Close servitor, V.K. Narasimhan, did not believe at all that Sai Baba was omniscient or omnipotent

The following text in black is a transcript of my notes from 1996 (see scan below text) - comments in purple
Note: Narasimhan used to refer to himself sarcastically as 'The Ancient Mariner' - i.e. a person whose story is too shocking for those around him to listen to, but true nonetheless.

"The Ancient Mariner" part 3 V.K.N. Thursday 4/1/96.

Transcript: "The Ancient Mariner" Part 3. V.K.N.
Thursday 4/1/96. V.K.N. visited us in our room in the North 1 block. He stayed 3 hours (having driven me from the mandir!!) Comment: He was then blind in one eye, had a piece of sacking hanging over the left-hand driver's window (his blind side) and was frail and somewhat shaky. My wife was a party to the discussion.
He stated that he was "certain that Baba is neither omniscient nor omnipotent" and that he doubts his claims to be an avatar, which, he remarked laughingly, is paradoxical; that he shall be "a doubting Thomas while being the editor of Sanathana Sarathi".
Comment: He had said as much to me occasionally in former years.
He related how Sai had convinced the Indian Airport Authority in 1990 that they would earn Rs. 50 lakhs in the first year of operation. In the event they didn't make even Rs. 50.-!! [Regular flights did not even start up for years. Only the 70th Birthday year did 3 flights a week (Airbus 320) take place! These were not always full either.}
Comment: I later learned that the official involved was Mr. M.K. Kaw - the Indian Civil Aviation Secretary, about whom I learned from Mr. V. Ramnath of the IAS... a fat devotee who used to sit on Sai Baba's lap in interviews, on Sai Baba's own insistence! (See about Mr. Kaw's dealings here - and Ramnath's account here)
N. also told that a U.S. businessman offered (years ago) to Swami to build free of cost a modern garage facility with modern U.S. fuelling Puttaparthi. Baba rejected it. But still the nearest petrol station is 9 miles from Puttaparthi and nothing but incompetant mechanics can be found in the entire area.

N. seems to be devoted to Baba, despite his doubts - and he also made clear that there are many matters on which he suspends judgement nevertheless. He related how at Brindavan some years back Swami had suddenly begun to vomit violently, which went on for 3 days and after which Swami gradually recovered his strength. Later on, Baba made known that it was a series of heart attacks he had taken on in lieu of a mother of six children somewhere in Uttar Pradesh who had cried out to him because there was no one else to care for the children!

N. said that, when P.K. Suri was found with 25 lakhs of money in his rooms etc., Baba reacted and "tried to do something" but it was a very difficult situation and, despite all, Suri is still in the Pub. Trust, milking off all the donations etc.
(Comment: I was a victim myself see here. But Suri got his comeuppance, as VKN told me with some relish later in 1998, Sai Baba ignored him pointedly after very strict criticisms of him, though he remained sitting on the veranda)
N. claims to suffer from 'epistophobia' - the fear of writing letters'. [The cure, I suggest, is write 100 lines daily "I prefer writing letters to doing lines"]
N. said the Central Trust is in 'the hands of Swami Himself, within an advisory board of 7 members including Srinivasa, Prasad, Joga Rao, Janakiramiah etc.

Swami himself asked for the announcement in Sanathana explaining donations for the Water Project (Therefore) Doubtless he also did so with the Speciality Hosp. some years ago.


VKN on Sathya Sai airport scam


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