V.K. Narasimhan's doubts about Sai Baba's claims and other disturbing facts
Directly recorded notes from conversation with VKN - 1996
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Narsimhan came to visit my wife and I in our apartment in a North block in Prashanthi and stayed some hours. He again referred to himself sarcastically as 'The Ancient Mariner' - i.e. a person whose story is too shocking for those around him to listen to, but true nonetheless. I wrote down all I recalled directly he had left, since most of what he said made a huge impression on us, even though it did not finally destroy our faith in Sai Baba (we were too deeply involved and self-indoctrinated). The following is the first pages of my notes as scanned below.


NARASIMHAN, ‘The Ancient Mariner’s Tale;. 1/1/1996
1) The 4 persons killed were shot by two policemen in Swami’s bedroom by his own brother Janakiramiah. (My elucidatory comment in 2017 - it has been confirmed by an insider - Eileen Weed - that all residents knew that this could not have happened unless Sai Baba gave the go-ahead. He even reportedly by a journalist that Sai Baba has been heard to say in Telugu ‘Now they are tied up, so kill them’.)
Narasimha himself heard later a very senior (police?) government officer personally congratulating Janakiramiah as having done this because otherwise all sorts of other things could have come out. ‘Dead men tell no tales’ was the motive!! But the two who escaped (V.P. etc.) did tell tales and the press investigated too.
Mr. Suri was found to have over 25 lakhs of rupees in his room. (Note: He was the Convenor of the Sai Baba Books and publications Trust). He claimed that he was only keeping them to give to Swami, which he then did too (as a way out?)- His accounts were found to be virtually non-existent.
The bedroom of Sai was ravaged, with knife cuts in the pillows and eiderdown. N. says the marauders thought that Swami was keeping money there! Narasimhan insisted that Ramu’s version (link) of the murders was wrong as to place. Indulal Shah had arranged for a Delhi accountant to audit the affairs of the Central Trust. But that man was corrupt and he made adjustments to cover up the cuts and kick-backs involved - doubtless fort a cut of his own. When the Central Trust was scrutinised by the press, Swami eventually appointed a new auditor from Andhra Pradesh, a man who is fully above suspicion. This led to the removal of seven persons of influence, such as two members of the Board of Directors of the Central Trust (Nayayana and Joga Rao). However, Swami had previously stated in forceful terms that the Central Trust were impeccable and never wasted a “naia paise”!! This was a huge disappointment to realise!!
Narasimhan was pressured by Swami a number of times to write to the press and support His refutation of mismanagement. Eventually Narasimhan yielded to the extent of writing that one should not lay such emphasis on eventual wrong doings because the main work of Swaim and the Trust was overwhelmingly positive. N. said that Sai had no idea how the press works - that it will just not publish anything it regards as a partisan handout. This proved so, as neither The Indian Express nor The Hindu took N’s article in. His son eventually published it for him in The Tribune (Chandigarth)where he is the Editor!
N. said that the wonder is how he has hung on for 15 years while Swami allows all this to go on without much intervention. He said that consideration to his naive, religious wife was crucial. He said Sai always exaggerates - often to the factor of 10 times (which is the case, provenly, with the 70th Birthday numbers)

V.K.N. on  the murders in 1993 and associated events

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