Excerpt from Gerald Moreno's defamatory websites

Here one can see the extent to which Moreno goes to avoid finding out the facts
yet he is so biased that he even defend the totally indefensible sabotage and lies!
In his usual reckless way, he ignores all evidence and gives his full support to this
iniquitous and lying saboteur - which make two of a kind!

Moreno on Yachendra

Gerald Moreno supports Murali Krishna Yachendra

Here one see Moreno at his typical playground tactics of 'tit-for-tat'

Moreno support for Yachendra's sabotage and lies


Note (from Premanand): I obtained Gerald Moreno's vilifying article "Basava Premanand: Deception" from Murali Krishna Yachendra at Nellore where I had gone to meet
the Superintendent of Police, Nellore and District Collector of Nellore District to find how far my complaints have been investigated. I already gave a copy of GMs article to them and have replied to his vilifying article.

B. Premanand deposition