Interview by the BBC in the one-hour docuentary 'THE SECRET SWAMI'

Tanya Datta:
But even if it was proven to you that Sai Baba was a paedophile and a serial sex abuser, you¹re saying it wouldn't change the fact that he is your guru. (Tigrett laughs at this rather wildly, see picture on left)

Isaac Tigrett: Absolutely not. Absolutely not. He could go out and murder someone tomorrow, as I said, it's not going to change my evolution, it's not going to change the good things that have come out of my relationship down there.
Tanya Datta: Does that mean that some part of you believes there could be some truth to the rumours?
Isaac Tigrett:Oh, absolutely I believe there is truth to the rumours.
Tanya Datta: You believe there is truth to the rumours?
Isaac Tigrett: Sure, there probably is, probably is.
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TRANSCRIPT - part of BBC interview (from 'The Secret Swami'):-

Tanya Datta:
"This man was part of the hippie generation. But Isaac Tigrett also saw the age as a wonderful business opportunity. He's one of the founders of the world famous Hard Rock Café. He mixed burgers and beer with rock memorabilia to create a global phenomenon and a massive personal fortune."

Isaac Tigrett:
"India's so unique, it's so incredible. If there's a spiritual train then India is the engine. All this mysticism, all the strangeness that surrounds Sai Baba and all that stuff, this is the perfect home for it."

Isaac Tigrett: "I said look I need to start a search, I need to go and look for what I think is a master, a guru, a spiritual leader, a teacher, something because of the hunger inside of me. I searched all over India, I went to ever Ashram, every holy place, I heard about this obscure little guru, decided to go down there and there was a festival day, there was a huge crowd and he parted the crowd and came right over to me, I was standing at the back and he said; you've come at last, I've been waiting for you. So, he turned right here. He didn't speak to me again for fifteen years."

In his famous first meeting with Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa told him: 'You have come at last! I have been waiting for you!' and went on to speak of their future association. This is a famous 'guru-bait', fishing for devotees. It is used many other Indian Swamis and gurus towards newcomers. (eg. Swami Shyam of Kullu). Sai Baba has said the same to various first-time visitors... including Thorbjørn Meyer (who told me so himsel) .He was flattered this way, duped into believing it was Sai baba's omniscient foreknowledge . To say this to visitors - especially those whose profession or other prospects from registered facts when they arrive - may well in time turn out to be profitable in the form of donations etc. This would also explain why there was zero follow-up for Tigrett from Sai for 15 years... Sai Baba no doubt forgot it until he recognized Tigrett after many visits and learned how well he was doing. Tigrett had reportedly focused all his energies, prayers, hopes and goals on Sai Baba for all those years...

Tanya Datta: Isaac Tigrett did some good works of his own. By the time Sai Baba spoke to him again he'd become an extremely rich man. When the guru told him of his dream for an ultra modern hospital in the heart of Andhra Pradesh, Tigrett donated tens of millions of dollars. Prince Charles's architect Keith Critchlow, who's also a Sai Baba devotee, was hired to design it. It was opened in nineteen ninety-one, and specialized in hi-tech heart and kidney surgery ­ free of charge. Tigrett is convinced that the hospital, built on blood, sweat and burgers was worthy of his generosity. And certainly his guru was grateful.
Tanya Datta:
Can you tell me how much you donated to the hospital?
Isaac Tigrett: Err, well I, I don't really want to say the exact amount but I'll tell you in India it goes a long way. A long, long way.
Tanya Datta: I've heard it was over a hundred million dollars.
Isaac Tigrett: No, nothing close to that. Enough to build a five hundred room hospital and equip it and get it started.

Comment on Tigrett's donation:
There were many rumours in the Sai movement at tghe time Tigrett donated the hospital and equipment that he gave over $100 million. However, David Bailey, a very close follower of Sai Baba (until he finally blew the whistle) who knew all the Sai 'veranda VIPs including Tigrett was told by him that he gave $49 million dollars, of which $15 million simply disappeared. (Listen to the phone call where he details this). Tigrett wrote an article - published in the UK Sai magazine - where he told how Sai Baba had put him in sole charge of the hospital equipping project, and how he was frozen out by officials at the ashram and the Sathya Sai Central Trust . He claimed that the great problems he had doing many things were due to the huge Indian egos he encountered. Interestingly, in the reprinted editions of Sathya Sai Speaks, most of Sai Baba's praise for Tigrrett and other details of his contribution were edited out of the discourses!

