Sai Baba exaggeration of numbers of visitors to his 70th birthday as thre million etc. See transcript below scan
Rita and Robert Bruce - my notes

A lady at darhsan had a small lapdog with her. Sai called her into the interview and she had her dog along. She said to Swami (whether he was going to get rid of his dogs, the Alsatian, Doberman & Boxer. Sai said he had no dogs. Yes, she said, in the Public Relations and Accommodation offices! Swami laughed.
When he was asked why the staff apartments at the super-speciality hospital had stood empty for so long - 2-3 years - before being taken into use now, Sai said that it was to give the snakes and scorpions time to vacate the area. They leave of their own accord gradually - which is better than killing them off.
Comment: Sathya Sai Baba always has an answer - an excuse - and some are more credible than others! This was another example of wastefulness in his affairs... apart from the white elephant Sathya Sai Airport, for which the cost was borne by the Indian taxpayers.

Swami told Robert [[i.e. Robert Bruce]] that there had been 3 million at the B'day!! In interview after the event!!

He had previously said that there'd be 7,000 Japanese (but there were 75!). Also he had told N.Z. leaders he wanted 5,000 Seva Dals for the B'day. But the U.S. contingent were largest - 750 in all.

Comment: The Public relations office published the true figures about foreign visitors as I noted at the time. In toto there were 18,000 from abroad, including very many Indian immigrants from various countries.

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