Sai Baba VIP, Thorbjörn Meyer Interview

transcribed word for word in Danish from TV-Avisen, the Danish prime news show on January 31st at apx. 9:05PM.
Transcribed and translated into english by Ole Alstrup. This interview was aired directly in the prime news as the first news immediately following the documentary was first shown on Danish Television.


Int: Hello, good evening to you Thorbjörn Meyer, you are the leader of the Sai Baba movement in Europe and daily a lecturer at the Copenhagen Business School, what do you have to say to these serious accusations against Sai Baba?

TM: I say they are untrue..that through the many years... some and 20 years where I have been visiting the place, teached at his university, spoken with the young people down there - and after such accusations - for the last 3 years have started to appear on the internet - it is not something NEW, it has been there for the last 3 years - or thereabout - on the internet from a small group of people, so I have also asked, eh, some of the young people down there and they SHAKE their heads and say, it is not true, it does not happen.

Int: But the programme that has been shown on DR1 - that is - the documentary programme that has just run and from which we have shown an excerpt - there are 3 men who explain in details about sexual molestations that THEY have been subjected to.

TM: Well, you see - there are 3 men - there are two young americans and then there is an elderly swede who explain about it and - eh - what I know - that is - I know the swede and I can say that I would not use him as a witness of truth for ANYTHING - He published a book in 1999 which was called "God's Little Clown" which was a... eh... a praise of Sai Baba and his teachings and - and - and suddenly he is saying that through many years he has been abused... eh... eh... I, I dont understand it and I - I am deeply wondering about..

Int:..But these are serious charges, dont you have some interest that this was INVESTIGATED so that one could sort of find find out - here are someone that claims that there are some molestations, let us investigate these cases?

TM: Yes, well but... eh... Sai Baba has HIMSELF been asked, ie. the american leader - several times he has brought it up, you see? Baba has commented it in some discourses - for myself I have spoken with... eh... I know lots of people, professors and teachers at his university and schools, plenty of the young people whom I have met personally and... but I have also INVESTIGATED this - I must refute this as being ABSOLUTELY taken from the clouds..

Int: But have you investigated the ACTUAL cases which are reported in the documentary?

TM: But I..

Int: One does not investigate by asking all those who claim they have NOT been subjected to sexual molestations or those who are believed to have done it, should'nt one investigate the actual cases - there are 20 cases filed in India - having a slower judicial system than ours - dont you have an interest that those cases are investigated?

TM: Yes, but well - those 3 people that this socalled documentary presents, right, eh, I have watched the programme about an hour ago... eh, I do not know the two americans - I know the swede and I can - I can say that I would not trust what he is SAYING... eh... he is not the right right person to state these things which he is stating and so... so I would say that with regards to the two americans, I..I dont know them but I could... one of them is anonymous, he is somewhat difficult to get in touch with.

Int: But it does not depend on whom you know... it must surely depend on that you are a movement who says: here are some attacks, some accusations, those we would like to have investigated and be straight about..

TM: But we want to... (almost indistinct), of course we would like that, but I suppose I could also make contact with the young american who has come forward with his name and I do KNOW that the organisation in the US have done so.

Int: But it seems like you are actually quite relaxed, but it is 20 SERIOUS eh charges/accusations about...

TM: But that - tsk - I do not have any knowledge about it, there is nothing in the show, it is MENTIONED that the CBI police in Indian APPARENTLY should have filed 20 charges...

Int: Yes, but it is mentioned in the programme...

TM: Yes I know that is mentioned, I dont know ANYTHING about it...

Int: No..

TM: ...and I doubt that it is true

Int: But, but you surely cannot, eh, eh, be a leader of a movement and then say; all of that I dont know about, I will not concern myself with that. Tthis is very serious, it is also something which the danish church minister says could affect your status in Denmark if these accusations are true...