Tigrett's experiences as well as those of long-term Sai followers people such as Krystal, the Druckers, Michael Goldstein, Datuk Jegathesan, Indulal Shah, Paul William Roberts, and many more confirmed Baba-addicts share the same views - is that Sai Baba can rightfully abuse people sexually, preside over their murders, and whatever else he may decide because he is God! Add to this the immoral and near imbecilic rider "because he does everything only for the good of those involved". These people all surely realize that Sai is a sexual abuser and that he cannot be cleared of being an accomplice to murder, but it does not affect their faith in him. So the long-term follower is like a confirmed and self-declared alcoholic... can't stop, can't change, has to break more and more rules so as to keep going. There is an inevitability to their lives due to having become so thoroughly deceived time and again - not least by the occasional siddhi, possibly - so completely absorbed in the Sai connection in all aspects of their lives, that there is no way out. One would be sorry for them... but they knowingly turn their backs on conscience and condone cover up, so helplessly deluded they have gradually become. Without implying the degree of immorality as shown by Hitler, we are nevertheless reminded of his last days as an ultimate example of the pressure of one's past determining one's life fate... he had no other way out than the bunker... it is inconceivable that he could have surrendered or negotiated a truce, of course, for his entire adult life took another direction and there was no turning back. This is the mental life condition to which Tigrett virtually admits.

THE TIGRETT STORY - CASE STUDY: Isaac Tigrett's account of his relation to Sathya Sai Baba and his alleged experiences were first published in a book by R. Lowenberg of South Africa... in either 'The Heart of Sai' or 'The Grace of Sai', two inaccurate and often highly fanciful hagiographies which uncritically reproduce stories from devotees, including known frauds rejected by the Sai authorities (Ken's story etc., and not Tigrett's experiences of 'miracles' he attributed to Sathya Sai Baba. Maybe Tigrett did experience (i.e. most likely only subjectively) being saved miraculously and so on. However, one must view these accounts in the context of his more and more lunatic fringe activities and announcements. Not least of these is his absurd promotions of the crystal skull mythology (long since exploded by a Discovery TV programme research unit as being created by modern technological means). Click to see Tigrett and the fabulous hoax, his crystal skull from Sai Baba

No one can cogently deny that very little is known by the use of rigorous methods of investigation about the causes of most paranormal experiences, including so-called 'Sai leelas'.. All the reported ''leelas' or alleged 'miracles attributed to Sai Baba have long been recorded in diverse cultures as far back as history goes... and though they differ in detail, they all fall into groups with common features. For example, healing is reported in countless connections, attributed to many different persons, deities, idols etc. Likewise 'spontaneous' manifestations, coincidences, synchronicity, thought transferences, bilocation... In no case could the causal factors be traced or adequately explained, though new research into sleep deprivation, hypnagogic conditions and especially 'sleep paralysis' - along with neurological discoveries, have begun to elucidate howe brain functions can produce many perceptiuons which are experienced as objective but actually are no more than subjective imaginings or dream contents.

Add to this the fact that all these experiences are subjective... that is, one person has the experience while others nearby invariably do not. When they seem to be commonly experienced, it is surely often due to a high degree of suggestion, expectation, 'group effect' or even 'mass hypnosis' and many other predispositional factors. Sai devotees often describe seeing him take on different forms, while others present at the same time do not see any difference. This suggest that the phenomenon may well be akin to deep hypnosis, for who has not seen the shows of Paul McKenna, Derren Brown or others where people evidently are convinced of the most unlikely and amusing things... fully believing they see and touch and taste something totally different to what all others can observe them doing.

