Directly recorded notes from conversations with Robert and Rita Bruce - 30/12/1995

TRANSCRIPT of scan seen below:

The theory of Rita Bruce is that Sai will do anything to attract our attention to Him, just as he will go to any lengths to get us to turn towards Him (God).
Comment: Rita Bruce was an extreme blind believer, as the above confirms, and could not imagine that Sai Baba's aim was megalomaniac, to put himself above all people and delude people. To cover up his deceptions, he would however go to any lengths and do anything to confuse people and keep them guessing about everything.
Jack Shemesh (the author of two convoluted books of pseudo-In dian blatently liyteral mix-ups) has built an apartment block (apartment from $14,000.- to $18,000.-) and Sai Himself gave the go-ahead, and anyone who wants to buy one has to get Swami to bless it during darsan. Sai did bless one lady's apartment key in public.

An engineer/architect Robert knows told that land in Puttaparthi rose in price from 50 to 150 lakhs almost overnight. When he came back some years later he saw that many apartments are built on the flood plain. One bad year and they'll all be underwater!
The huge inflation in property prices in P'parthi and B'lore suggests a crash in property values any time. If Sai leaves Parthi. prices will crash here too

Comment: The obvious was stated, and now that Sai Baba is dead and Puttaparthi is as if deserted, one can't find a buyer for any apartments at any price remotely near what was paid.

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