Recorded notes on New Year's day 1996, with disillusion setting in

This page from my notebook (see scan below text) records some events on 31st December'95 and New Year's day (1996). I summarise the contents (transcribe the main point in BLACK text).

Morning darshan was Robert and Rita Bruce's last one before leaving to return to the US, We had spent the previous evening with them in their apartment in Roundhouse 1. 'Wendy' is an Australian lady - then about 35 years old - who we knew somewhat. She was selected to be included in a group interview.

I had recently been told by V.K. Narasimhan about numerous embezzlements by members of the Sathya Sai Central Trust, hence the comment here:

"Reidun and I felt more and more disillusionment - all the things Swami has said about the Trust, the numbers etc. is definitely not true. This is a blow!! Where can we draw the line, what can we take for granted as true? Presumably little indeed."

I avoided darshan and heard briefly from a safe distance some of the cacophony that Maynard Ferguson's college student band was making.
The usual problems on the lady's side with the 'Seva Dal' - unfairness and lies.

We both stayed away in the afternoon in case Sathya Sai gave another long incomprehensible Telugu discourse (with garbled and sound distorted translator Anil Kumar).

Seeing Narasimhan while he was entering his room, I was invited in and so spent a long time there discussing with him... mostly listening to his tales of woe. He thought of himself as 'The Ancient Mariner' with some reason, having seen the ills of the world to a fuller extent than most people, and having found himself in a compromised position - having to make unprofessional edits of Sai's erroneous statements and also under pressure tell untruths about the Central Trust so as to save face for Sai Baba -in his eighties.

New Year 1996 at Prashanthi Nilayam

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