V.K.Narasimhan recorded comments on the Sathya Sai Organization


The scan below shows one whole page from my India visit diary/notebooks (from 1994). I include some of the diary records so the authenticity of the report may be checked against outher sources of information (i.e. that Sai Baba was at Brindavan on the date recorded and that in the morning he only gave an irregular darshan, while bhajans were being sung all day as was commen there in those days - under the leadership of Sridharan Prabha, whose house and family - incidentally - I have also visited.

The reference to Ch. 27 is to my book 'Source of the Dream', just about to be published by Sun-Sky Publication and printed at Brindavan Printers, Bangalore. I was still in favour of the Sathya Sai Organization by and large and considered its aims acceptable (though - in the interests of harmony - I omitted mention of changes I favoured as to the rules and methods, and especially the behaviour of many VIPs).

VKN told me of power battles within the organization, and how Indulal Shah could contravene Sai Baba's own directives because he had world-wide contact with leaders in many countries, especially where he had installed Maharastrian Indians like himself [he was leader of a kind of Maharaatrian clan]. Shah retained iron control of the Organisation, while the charming, reasonable, intelligent and honest Mr. Hejmadi whom Sai had installed as head of the Central Office had no power, and no desire to exert any - it seemed from the nature of the gentleman. The Central Office (i.e. Hejmadi himself) was nothing but a rubber stamp for anything decided by others with more clout, as indicated by the noted conversation with VKN.

The reference to "Ramu's accounts" is to what I was told by Mr, V. Ramnath, and IAS Vigilance Officer whom my wife and I came to know well over a period of some years, having stayed with him for some weeks at a house he owned in Yelahanka nr. Bangalore. Notes of my conversations with him are extensive, and my mail exchanges very extensive. [Some of these will be scanned for the sake of documentation in due course].

Mr. V. Ramnath of the IAS had told me of many swindles in India (see index of my scanned notes with him), since he was a Vigilance Officer whose work was to prepare exposure of such in the various buisinesses he investigated. He had a sharp eye for the false dealings of the Sathy Sai Organization, though he was a convinced devotee of Sai Baba nonetheless. His view was that Sai Baba had no way of stopping crime and corruption (strange when Sai Baba is supposed to be omnipotent etc., but devotees live easily with these contradictions, experience constantly proves). He was in no doubt that this was rife in the Indian Sai Organization, not least since he knew a ranking Customs and Duty Officer in Delhi (where he also had an apartment) who had used her power to get access to certain Sathya Sai Central Trust accounts and found many instances of corruption and money-laundering. This lady, Mrs. Dolly Saxena, refused to reveal anything to the BBC. She had been threatened by CID officers over a period when the murders of 1993 had taken place, because her son - a Sai college student - had been under the care of Vijay Prabhu, the reputed 'mastermind' of the intrusion into the mandir. Her son had been thrown in prison and suffered traumas and had to be sent to the USA to continue his studies.

V.K. Narasimhan told me at length about Colonel Joga Rao, his kickbacks from Tubro and Larssen, head of the ashram Narayanen (also on the Central Trust) and his unaccounted millions (he received a cheque for £6,000.- from me for Sai Baba, but I never got a receipt and don't know what really became of the money). Mr. Nataraj, the chief Prashanthi Nilayam accommodation official, also had his hand deep in the till!

The final miracle' account is typical of the rumours spread around about Sai Baba - it came from Mr. V. Ramnath - not Narasimhan.

VKN on Sai Organisation

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