" in a last, sluggish attempt to make me look like a mad-man, and he does so without any proof that the paragraphs are my writings. I supposedly have made some of the statements (listed below), but since there is no link to prove that I did in fact say these, how can I discuss them? But from memory I can tell that the first three are statements made by the khorramshahgol@mydeja.com person and not me. Did Mr. Moreno fail to check before accusing me! Probably I made the forth point but what does that prove? Does it prove that I made 3,000 spams? Is it an admission that I made 3,000 spams? Or was it made in an angry exchange where out of frustration I admitted to doing something I have not done? I guess we will not know until Mr. Moreno provides a link. I am not even going to read the rest of the points, it's ridiculous. Here are the 8 paragraphs:

> . In Africa women are circumsied tight with thorns. As a moslem I regret being circumcised. I have heard on the radio discussion here in Los Angeles that circumcision takes away the joy of sex substantially. You can e-mail it? As a moslem I have heard on the radio discussion here in Los Angeles that circumcision takes away the joy of sex substantially. NO paradise.
As a moslem I regret being spammed. I have heard on the radio discussion here in Los Angeles that spamming takes away the joy of sex substantially.
[In response to having made 3,000 submissions to over 100 news groups, Afshin responded as follows] And oh, do you think that because I have spammed before makes Sai Baba holy? You are so sloooowwww! Hehehehehe Yes, I spammed, and will continue to do so. Copy this message and post it in all of your messages, OK? NO one will care.
Talking Sai Baba is purpose in life. I do not do anything but talk about him but he pays me no attention. Read the following site. Its a must read for anyone who is interested about my Sai Baba.
What's up with porn pervert Tranny? What a COWARD.
Tranny, seriously, I have shown that you are a porn pervert who likes sex toys and who visits porn sites, now why don't you sit down and think why Jesus would visit a freak like you? Dumbass! hehehehehe. You are such an easy target. hehehehe. You make yourself look bad, how stupid you are. [This is one, of thousands, of posts Afshin made to sathyasaibaba2] Hey bastard, you don't know any web sites that have the kind of info that he is talking about? You are a liar and you are telling us that Sai Baba is God? Hey bastard, here is what you posted in another newsgroup.
The link is my account of sexual molestation, etc. at the hands of Sai Baba, so how can you tell you don't know of such sites? F***ing liar.<

Did it ever cross Mr. M.'s mind that with the many, many accusations that he has listed, he should provide a link or two? Would providing a link have proved his point wrong? Mr. M.'s lack of links and the fact that he cut and pasted only parts of my responses and the fact that he did not provide any clue as to what I was responding to, makes it look like he was trying to deliberately influence the reader's judgment by denying them the whole picture.
At this point I am not sure if I can consider Mr. Moreno as an honest individual with good motives.

Also, while Mr. Moreno lists some statements that are supposedly mine (until I see some proof, they are supposedly mine), he fails to paint a full picture of me as a person without talking about my other posts where I provide a link to some nice photography, or I try to help people, or where I say that I am acting harsh only because the devotee who is arguing with me acts that way, or where I extend a hand of friendship to this devotee a few times only to be denied with insulting messages in response, etc.

Judge for yourself.

I ask the readers to reserve judgment until Mr. Moreno provides the proofs to back up his accusations. Thank you for giving me equal opportunity to present my defense.

(Note from editors exbaba.com: After this splendid and honest clarification from Said, Mr. Moreno gave an arrogant reaction on his own site)

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