The first edition of my book, 'The Source of Dream' (later entitled 'Source of the Dream') was printed at Brindavan Printers in Bangalore, where the Sanathana Sarathi artwork was also printed at that time. It was issued in 1,000 copies, of which 900 were donated to the Sathya Sai Book and Publications Trust, where it was sold [mostly under the counter by the Convener, P. K. Suri's (reserved mostly for his cronies and residents) at the rate of Rs. 50/- per copy. Since Indian journalists found - during their investigations into the ashram and it finances after the murders episode - that Mr. Suri had kept no accounts but had pocketed the money himself (piles of unaccounted cash being found in his room during the post-murder investigations at the ashram). That edition suffered from incompetant technical staff (computer workers and printers), the errors only being corrected in the 1998 Samuel Weiser edition.

Here are the front and rear covers of the Portuguese edition of my book from 2002, for which Samuel Weiser Inc. owns the world rights (while I retain the copyright). Incidentally, I received no cash payment at all for this Portuguese edition, and the promise of 10% royalties (see below), has never been kept (the publisher being unaccountable in India), as is also the case with the Sai Towers publications (in at least two printings) of the book in English, for which I received a proportion of the US $50.- for which sum they sold it to Mr. Padmanabhan.

Robert Priddy was asked for a contribution to this symposium
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