V.K. Narasimhan told how Sai Baba claimed two school friends died and were reborn as his dogs
Directly recorded notes (September 1990) as always made daily during my visits to the ashrams (see scan below text)

Transcript of talk with V.K. Narasimhan (in black text - comments in violet):
N. asked me if I had a ‘programme’ for my article in Nov. S.S. (i.e. Sanathana Sarathi - Sai's monthly journal) He wants a personal account, (rather that a strictly philosophical; one, I guess)… based on my experiences as in the book. So – in a way – my story gets acceptance for publication in another way directly after I had thought Sai had perhaps vetoed it all!
A’noon darsan Reidun had a look with smile today! As he returned from Poornachandra Aud. Where a play is being rehearsed etc.
I had a treatment by Anita in Thorbjørn and Marianne’s flat.
27/9/90 Darsan Not much darsan.
He came fairly close – opposite chairs. No special points. Tove Hansen came on a visit/ she arrived yesterday & told of the death of the Dane with brain cancer etc.

(Comment: Tove Hansen was a Danish lady resident at the ashrams - one of those who spread the famous disaster predictions widely attributed to Sai Baba for many years. The death of this Danish man has been described by Conny Larsson in his book 'Behind the Mask of the Clown' as follows:-

"I had once heard him declare that a Danish man who was ill with cancer had been cured by him. That had been celebrated by Baba manifesting a gold ring as confirmation. I was shocked to hear that the man died three days later and was to be cremated just below Sai Baba's ashram. I was invited as a Swedish group leader to comfort the baffled Danish group.What remained the day after the man was laid on the wood pyre and cremated was scraped together by the Indians, who made every possible effort to find the gold ring.")

A’noon darsan/bhajan Sai went to Poornachandra. I met Narasimhan and he took me for tea & to his room. – ca 1 ½ hr. talk. Many interesting & new things!! Brief note follows.
We met Swami’s younger brother, to whom he delivered a packet he was carrying (the meeting was as if by sheer chance!) (That was Janakiramiah, who N. told me at the time was under Sai Baba's ban from entering the ashram due to his property specualtion and other matters, from which he had become super rich. This brother was one of the main blackmailers of the police, who were foced to shoot down 4 young men in cold blood so as to cover up the reasons for their intrusions into Sai Baba's rooms).

N. told of Swami at the examination with his two desk companions. They were separated at the exam hall where they had to travel to. Swami told them not to worry about doing the answers. He wrote three answers - in each their handwriting and delivered all three himself. They were the only three who passed. The answers were very similar – but as they sat apart from one another no charge of cheating could be made! The two boys wrote nothing. When Sai left school the two boys died – one went mad first and was put inside, then he died (during some operation perhaps?). The other ran wildly about and fell down a well or suchlike – dying. Sai said that both were reborn as his two pet dogs both of which also eventually died in his lap! (Narasimhan confirmed that Baba said so).

(Comment: This story - in shorter or longer versions - about his to companions , Ramesh and Suresh was told by Sai Baba frequently, also in at least two public discourses. It proves on his own admission that Sathya Sai Baba was a deceiving cheat and did not stick to the truth, which he constantly proclaimed that he always did totally).
The academic Brian Steel has analysed five different version of these events from Sai Baba's various (and varying) discourses.


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