Recorded talk with V. Ramnath about an innocent victim after the Sai Baba bedroom murders
See scan from which the transcript was made below the text

Note: Mrs. Dolly Saxena was (until at least 2002) an Excise and Customs official in Delhi. The following notes record a discussion I had just had with IAS official V. Ramnath and represent his statements, not mine as such.

Dolly Saxena's son had Vijay Prabhu as a sponsor guardian at the S.S- school. After the incidents an IPG (Inspector General of Police) visited her as if in a social call and put many questions to her which concerned her relations etc. to V. Prabhu. Her son was not victimized by the police, but by an ashram faction (which) also got him imprisoned and 'expelled'. Her son went into deep depression and began to fail at school (in Delhi) - Now he is in the U.S.

Ashramites in three cliques are fairly virtuous (compared to ordinary people) but, in the rat-race to Swami's feet, become very vicious - like piranahas - who are very jealous of those who get interviews or have an inheritance or get grace. They backbite and defame the fortunate.


Baba told Vijay Prabhu that, as long as the world does not change outside the ashram, nothing will change inside either. Also that there was nothing He could do Himself!
V.P. seems to have been used as a broom to sweep some dirt from the ashram - while more don't come in to take his place.

V.P.'s life has been virtually ruined.


Mr. V. Ramnath of the IAS had told me of many swindles in India (see index of my scanned notes with him), since he was a Vigilance Officer whose work was to prepare exposure of such in the various businesses he investigated. He had a sharp eye for the false dealings of the Sathya Sai Organization, though he was a convinced devotee of Sai Baba nonetheless. His view was that Sai Baba had no way of stopping crime and corruption (strange when Sai Baba is supposed to be omnipotent etc., but devotees live easily with these contradictions, experience constantly proves). He was in no doubt that this was rife in the Indian Sai Organization, not least since he knew a ranking Customs and Duty Officer in Delhi (where he also had an apartment) who had used her power to get access to certain Sathya Sai Central Trust accounts and found many instances of corruption and money-laundering. This lady, Mrs. Dolly Saxena, refused to reveal anything to the BBC. She had been threatened by CID officers over a period when the murders of 1993 had taken place, because her son - a Sai college student - had unfortunately been under the care of Vijay Prabhu, who was the reputed 'mastermind' of the intrusion into the mandir and the killings there. Her son had been thrown in prison and suffered traumas and had to be sent to the USA to continue his studies.

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