Tigrett's experiences: He has made no secret that he was a major drinker and user of psychedelic substances and other drugs from the 1960s onwards. He also told how he was strongly 'under the influence' of drink when he drove off a cliff and felt that Sai Baba held around him and saved his life. This vision of Sai Baba saving him sounds most remarkable. However, one cannot leap to conclusions about the cause of this. Apart from being drunk (when consciousness grip on reality is tenuous and hallucination is not far away), he may also have taken drugs... or may have been subject to the common phenomenon among drug-takers of 'flashback', which occurs especially under extreme stress (which he was under when his car took off, we can guess?). Add to the fact that he had been concentrating on the Sai form and meditating etc. etc. for years before that (all his cafés already had a full-length photo of Sai Baba in the entrance) - and many of the prerequisites for such an experience to be generated by the subconscious mind are present.

There are practically no experiences described in spiritual literature that are not also described in the literature of psychedelic agents. The experience of LSD 25 is known to open some takers to amazing experiences, both extremely hallucinatory and yet also extremely penetrating non-hallucinatory awareness. They can give a mind-reading facility, complete freedom from mind-created illusions or stresses and other indescribable aspects of the cosmos in which we live. Many describe the experience as 'divine', since the experience matches in all respects those described by mytics though the ages. Some such psycho-pharmacological agents do often - but far from always - cause 'total' hallucinations - for example, seeing everything changed into shapes and forms entirely foreign to one's normal perceptions and even one's own identity apparently changed. However, similar hallucinations occur in many other ways ...a very high temperature can transform the perceived world beyond normal recognition. There are diverse practices that cause 'transcendental states' from extreme fasting (esp. when the first nourishment is taken afterwards); and extreme bleeding, as practiced in some cultures as part of religious festivals - in Italy, the Philippines. Even a hard fall onto the coccyx of the spine is reported as having brought on so-called 'complete kundalini rising' (for want of a better term). Many of these conditions are also experienced when parts of the brain are damaged blocked, or otherwise functioning differently to the average brain - as neurological research is showing in increasingly convincing detail.


Tigrett's ludicrous damage-limitation fantasies about Sai Baba's continued activities after death
Isaac Tigrett: a self-important self-appointed Sai Baba spokesman and right hand executive who has lost all credibility with sane citizens (including many badly deceived but otherwise harmless devotees).

Isaac Tigrett fantasy e-mail

So 'Swami's subtle body' was in Kodaikanal? That's peculiar for a start. But the subtle body gave two discourses! Who heard them... Tigrett fudges his statement to make it appear to the unperceptive that 150 people witnessed this. But guess what, since no one other has reported this, we much conclude it was to none other than Mr. Isaac WOW Tigrett alone! However, films (of the subtle body??) and "many" discourses will be released soon! Most likely, these 'discourses' will be authored by Tigrett himself while believing that he is in touch with the mind of the self-proclaimed Creator of the Universe!

Tigrett's much-touted major ashram and world-healing project - the Mystic Inn of the Seventh Ray, which was to be built in Coorg - has failed to materialise (though initiated and guaranteed by Sai Baba, according to Tigrett). To keep up the pretense of his key role as the avatar's spokesman and messenger, he seems to have been driven to new heights of pie in the sky so as to keep his own followers interested and excite all those deluded followers who want desperately to believe that Sai Baba is still involved in the world... resurrected in a talking (and walking?) 'subtle body'.. like a living doll. What a cosmic laughing stock!

It is indicative of Tigrett's attempt to impose his views on others that he tries to shout in text by using ever bigger capital letters for his most excited claims. The claim that Sai Baba live on behind the scenes to complete his former projects until the age of 96 is risible (one of the several well-documented different ages he prophesied he would 'leave the body').

What was Sai Baba supposed to do after completing his declared mission minor attempt to clean up India so as to lead the world, save humanity and more especially all his devotees etc.? Would he then leave to world to its fate forever, massive resource depletion, climate catastrophe and all that would follow? Ask Tigrett who will surely have an answer!
But he would not be able to explain why Sai Baba repeatedly claimed he never suffered any illness due to his "purity, patience and perseverance" but then became dependent on drugs to function, ending with the failure of one major organ after another - heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, liver, and brain.

