by Jorge Reyesvera

The amazingly scientifically-uninformed discourse on magnetism by Sathya Sai Baba is from the  Mahasivarathri, 2002. The comments are by Jorge Reyesvera, an ex-devotee and leader in the Sai Organisation in Mexico. The following is an excerpt from the verbatim translation of the premsai website’s version of Sathya Sai Baba's discourse on Mahashivarathri, 13-3-2002
From Sathya Sai Baba s DISCOURSE ON MAHASIVARATHRI, March 13, 2002 which appears in an edited-down version in Sanathana Sarathi - March 2002. (SB's words are coloured red, the commentator's words are in black)

The whole globe is full of magnetism.
A magnetic field extends to infinity, though it fades proportionally to the square of the distance to its source. The earth is a giant magnet, as well as the Sun. A magnetic field is created when an electric charge is in movement. 

All life forms and all things that are near this globe are also embodiments of magnets. The rivers that flow, the air that blows, the flowers that blossom and the buildings that stand all are full of magnetism.
Because of its arrangement, not any arbitrary set of atoms can create a magnet. In fact almost everything is magnetically neutral. What does “full of magnetism” mean?

Even the rivers flow, clinging to the earth, due to the magnetism of the earth. Even the wind blows due to magnetic power. Magnetism is pervading everywhere.
Rivers flow because of gravitation. Wind blows because of earth motion and temperature difference.
We go to great temples. Who is it that goes to these temples? Only the individuals who have devotion and faith. Therefore, devotion and faith are also magnetic. Due to thousands of devotees entering into the temple, their magnetic power pervades the temple.
If you place a compass in a great congregation of devoted people I doubt that you would see any change in it.

All the flowers and fruits that they offer are full of magnetism. So, this magnetic power, which is all-pervading, is shining in that temple. When so many thousands of devotees enter, this magnetism increases day-by-day. It will not decrease.
Again, the majority of objects are magnetically neutral.  How can it be measured?

When a small iron piece is kept near a magnet, after a few days even that iron piece will become a magnet. So the individuals who enter into the temple and the things that they offer are all full of magnetism. Therefore, from where did the great powers of the temple arise? It comes from the magnetic power brought from the devotees. Hence, every individual fully has this magnetism.
Just being close to a magnet does not make a person become one. Iron atoms have a particular structure that allows its small magnetic fields to be aligned when placed under a stronger magnetic field. May be Sathya Sai Baba is referring to devotion instead?  Sathya Sai Baba rejects many offerings?

You are different from your body. So you are saying, “my body”. The body is different. So you are not the materialization, the body. You have the illusion that the body, which is not yours, is “mine, mine”. This is a big mistake. Due to this illusion, man is losing the Divine radiance.
A false generalization is used again. Is man losing this ‘Divine radiance’? When did he acquire it? For how long will it last? How can it be known?

It is this Divine power that arises in temples, attracts all individuals and also reveals all powers. This magnetism contains Divine power. It is said that magnetism is a temple’s nature. In science, they feel that it is pieces of magnet. They call it materialist magnet. This magnetism (Divine power) is shining in every single human being.
Now he "clarifies" about divine magnetism but even if that kind of magnetism exists (who no one can measure objectively) it would not cause a river to flow or the wind to blow... nor iron filings to move.

Where does this power, which shines, come from? All comes from oneself only. There is gold in every single human being. There is iron in every human being. This means that there are all metals inside. These metals are not those which come from outside. All metals are contained inside man.
And just because there is iron and gold all other metals are present? Can you imagine the metals uranium or plutonium (which are radioactive) in your body? What does he mean by, “these metals are those which come from outside”?

This body has this essence. Hence, even this Lingodbhava (the emergence of the Linga) is not something that comes separately from outside. God is Hiranyagarbha. His garbha (womb) is full of hiranya (gold). So, this gold, which is rasa (essence), churns, churns, churns, churns and churns, and all the gold gathers together at one place. They call that Linga.
By this assertion he implies that he is God, (which obviously is not so), and that in his womb (uterus) all gold gathers together through a churning process? The amount of gold in anybody is very small.

Linga signifies a symbol. It means a representation. (Swami shows the golden Linga materialized by His circling Hand during the beginning of this discourse) It has no eyes, face or mouth. It is not possible to say that either here is the head or here are the legs. (Swami turns the Linga around.) It may be said to be on this side or on that side. Where is the head and where are the legs? Therefore, this that has no form is called Linga.
An ice cube also does not have eyes or legs but it is just that.

Linga is said: This only is the goal: that is to merge. So, it is said that the Linga is the root cause for everything. The form of the Linga is made inside and it emerges out externally. At the time of coming out, if we want to melt this form of the Linga, we have to attempt to heat it. Through this fire, it melts, melts, melts, melts, and finally it merges together. That only is the (apparent) suffering that is experienced at the time that it arises. This takes the form of the Linga, and it has to come out.
Which fire? It merges with what?  For what reason?  Why does it have to come out?

