A defender of Sathya Sai Baba sent an e-mail to the exposé website exbaba.com. He was connected to the pro-Sai Baba publishing house 'Leeela Press' of Jack Scher (deceased) and Judy Warner.

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From: David Wolff
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Sent: Monday, November 25, 2002 12:25 AM
Subject: For Shame!
How could any of you desecrate such a great souls. Did any of you first hand witness any of these happenings,
Reply: One does not have to witness sexual abuse oneself to know that it has taken place. When the webmaster of ExBaba.com was told by his friend Hans de Kraker about it, he believed him since he knew him well. Hans de Kraker's testimony (see here) is moreover very credible in every detail and concurs in various key respects with that of many of the 30 plus young men who have described their treatment by Sathya Sai Baba. Apart from the many sworn, signed testimonies published by young men who have been sexually molested by Sathya Sai Baba, there are many others who have either contacted us personally telling the their being sexual misused by him, or how family members and friends were abused in such ways by him. I have long know two persons - Mark Roche and Conny Larsson - who have come forth and testified to being pressured into oral sex with Sai Baba. I cannot possibly doubt their honesty. Those who remain in denial about this should ask themselves who so many persons from around the world should bravely stand forth and tell these embarrassing facts, knowing what the reaction of many blind devotees would be. They risked the same kind of insidious attacks and attempts at character assassination that have been made by Sai devotees against the main whistle blower, David Bailey [who was a great favourite of Sai Baba and a teacher at his college, besides having been a world-travelling propagator of Sai Baba for years before he was made to realise the deceptions of which he had fallen a victim.] See for example the hate merchant Gerald Joe Moreno's fanatical cultist attacks. These honest persons went to so much trouble so that the truth should be known, not least to protect others from the same kind of abuses and the many deceptions they have realised he practises.

do any of you do even a fraction of good that all of us in the organization go out and do.
Reply: The answer is that practically all of the former devotees who were organization members did so-called 'service' "that all of us in the organization go out and do". A long, yet far from complete, list of ex-officer bearers includes a dozen persons who have formerly written positive books about Sai Baba, and many who were founder members of Sai Baba centres and even national organizations. These people have served the cause on a very considerable scale - often for decades (see some here). Many of us have donated not only full-time service but also large sums of money.

Since you post your web site information for the public to read, kindly read the article from the times of India at this link. (Note: if the link to the article 'Sai Baba lashes out at detractors' published by 'The Times of India' is no longer available - the full text can be seen here below). If any of you, as the article explains, quotes Baba as challenging his detractors to emulate him to the extent of even one thousandth, then at least you would condemn and criticize one that you would emulate in doing good. What about all of the good and great things that have been accomplished? Do these count for nothing?
Reply: The article reproduces some of Sai Baba's extremely ill-judged attacks he made on Christmas Day in his temple - the day symbolising the birth of a revered teacher of love, compassion and above all forgiveness! There he lied outright about his detractors' motives - for money and/or due to 'jealousy'. The real motives are to expose the truth and out of disgust at his two-faced hypocrisy. He calls critics 'demons' (in which he actually believes!) and 'Judases' (as if he were Christ - which amounts to blasphemy for most Christian denominations, if anything does).

I have been in front of Swami and have spoken with Him. I have seen amazing divine happenings in my life and the lives of others. My best friends and brother's have attended His schools. No one has been hurt and molested.
Reply: Many of us have been with Sathya Sai Baba for many hours of interviews and we have experienced many things too... Sai Baba is very imperious, all those who meet him have already gone through a process of close scrutiny by his staff and often himself at darsan. They have to shows all signs of being deeply devoted and showing bowing reverence before they can get their first interview. Thus, he is able to confuse them - largely 'brain-washed' about him as they are at that stage. it is true that Sai Baba can see some people's intentions some of the time. Not only is he most astute and a gifted 'cold reader' and has so-called psychic intuition, no doubt, but he not least has the benefit of getting private letters where people open their hearts to him in advance (names are all known and checked with the detailed visitor register his servitors make on your arrival). Besides, he gets daily reports from the top ashram officials about who has arrived at the ashram (no doubt about whether they have donated yet, how much, and many another fact). He is known to have a considerable number of undercover security agents among the crowds, and an informer network which spreads its nets very wide - even to include some taxi drivers there. That he makes big mistakes in judging people on frequent occasions is obvious to those who watch carefully. He sometimes gets names wrong, nationalities wrong and - in my case - he has misjudged my intentions so badly that he said that 'what you are doing is right...' and also when I asked him what I should do he said 'Write, write'. Well that is what I am doing indeed!

He had every opportunity with me, and never did anything inappropriate. How could He, a being who preaches and practices good.
Reply: You were one of the lucky ones, then, who was not induced into taking what he has said to many is a "Good Chance" [by which term he is reported by several person to refers to oral sex]! He cannot possibly abuse every young male who he sees... as in his heyday he was seeing many twice daily in group interviews. That he preaches good is NO guarantee of anything... think of the countless pastors, priests, swamis, gurus and other religious hypocrites who have been convicted of sexual abuses, murder etc. That he does good... well, who doesn't do some good? Most of the good attributed to him is done by others in actual time, energy, money and sweat. Much of the good attributed to him is no doubt not done or caused by him at all... even though his doctrine insists that he is the Divine Doer of Everything! Strangely, though, he does not admit to doing what we consider is not good (like sexual abuse, covering-up murders etc.) He insists he is Pure!

If you feel that you have made an error, correct it, retract the libelous comments and apologize. One thing about Baba is He can see your intentions. But you know this. I will never know Swami otherwise than how I now Him as I do. I am so sorry that you have all failed yourselves.
David Wolff
Reply: You cannot know that any of us have failed, it is just your blind and totally uncritical belief in Sai Baba that makes you think that (and I use "blind" and "uncritical" advisedly... see comment by Samsioe below)

Robert Priddy

In a subsequent mail to ExBaba.com, David Wolff wrote: “ your messages will be permanently deleted from my database before they arrive” .....
A former devotee - the practicing psychologist Åsa Samsioe of Sweden, commented on this: "That´s in a nutshell what the whole thing is about! To be able to continue being a devotee to Sai Baba, you have to permanently delete extensive association areas of the cortex in your brain. And you also have to be very effective in censoring incoming stimuli... But of course this leads to fragmentation in the end!
You can´t imagine how glad I am that I escaped from that fate!

The Times of India article reproduces most - but not all - of the extreme reactions of Sai Baba against detractors:-Times of India - SB lashes out
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