An ex-devotee and former national leader in the Sathya Sai Organisation wrote to me about it and commented:

That sums us the deranged mentality of Tigrett, the total denial of proven facts, known actions, lies, false predictions galore and diverse and abominable crimes by Sai Baba. Indeed, Tigrett fallaciously and unwittingly believes that we have an organ of intelligence and truth which is NOT the brain, but the heart. However, the heart is nothing but an organ for pumping blood around the body. The commonly abused term 'the heart' refers to our emotions, vague intuitions, personal hopes and beliefs, the capacity for sympathy, preferably believing the best (whatever), though the heart is also considered to be the seat of hate and even evil
. In short, all irrational impulses and ideas are attributed to 'the heart', while the are inseparable from the functions of the brain and cerebral cortex.
Tigrett's life is obviously increasingly lost in dreaming and his 'being' is becoming less and less sane.

Most likely the the official Sathya Sai Organisation and Trust will simply ignore Isaac's declarations, or possible disclaim his pretended role as channeler of Sai Baba's ghost! They have long argued (fallaciously as usual) that Sai Baba - whose registered age at death was 84 by Western reckoning) did actually live until 96 because he reckoned in lunar years, not solar/calendar years! Tigrett has long been a divisive figure in the Sai movement and he still helps ensure that the rapidly diminishing body of remaining devotees will scatter like so many Jesus-believing Christian, each having one of many different beliefs about the 'second coming' of Sathya Sai Baba or the 'third coming' of some fake Sai avatar, such as one of the various 'Prema Sai' incarnations that have already begun to stake their claims. As to the famous "separation of the wheat and the chaff" (also variously "the rams from the sheep"), this was one of Sai Baba's attempts to explain the desertion of many devotees when the facts about his sexual abuses were exposed worldwide on such a scale and so utterly convincingly. Since then the supposed 'wheat' has diminished and become entirely half-baked. The remaining rams are still but herded sheep!

See Isaac Tigrett gets bad press in USA

Two Versions Of Isaac’s Tigrett Dallas Talk, Jan. 2009

Posted on by prashanthi on April 26, 2009

Isaac returned home to the USA  late in 2008. In January 2009, he gave a talk to the Dallas Sai Center. I have received two versions of the talk. They are currently being ”emailed like viruses” around to Sai devotees in every part of the world. Yet Isaac Tigrett has not distributed the original talk to anyone in Prashanthi Nilayam. He has told several people that the talk is to be  edited (against his wishes) then made into a DVD by the Sai Trust. Having read the two versions sent to me several days ago, I am not at all surprised that the talk is being edited.

Here are the two versions of Isaac’s Dallas talk being emailed to Sai Baba Devotees and Sai centres.

Hello and Sai Ram

I`m following and reading your daily beautiful posts and enjoy in pearls of wisdom from our Beloved One. Thank you for your effort and all the joy you shower on me with your posts.
And for the first time I would like to ask you for some info / help, if someone has any information about following;
Some devotees from Croatia received some info that Isaac Tigrett recently held a speech in Dallas Center, where he supposedly, with Swami Blessings, told many surprising facts about future of humanity, as told to him by Swami. Here is part of that information’ s;

“Swami told him to give a talk to the Dallas Sai Center and told him what to say - that soon there would be  millions, possibly billions leaving our planet and that He would take care of His devotees.  Swami wanted him to tell us that the most important thing we can do right now is to think positive thoughts.”

[ Comment by Robert: It was back in 2008 that the megalomaniac Baba told that "soon there would be millions, possibly billions leaving out planet". What a gross blunder of a prediction, but one which the blind-minded Tigrett unadvisedly reported. Devotees have reported that Sai Baba has told them that, when he would 'leave the body', he would take countless devotees with him (as Krishna has once supposedly done). This did not happen, so a typical kind of rationalisation reaction to these failed predictions is: 'Soon is a relative concept. For Swami time is endless and he did not reckon in the small measures that most people do".

