Directly recorded notes October 1988 [by Robert Priddy]

Transcript in black text and comments in violet text:-

The first reference is to a former Norwegian follower of Sai Baba, who investigated the sexual abuse allegations while on her last visit in 2000 and met persons who confirmed her worst suspicions.
Anne-Irene spoke to Mrs Ratan Lal today. Heard that she had followed a lady guru firstly - a very non-assuming, pure lady - but who would not accept Baba as avatar when Mrs.Lal was brought into his sphere. She was made to work very hard by Swami - making coffee from bean to cup for delivery at 5 a.m. sharp every morning. Cooking several courses for His meals, tho' he never took from more than one dish. When she brought only one, he was angry with her! He was often angry if she did not do tasks 100%. She started a press for Sai at Brindavan which eventually became Sai Book & Pub. Trust. She had to go shopping for foodstuffs in B'lore daily, also for paper etc. for press, plus tasks Baba gave her on top - buying cases of saris etc.etc. She held that Baba gradually makes us give up all kinds of "spiritual" achievement - like meditating, pujas, yoga etc. and stick to the basics instead - this reduces the ego.

(Comment: Sounds more like male chauvinism in getting free service from a virtual slave than inspiring a person towards self-realization, truth, consciousness etc. One sees that Sathya Sai Baba never lifts a finger for himself, nor has he done so since he was able to command people around in youth. Yet he claims he never accepts anything from anyone... that is known as sheer hypocrisy.)
Mrs. R. Lal's closeness to Swami made her many, many jealous enemies. Swami made it worse yet - telling her off in public time and again, invariably for things she didn't even do or say!
(Comment: To quote Mr. V. Ramnath of the Indian Administrative Service Prashanthi Nilayam is "a snake pit of envy", which concurs with the view of one of the oldest followers, Smt. Vijayamma in her book 'Refuge other than you I have none' who also gives many examples of Sathya Sai Baba's anger when not served perfectly, and his many and unreasonable demands and behaviour towards those he had most under his thumb.)
Wrote to Ragnhild. Went to Sai Renaissance for a late meal (8 p.m.). Saw a snake - maybe cobra - drinking from a puddle in the dark

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