TM: But Reimar, (the first name of reporter interviewing) I cannot investigate something I dont KNOW about, do you want me to write a letter to the, eh, CBI police in India and ask; Is it true that you have 20, eh, charges against Sai Baba, I have - I have asked the Indian organisation... I do not have know anything about that there should be 20 charges against Sai Baba with the Indian CBI police.

Int: But you are willing - you said before that you thought that one could investigate these things all the way.

TM. Well, I think it is taken from the skies and I do not feel in any way, eh, TOUCHED by the church minister saying that she will take our recognition from us - it is rumours - it is untrustworthy allegations, it is undocumented STORIES!

Int: So when you leave this studio, you do not do anything about this goes know what you are supposed to know... THE END... is that it?

TM: But it is not something... it... eh... it has to SENSATIONALIZED...

Int: No

TM:..there is nothing new in this, this, these things have been...

Int: but surely it can be true, even if it is not new?

TM: But it has been on the Internet for, for, for, for - for 2-3 years!

Int: So nothing further happens in this case as far as the leadership in Europe is concerned? That is a fair conclusion..

TM: Each year there are millions of people visiting Sai Baba - and now there are some 6-7 persons who for the last 2-3 years have AMUSED themselves by writing and writing and writing about the same stuff on the internet, WHY is a trial in court not made - WHY is it not brought forward... eh... it... you cannot say that these are anything else than some undocumented ACCUSATIONS and and if I were to run after... all great people throughout history has been accused for this and that -I have investigated what is necessary for me to investigate and I can reject it as PURE conjection, and... eh... danes can... eh... in peace and safety go down and visit Sai Baba, if they want to and feel a need for that.

TM: Thank you for that. Thank you.

TM: "nervously coughing.."

Thorbjørn Meyer interviewed on TV (Thursday Febuary 7, 2002. 17.54) by Ole Alstrup

Thorbjørn Meyer was on the TV-news after the documentary on Wednesday (30th January 2002). The studio interviewer, Reimer Bo, pat a number of questions which Meyer tried persistently to avoid. A shame that Reimer Bo was not better acquaited with the matter. It would have been easy to trap Meyer as to his statements.

Meyer stated that he had investigated all that it was necessary for him to investigate. That it was all undocumented stories. Goodness knows what Meyer means by that. It all gets lost in mental fogginess. What about the witness statements from numerous victims in several countries who have reported to their authorities? Is that undocumented? It is over a year since information came out at home here in BT {a national newspaper}. Did Meyer inconvenience himself into looking more closely at that? He rejected it straight away in BT. Even then, BT contained several declarations by witnesses. One realises that Thorbjørn Meyer DOES NOT WANT to look into these matters. But the FBI, CBI and authorities and governments in several other countries do.

Meyer has investigated what it was necessary for him to investigate. As to his assertion that he has spoken with pupils and teachers in Puttaparthi, I do not believe he has ever brought the matter up as he claims. He is after all a leader of the Sathya Sai Baba Organisation. What would people think if he brought that up?

Concerning the CBI's complaint to the Indian police, Meyer said that he knew nothing of any case with the CBI. He asked Reimer Bo sarcastically "Reimer, what do you want me to do, should I write to the Indian police and ask them?" No, dear Mr. Meyer, that is quite unnecessary. If you had at least inconvenienced yourself into searching on the Internet, you would know that the CBI complaint of last year has been publicly available for more than six months on several exposé websites.

Meyer likewise claimed that the exposure is based on 6-7 persons who ahve been having fun on the internet during the past 3 years. A direct lie which he cannot prove. There are hundred of people involved throughout the world. AND THAT CAN BE PROVED. It is evident that Meyer either does not know what he is talking about or is consciously is trying to to avoid confronting these things.

The fact is that Meyer does not wish any debate whatever concerning these matters. Serguei Badaev, the leader of the Moscow Centre and the National Coordinator for SSEHV in Russia was last year forced out of the Russian organisation and meyer was himself directly involved in the decision to remove Badaev. I have personally contacted Badaev and his story is confirmed.

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