Directly recorded notes from V.K. Narasimhan conversation
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TRANSCRIPT (IN BLACK TEXT): Shiva was not at the appointed time and place of meeting. Something is very strange about it. I can't find out what to do.
(Comment. Shiva was a student at the Sai College - from 1987 or so until 1996, when he obtained an MBA. My wife and I knew him from 1985 when he was visiting Prashanthi Nilayam with his parents. His elder brother was already a student of medicine in Prashanthi college. When first he was enrolled, he used to be keen to meet us and talk, telling about himself and his life at the college. He was very keen to learn the guitar and about recording from me. After he had an interview and received a jewelled Swiss watch from Sai, we bumped into each other after darshan and he made an appointment for me to teach guitar. However, he did not keep that. He had became very awkward about talking to me thereafter. However, I met him again at the 70th birthday when he had left the college and was there to collect his diploma. He had a green so-called "diamond" ring of a type like the one I had and much other bric-a-brac, including another gold watch from Sai Baba. I asked him why Sai had given him all that and he said he didn't know (at that time I had no suspicion of sexual misuses). He was very reserved which he had never been before all that and avoided an agreed meeting again. Only many years later did I see his full name on a list of sexually abused students circulated on the Internet.)

17/8/92 Monday. Morn. darsan. Gabriel is leaving. I got into 4'th place front row (due to early pre-nagarsankirtan queuing). I gave the place up to Gabriel who was in about 12th place. Instead Sai came directly to wards me & asked "When are you going back?" in a friendly way. He had to repeat it , as I didn't hear the first time due to "Interview" shouts behind me. I said "The 21st Swami" and He nodded, perhaps said 'yes' or 'all right'. Gabriel did not get his rosary blessed - or any other acknowledgement except proximity.

(Comment. Gabriel was a Francophone Belgian professor, visiting the ashram with a lady. They were told by a young man that Sai Baba was a homosexual abuser. He had convinced them, but I was completely unwilling to consider it and claimed that it was virtually certain that he was not anything of the kind! Evidently they were well-informed. Mea culpa in spades, doubled!)

Swedish group of 5 persons arrived (Margerete Baeve, Gabriella etc.)
A'noon darsan Sai did not look at me, nor did he come very close to the chairs except for the 3 wheelchairs in front (Indians), for whose occupants he made vibuthi.
Didn't go to bhajan, but had good meditation at home. It was raining when I went out and I found that Narasimhan was back. Met him and went to his rooms, saw his 80th Birthday presentation volume - heard of his op. and his drive with Sai from Whitefield to Puttaparthi early morning etc. also how Baba stroked his right eye due to giddiness & how very virulent infection set in, causing new 'cleansing' operation etc. Spoke to his wife, who said she'd had "a hell of a time" at Brindavan when Swami was absent.

Comment: Some year or so earlier, V.K.Narasimhan was advised by Sai Baba to have a left eye operation. He did and the result was successful. Later Sai Baba told him to have an operation on the other eye, which he did with apparent success. However, VKN decided to return to Prashanthi before the doctors advised it (due to the dust and infection risks there) and his eye soon became inflamed. He went to Sai Baba at darshan, who put vibuthi on it. It swelled further and Sai Baba advised he return to the doctor at Whitefield, sending him in his air-conditioned car. The doctor could not save the eye, so thereafter VKN was blind in the right eye. I met him directly he returned to Prashanthi Nilayam, and he gave me a full account before anyone else there.

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V.K. Narsimahan after eye operation

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