An attempt to divert attention from the massive allegations of sexual abuse against Sathya Sai Baba, by attacking the critics

Source: Yahoo! Clubs Bulletin Board
Date: 07-04-00 10.20 AM
From: Bjorn Sandstrom (editor's note - in Swedish the name is Björn Sandström)

Conny Larsson is (was) an professional actor since long and still always performs a play when he talks. This is a well known fact among all who
have known him for some time in Sweden. When he gives talks about interviews, he exaggerates a lot. Those with the same experience can not
recognize what he says. I have myself experienced this. He makes it sound like everything was fantastic and often meant just for him. This is not to talk ill of him. We all know that he does these plays and we have laughed at it for many years. It has been a good play. The story in the magazine Soekaren has many details that has been told in a different way at many times by Conny.
There are many versions and there are always new details each time the stories are told.

Conny Larsson has known Sai Baba since long and always talked about him as God, as his everything. In 20 years he has not talked ill of Baba, and
the home he has for drug addicts was based on meditation on Baba.

When Conny since June 1999 very freely talks about sex and Baba, it is not possible to believe it. He just can't have experienced this for 10 or 20
years and behaved the way he has. He has not been a leader in Sweden, but was a centerleader for a small center for a short time. He is well known by
many because of his stories.

It is said in the story in Soekaren that Baba started to masturbate the Swedish young man (boy) called Tom (about 20 years old). During our talks with Tom he never said anything else but that Baba put oil or vibuthi on his genitals. This happened several times. And Tom did not like it. That is all that happened. This story was the start of all
sex talks in Sweden. Tom and his mother has never been in the Sai-organization.

Conny says in the article that Swedish leaders has know about fakes and Baba's sex for long time. This not correct. Magnus had vibuthi smeared on
his genitals around 1980. He felt it as an blessing. That's all. No one in Sweden has experienced anything more than what has been
told here, (excluding Conny). About the rumours and facts many have the attitude of wait and see.

We are not very many registered Sai-workers in Sweden. About half of the Sai-workers in Sweden (25) left. We are still 25 active workers
and around 500 that comes to meetings now and then.

I am leader of a small group in west Sweden. I am a member of the coordinatingcommittee.

Sai Ram

Bjorn Sandstrom

Conny Larsson's reply:

Source: Yahoo! Clubs Bulletin Board
Date: 07-10-00 05.55 AM

Dear All.

I have been asked by Conny Larsson to print this letter of his here in this club as an answer to
Björn Sandströms posting.

To All Internet readers

My name is CONNY LARSSON from Sweden. I’m an ex-devotee of Sai Baba.
My profession is as a therapist, one of drug addicts and criminals; disordered people.
I’m also the Director of this Institute since 20 years and it is all financed by the Swedish Government.
I’m also a former actor which ended in 1975.
It has come to my attention by others that a Coordinator from the Swedish Sathya Sai Organization has published on internet a site about me and my experiences with Sai Baba.
What I find is that it is more a personal attack on me than reason from a sane person, therefore I will not go into his level of writing etc.
I will concentrate on facts and answer the wrongsayings for you to have a correct picture of what have occurred.
The name of the Coordinator is BJÖRN SANDSTRÖM a former very good friend of me as also his familymembers were. I still consider these people as good humans and I respect their opinion about me.
Everyone has to have the right to feel, think and express their belief.
It has never been my intention to go on internet but now I have to answer due to direct lies that are coming from representatives from the Sai Organization.

Now to the wrong information that BJÖRN SANDSTRÖM has informed all the internet readers:

1. I, Conny Larsson was the national coordinator for two years. I was chosen in consensus by all the members at the meeting. I upheld the position at the same time when Britt-Marie Anden was upholding the chairmanship of being the national coordinator.
Britt-Marie the left the organization due to the same reason as all others; sexmolestation of boys, cheating, fraud etc.

2. I was never a centerleader, I was vice leader for the Gusum center in Sweden which we all in consensus closed as soon as it was absolutely
clear beyond all doubts what Sai Baba was doing with young boys in India, westerners as well as Indians.

