by Prof. Narendra Nayak

Bill Aitken (William McKay Aitken) is a Scottish born, naturalized Indian writer and traveller, one of whom Baba Das called 'the dharma bums' who hiked and biked through India on the hippy trail from ca. 1959 onwards.

Mr. Aitken wrote an article in the Indian journal
'This Week' (27 Nov. 2003) CLICK HERE

The last sentence of his article states:-

(this above is a screen photo from the webpage source)

However, no amount of research has made it possible to ascertain whether he has produced any form of academic work in the field, though he did get a degree in religious studies in the 1950s at Leeds University. His claim of being "an expert in comparative religion" is therefore weak indeed.


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Note Feb. 9 2006: For reasons of wanting to keep a low profile after this blunder, Bill Aitken will almost certainly not reply to this and will most likely be unable to avoid the cloying embrace of his inevitable defender-to-be - Gerald 'Joe' Moreno.