At the time that it comes out, you are feeling that the suffering that is experienced is suffering for Swami. (Applause) (Swami says very strongly) This is not baadha (suffering). This is a bodha (a teaching) to you! (Applause)
Which kind of teaching, that we are not the breath, that the rivers flow because of magnetism, that there is gold in the body enough to create a linga? That he is so powerful that he does not feel pain? 
Since the last two days, in order for this Linga to be formed, My whole body became magnetic. (Applause) So when I put My foot down, the whole foot stuck to the ground. It is a little hard to lift a foot that is stuck. Wherever I walk, it sticks there. Whatever is held, it sticks to My hand. This magnet is not in everyone like this. This magnet is so powerful only in Divinity. (Applause)
This is a grand conflation of physical phenomena with theistic assertions. Who will really believe what he says about his foot and hand sticking? If what he says was true then he would be affected by the magnetic field of the earth whose power lines are perpendicular to the ones of the gravity field of the earth.

Hence, since three days My legs were finding it very difficult to walk. But it was no difficulty for Me at all. It is just its Nature. It is natural. This is because the whole body is a magnet. If I hold the tumbler, the tumbler also sticks like that. So, all of these things cannot be told to everyone.

If those things can not be told to everyone, why are said in a public discourse? Listeners only have Sathya Sai Baba s word, since there is no evidence of what he is saying about the tumbler. But why then do his clothes not stick to his body?
The Divine magnet is in every human being like this. However, it is under certain limitations. Divinity has no limits at all.
So, why was it so difficult to walk?

Magnetism fully came into a Russian lady named Brigitte. When she was walking on the road, distant iron filings would come and stick to her. If she went to any shop, the shop owner would not let her inside. The things near her would be drawn to her and stick. In a situation like this, she was unable even to eat meals.
He clearly refers to "material magnetism". That does not affect food. No details or source reference, just ‘another little story’, of the ‘cock and bull’ variety?

This means that after recognizing this power, there should also be the power to digest. It should be controlled power. It is not enough only to have power. There should also be the ability to control this power. So, after a few days the individual that this was happening to, unable even to have food, died.
So does Sathya Sai Baba s food stick in his gullet (and throughout his body?), and can only he control this?

So, even though such Divine power was in her, what is the reason for her death? She did not have the ability to control this power in her. Only when there is control of power can there be full achievement.
Poor woman (if this ever happened)! How she could have developed control of it, Sathya Sai Baba doesn’t want to tell us!

Now the magnetism brings about happiness!  Being born is a worry. To be on the earth is a worry. Worldly life is a worry and death is a worry. All of youth is a worry. Old age is a worry. To live is a worry. Injury is a worry. All actions are worry. Troubles are a worry and happiness is a worry. Wondrous worry!
Do you agree? I do not! If magnetism brings about happiness,  why did the supposed Russian lady have many problems and die?
Everything is sacred. What is the reason? This is all due to the power of the magnet.
These are the signs of a magnetic temple. Our body is a magnetic temple. Hence, in this temple, we should purify it to the extent that it should be made sacred. When unrighteous actions are done with it, there will have to be bad results.
Is it possible to make sense of any of this?

We think that there is great power in Tirupati. That is not the power of Venkateswara Swami (the deity in the Tirupati Temple). The devotees are leaving the faith and powers that they bring there. There is attracting power in the magnet.
In the magnet there is also the power of repulsion. When one tries to force equal poles closer and closer together, they repel one another with increasing power. 

This power of Divinity is only in temples; but it will not enter into all places. This is because the deity there is also full of magnetism. All the worship that is done also is fully magnetic. The flowers are fully magnetic and the water is fully magnetic.
Do flowers affect iron filings, then, or water? No!

The whole process of worship is magnetic. The akshintulu (auspicious rice grains used in worship) are fully magnetic. All is magnetic. Therefore, immediately upon going there, everything attracts. Even the priest who conducts the worship is magnetic. So all the people who enter into there are also present in the magnetic (field of the) temple
SB is confusing ‘charismatic’ with ‘magnetic’, it appears!
Our body is a magnetic temple. What a sacred path we should make it embark upon! When we unnecessarily get angry with others, all our magnetism goes to waste. When we hate others, when we become jealous or when numerous kinds of anger come, all our magnetism goes to waste.
More complete and utter nonsense!

If one wants to hear what is spoken in Delhi at the very same instant here, what do we need? The waves of sound, which is magnetism, brings it here.
The radio waves which are used for broadcasting have much higher frequency than sound. Sound is not magnetism.
The scientists, engineers, or any machines cannot understand this.
 If so how were scientists able to design all those machines and equipment?

Even regarding the digestion process, scientists don’t understand at all why things get digested. They don’t understand why the heart beats a certain number of times per minute. God determines all of this. The doctors and others are proud because the feel they have discovered it; but they have not discovered anything at all. (Applause) They are only discovering how it works. Why does it work? Who is making it work? They don’t know.
So, if doctors have not discovered anything at all, why built two doctor-run hospitals and waste vast sums on modern medical equipment? Can Sathya Sai Baba actually tell us anything intelligible and testable about how anything really works?

(Showing the size of the Linga.) So all the gold in our body is only so much. (Applause) When it melts, it pervades everywhere within the body. This only enters into the eyes and makes them to see light. It is this only which enters into the eardrums and makes one to hear.
Now the gold in the body is molten! It melts at 1064.18 °C. Rather hot, that!

How many light rays are in the eye? There are two crores of light rays. We can't see even one ray. You half close one eye (squint) and look. All of these lights shine with light.
There are cells in the eye, not rays.

Therefore, to obtain such a Love, develop the magnet of Love in you.
Now magnetism becomes love?

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