3. According to the mentioned boy which B. S. mentioned by name in the site he wrote on internet, it might be true that he wasn’t a member,but he was participating in different courses which the Sai organization was holding. He was also one of the Swedish boys that was included in the Swedish group led by the Swedish national coordinator med. dr. Jörgen Mölgaard.
During the interviews in January -99, the boy felt molested in different ways, all sexual. He pleaded for my help as a human and as a well-knowned Sai-personality since dr. Jörgen Mölgaard didn’t pay any attention to his problems with Sai Baba, even when it was brought to his attention. We also had to approach the Sai organization on the boys due to the growing and ongoing abuses of the boys.
The Sai organization arranged a meeting for everyone to share their opinion on the matters. Certain people was chosen or invited to participate. I was also invited to the meeting on the request of the molested boys. They wanted me there to support the truth of their experience. And so I did. On the meeting I for the first time told my whole story with Baba, on the sexual issue.
Many people have asked me "why have you not told this before?"
This was the reason:

When I was 4 years old up to 8 years I was abused orally by my fathers alcoholic friend. This occurred during the nights when my father had fallen asleep, usually Friday evening/night.
This caused me to loose my ability to speak. I was mute all up to age of 12 when I started to get professional help.
I of course was trying to cope with this situation that had happened to me and buried it far away in my subconciousness.
Much later in life I had to partake in a seven years psychoanalysis which made me fully aware of what had happened me in life and why I lost my ability to speak for so many years.
When Sai Baba abused me (1979-1983) he had already been my chosen GOD-idol, I met him first in Puttaparthi 1978. When he made this passes on me which later became all from masturbating to oral sex I chose to keep my image of God and let him carry out his sexualactivities as he wanted. He called it healing or changing of my Kundalini etc.
When I came home in June -99 I had to seek professional help to try to understand for myself how I could let this happen to me.
The psychiatrist that I used was one of the well-knowned deprogrammators in the therapist realm. After many, many hours he declared his "diagnosis" namely "psycho infantile", meaning that I was just as a little child absolute innocent that had to put up with whatever growned-ups did with me, including GOD’s decision to act upon me in whatever way. I had built in this pattern in me so deeply since my childhood-experience that it was just automatically.
The GOD that I had chosen USED his position and went on me with his absolutely private needs of sexual satisfaction and I didn’t protest.
Not until I was asked by the boys to help them I woke up in my professional role as a therapist of molested people and acted accordingly. I have done so ever since even if it have caused me considerable pain to be awakened.

4. On the earlier mentioned meeting with the Sai organization and it’s leaders we all agreed with the boys never to mention their names orally or in writing. Everyone was absolutely clear over that and it was a matter of confidence. The story could be told but not the names.
What B. S. is doing now is to publish names that never was ment to come out. I can only hope that it doesn’t hurt them to much in their way of trying to cope with life.
But the way Mr. Sandström, representative of the Sathya Sai organization is handling the situation is very worrying and speaks more about himself.

5. According to the knowing of Sai Baba's misconduct relating to sexual abuses and cheating with materialization's it’s absolutely clear that the Sai Organization leaders have been knowing what was going on all the time. We, many of the victims have personally talked by phone to these people, when we tried to understand what was happening with us, but they all told us that this was "Divine" and we had to put up with it. We have talked to leaders as the American leaders dr. Goldstein, Phyllis Krystal, Hal Honig, Jagadeeshan, Gruber, Piculell, Meyer etc. and many, many others.
They have all expressed the same opinion "it’s divine". They never listened to how we felt, how hurted we were. And especially they left us without any help. ( Sai Baba's saying: "Help ever, hurt never" doesn’t apply inside the organization at all.)

6. I’m very happy to hear that there are only 25 members left in the Sai organization in Sweden and I’m very worried that so many as 500 still keeps on going to an organization that are cooperating with a clearly pedophile activity that is going on in Puttaparthi.
Sai officials are constantly going down with new people and are exposing these boys that goes to India for the possibility of being molested by Sai Baba. They are thereby making themselves pimping for him. My pray to all mothers and fathers is believe what you want but don’t expose your children for the possibility of being molested.
I truly with all my heart mean this since I was myself a victim and a member of this dreadful sect, where so many serious people loose themselves.

This will now end and I’m sorry to have been needed to share this very negative news with you, but the Sai organizations handling of the Sai-sexual/fraud affairs had to be dealt with clearly.

To all of you readers I bow down

Sincerely yours,

Conny Larsson

Director of Kärnan Institute