”I think what Isaac had said is that Swami would not interfere in the Nature’s way. He was careful in not  quoting Swami’s forecasts

but did indicate that the earth in general is going to go through tremendous turmoil, and things would get worse before the Golden Age arrives in about 24 to 25 years. Also, he appeared to say that Swami is withdrawing slowly from the masses, preparing the World for the next incarnation, Prema Sai. He talked a lot about working with the Western devotee (I forgot her name, sorry) (he must have meant Phyllis Krystal) who is Swami’s ardent devotee, doing lot of meditations and cleansing of the environment in accordance with Swami’s directions. “

”What I got from Tigrett’s talk was that devotees should realize that we are God (not separate from God) and that all the frightening things that are going on in the world right now are just part of the changes that are necessary before we can enter the new age. He pointed out that we should be happy we are in human bodies right now so we can be part of the great events that are taking place. He further talked about how the negative things that seem to be going on in the world now are in reality just illusion, or maya,and we should be putting out positive thoughts and energy so we can help bring in the Golden Age that Swami has talked about.”

This info came from anonymous author, but it spread among devotees in Croatia like a virus. Many of the old aged devotees that I know and care about, are confused should they believe or not to that information they received, especially as there is no official records to be found about such event. (In my job I’m using internet very often, but I couldn`t found any info too). So, what I would kindly like to ask is, can anybody confirm that information? As I follow posts in this group I know that you all are very careful in type of information you provide, and that is why I decided to ask you for the information.

Supposedly, there is also a DVD in preparation, with Isaac speech. If anybody has any information or material, that is reliable, can you send me this material? I would very much like to calm spirits raised among devotees around me. You know how people are eager for the information’ s, especially when they get some small part, and they can not reach for more. And, always, the greatest gift for my heart is to see the tears of happiness in their eyes when I`m able to help them or give them a present from our Beloved One.
Thank you for your help, in advance,
Best regards,


