Moreno forged a typewriter text which he exhibits on his own website (see screen capture below). He wanted in this way to prove as forgeries the five very revealing letters about Sathya Sai Baba sexual abuse written in 1982 by Dr. John Hislop , who was President of the Sathya Sai Society of the U.S. until he died many years later. However, the letters have been sworn as genuine in an affidavit by Timothy Conway Ph.D.which was also provided to Alaya Rahm's lawyers for use in court. Moreno made his absurd claims about the scans of the typewritten letter texts which had only been cleaned up digitally and given more brightness and contrast to make reading easier.

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Valid and true conclusion: Moreno is a competant forger of typewriter texts!

Formal statement provided to ExBaba by Dr. Timothy Conway concerning the Hislop letters.

The authenticity of the four letters written by Dr. John Hislop has been wrongly contested by a person who has no knowledge of the true state of affairs. There were three memos from Hislop to the Directors, one of which was 2 pages long (front and back of a piece of paper). Then there was a letter to the Paynes, dated the same day as Hislop's second memo to Directors (namely, 2-21-81). It was Dr. John Hislop's custom during the early and mid-1980s (if not earlier as well) to type out monthly or nearly monthly memos on his typewriter and send Xerox copies to some 15-20 persons on his mailing list (Directors and Officers for the Sri Sathya Sai Baba Council of America).
The scans and transcripts of all the four Hislop letters posted on ExBaba are genuine copies of the contents of the original letters, which were handed over to me by the former President of the San Francisco Sathya Sai Centre after I had taken over from him. This applies to the 'cleaned-up' versions of the scans on the URLs listed below, apart from omissions of two minor words in one of the scans, which do not alter the veracity of the text in any way. I cannot find any other differences in text upon a fairly exhaustive comparing of my pages of the Hislop memos with those online. I have already provided a statement affirming all this on August 19, 2005, attested by a Public Notary in Santa Barbara County, to those exposé activists who are considering legal actions, to whom scans of these letters have again been provided.

Timothy Conway Ph.D.

posted, September 17 - 2005

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Further, Alexandra Nagel attested that scans of the same letters by John Hislop had been sent to her by Glen Meloy.