My book 'The End of the Dream' (December, 2004, Podnadur, India) is the sequel to my book 'Source of the Dream'. The latter will is posted in many different pages on this website with extensive comments from my present point of view, demonstrating how and in what I was deceived and made mistaken (but well-intentioned) interpretations favouring Sathya Sai Baba and various of his main claims.

Sathya Sai Baba said in my last private interview with him (in 1994 at Trayee Brindavan), "Write, write!" and "What you are doing is right!". Ironically enough, he did not specify what to write! That is clearly up to me, and the truth is my guiding star rather than whatever Sai Baba might not like to hear of it. Since I learned shocking facts which eventually led to the complete reversal of my faith in Sathya Sai Baba as a truthful or decent person, I am willing to take an oath that all I state in 'The End of the Dream' and have written thereafter is as accurate and true as I can express it clearly. I carefully recorded daily events, discussions and lectures while I was at the ashrams (altogether about 13 full months of diary entries). Scans of these are available on this website, as well as contents of some of the numerous letters I received from V.K. Narasimhan between my visits.

Not least due to my own many written contributions praising Sai Baba, my conscience insisted that I must perform the heavy but important public duty of correcting the overblown, propagandistic image of Sai Baba that had taken me in and which is still sustained by his many followers. These are invariably based on his own exaggerations and untruthful claims. Many devotees actually regard everything that happens as being 'all a part of the avatar's plan', and some claim that his critics are 'his instruments' for weeding out the unworthy who do not have enough faith! That is how far faith can create self-deception and distort all sense and reason and underpins monolithic churches, guru cults and other authoritarian or totalitarian institutions. Sai Baba says everything that happens is a gift from God, so followers must make of that any sense they can! This means that any such god must all too often be totally merciless, for a start.

Read how I, Robert Priddy, progressed from 'Source of the Dream' to 'End of the Dream'

Cover of dissident Priddy's book
Cover of Priddy's book as submitted to the publisher, Basava Premanand, (and the cover above as printed for a special limited edition of this volume)

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