Highlights of a recent talk

Tiit! Sai Ram!
Oh that was the talk of the amazing Mr. Isaac Tigrett! Truth was emanating directly, without right turns. I stayed during his talk, but I had to go just before Questions and Answers. I tell you, Tiit, who throughout his talk could not contain, and the same must have happened to everyone else, it was vibration and fuertísima were as electrifying! He, incidentally, is a soul and be a radiant and gave a very positive energy and love of Swami since it was against us.
Here are some highlights of the talk (as I remember it well extempore):
* When he approached the microphone of the podium, looked around and asked, “Why do all these faces so serious? Why this seriously?” Then he said, “Come, rejoice, are light, Swami is light, bright and be happy.” Then he joked and said that (perhaps alluding to a previous reference) had grown up in the fifth generation of a Baptist congregation Irish (or Scottish?), ¡So knew decidedly more political than anyone else! But basically I said, are happy simply not serious.
* He said that, of course, people wanted to hear about their personal stories and read it. He said, “Nonsense! Nonsense! The only Leela’s is that everyone can witness your own transformation.” He said that as humans we can not see the true form of God through our physical eyes … impossible. Even Arjuna was shock and could not understand how cosmic God gave it. So, Isaac said, the most genuine Leela’s really fully to God is our own self-transformation, because this is what we can grasp in its entirety.
* Talked about how the journey to Swami is not a company in case of a group or organization. It is an individual journey, a personal connection between individual and God. This is something we must never forget. We came to be trapped in such activities and be oriented to the production, which we sometimes forget that all this really has to be oriented to person and that is the Being (the actor and not the action per se) that matters, that is constant and is consistently past, present, future. Swami (God in human form) has not been single and just institutions, hospitals here and there, several projects, Balvikas. Has fallen to vibrate, to shake their energy in a world at a time when only their vibration can save us, that only you can heal your energy to open the doors to the Age of Gold The activities are designed to us to be positive, positive thinking, positivity vibrate, especially when we are getting to the Golden Age
* He shared all his childhood friend, Al Gore, had made contact with him was 20 years (when Al Gore led the research on environmental issues on the biosphere and the environment) and will explain all the environmental predictions was coming to science, on the collapse of the biosphere, destruction of the ozone layer, environmental disasters and so on. Isaac was upset, so the next time you go to see Swami in Parthia, I asked about the truth of all that, in an interview.
Swami then said, “Yes, this is true.” Swami then said that when looking to reach out to control totally the best man when the man is driven by their selfishness and abuse of their environment, then Mother Nature (Earth), through their own means to balance things, barrier with the desires and temptations’ negative ‘… therefore, at this time, which happens only when the man is forced to kneel, he repent and return to God. This will be achieved through the means of nature to balance the vibration of creation.
Then, after listening to Swami and exit the interview, Isaac instead of feeling even more sorry, as expected, was jubilant and ecstatic joy, because he thought, “Wow! How wonderful that I will be here to witness the arrival of the Age of Gold! ” That, basically, when the world is balanced and ‘bar’ with the negative vibrations, Man will no longer have the same places’ outside ‘routine to search for gold, silver, gems and so on. Instead, learn to look at all this wealth ‘inside’ in the ‘Heart’. At that time, the Golden Age, and there will be differences in the perception of God. Lack of importance which people adore things animate or inanimate, because we all love but not a “GOD” who is everywhere, and no longer a distinction between the ways of God. Then he said (and I think that what Swami had said) “God made man and then the Man invented God.”
* He also said that Swami had given instructions to build a huge tank / Library, on land about 800 thousand m2 somewhere in Kerala, India. I think the construction has already begun. This structure will be used as a library for the future and will be open only to the dawn of the Era Gold will contain all the scriptures of all the spiritual traditions of humanity, as to represent an “Appeal of Wealth” to the people this time may turn to find them.
* He also said that on the verandah of the ashram in Prasanthi, following the instructions of Swami, it is the only person who will sit in a chair ( “throne”), as did Swami. He said that Swami had asked him to do, that he could use to Isaac as “bait for the Poor”, an unpleasant task. Because when Isaac is sitting there and looking to all, can feel a lot of aojamiento to him (he said: 90% in the same veranda! Go …) However, when you remove the emotions and feelings of people, Swami can then “work” on them when going against the devout. So Isaac is working on a ‘half time’ as “bait for the Poor.” Oh my God!)
* Isaac also said that when sitting on the “throne” and looks around, finds what is the ultimate paradox. Found that although there are all longing and or/ánd ole God, we are also part of the same measure that we would exit the Garden (of Eden). What he meant is that while I pray to God, we are also a very clear way of Duality spurred by the ego. Because here, we pray to a God who is “outside” of our being. Whereas in fact each one is God and He is in the heart of each. Isaac said, “When I look at all of you today, I see only God. I am honored to be so if either of you speaks to me, because I feel” Oh, God comes to tell me! “And so, again emphasizing the Path Internally, find God in installed on the altar of our hearts within us all and each.
Tiit, these sandwiches are just a dissertation, if I remember anything else, you send it. I hope I have described as accurately as possible what was said, without interpreting anything.
As stated, was a true blessing to have heard the Swami. Refreshing, invigorating and true.
I hope all is well, take care. Sai Ram.

While walking through the ashram, Prashanthi Nilayam, Isaac avoids everyone but his own “elitist circle.” He carries a mobile phone, and talks constantly to someone or perhaps to’ no one,’ when in the crowd. A good ploy to avoid people talking to him. 

From what I understand in the two versions of the talk posted here is that Isaac considers himself as co-helper to Sai Baba.  Perhaps he sees himself as the new Messiah - the harbinger of truths.  I find this hard to believe because Sai Baba never sends anyone to talk on his behalf. He has always said that he can talk to anyone at anytime without the need of a mediator.
 Anyway, the talk is hardly earth shaking. Much of the information given by Isaac is already on the Internet. There are copious websites that speak about prophecy and earth changes to take place in the near future.
I am not too sure that  Issac Tigrett is heading for enlightenment, by the very confusing and  odd comments I read here, I would say he is heading towards self-destruction.

Isaac Tigrett Is In The Building (a blog posted on wordpress, since removed)

Posted by prashanthi on April 25, 2009

A little bit about the mystical, magical, elitist and his colossal ego.

Issac Tigrett came to live in the Abode of Perfect Peace late in 2007. He claims to have been swindled out of all of his money and was broke. Broke? No, I don’t think so. Even now he seems to be able to find money to buy a horse for his daughter who is living in her newly acquired flat in Sai Towers. Another gift from her finacially strapped father.

Isaac is a tall, obese, balding man with an attitude. His scanty hair is dyed jet black, combed back and tied in a small pony tail. Beats me how he manages to get so few hairs into a pony tail, and one wonders for how many more years he is going to manage to retain his old image of a wannabe rock and roll star. Isaac Tigrett seems stuck in the past. This maybe due to him having such a fantastic lifestyle back then. Although he has been given the best chair on the Sai Baba’s veranda, this concerned him greatly at first, as it was on the women’s side. His seat is, never the less, the envy of the veranda men, most of whom sit on the floor and towards the back of the veranda. Issac’s chair is placed directly where Sai Baba accesses his car. No one has darshan like Isaac does. Having said that, he still seems to be hankering over his old life style. I suppose like most of us, we hope living with Sai Baba will bring peace and joy to our troubled lives, but the truth is that living near such a powerful guru is going to be difficult. The guru will be on your case in no time.

For those people who know little or nothing about Isaac Tigrett, he is the first person to have given Sathya Sai Baba an over-sized check to the tune of between 40 million and 54 million US dollars. I am not quite sure how many millions he gave, but it was a large check. Apparently he wrote the check one day, just before darshan. Baba took it in no time, taking the check from him personally as he walked by Isaac later that day. The check was intended for a hospital to serve 500 poor people. I believe the check was given sometime in 1989.

I have no idea why Isaac would give over 40 million dollars for a small hospital to serve the poor. 40 million dollars, in those days would have built 5 -6 hospitals with plenty of change left over. Up until the time of writing the check , Isaac had not received an interview. After his huge donation, he became a firm favourite. He has retained that title ever since.

I have posted a link to the right of this blog which contains the talk he gave to Sai Baba devotees after giving the donation. It is an interesting talk where Isaac explains in full, how he came to meet Sai Baba and his experiences with him. In this talk, he comes over as a really nice guy, a person full of compassion and care for others. Sadly, Isaac Tigrett has changed. He now appears to be a bitter, unsmiling, unfriendly elitist figure with a haunted expression upon his face. The Sai Baba honeymoon period with Isaac seemed to have ceased within months of his arrival. He does not mix well with ordinary Sai devotees anymore. (2009). He is aloof and cold, and avoids former acquaintances. His once “Love All - Serve All” moto used to be in every Hark Rock Cafe, but seems to have crumbled into a sad and broken mantra of the past. If love was ever his victory march, and Sathya Sai Baba his business manager, then Issac must feel let down.

The First Few Months in Puttparthi

When Isaac Tigrett first came to live at Prashanthi Nilayam, he appeared happy enough. He was living outside in Sai Towers Hotel. By all accounts, he was approachable and spoke casually with the devotees. In fact, he seemed happy. He ate his meals with others, often enjoying long conversations with friends who held him in high esteem. He has reportedly said he was happy to have less responsibilities, and he believed he had done the right thing by coming to live in Sai Baba’s Ashram . I was not there at the time so have little info. His first few months in Puttparthi were reported to me by several others who were there.

Commonly reported among Sai Baba followers:

“He had his breakfasts out in the village. I was told he spent much of his time discussing women. He reportedly told the same story every day to other men who joined him at the table. He boasted that Sai Baba had told him ‘no women’ in an interview several years back, yet Isaac found himself, on his return home, to be sleeping with two women at once. I am not sure that ‘at once’ meant just that, or he had two affairs going on concurrently. Isaac married again several years ago. His new wife, whose name was Kate, joined him on a visit to Sai Baba at Brindavan some 3-4 years ago. In an interview with Sai Baba, Isaac introduced his wife, Kate, to Sai Baba who referred to her as Cake. Anyway the marriage didn’t last long and I am not sure that “Cake” - did not end up with more than her full share of Issac’s Cake.

Another interesting tale from Isaac. One morning in Mid. December. 2007, he began yet another conversation with his friends, about a dream that he had the night before. He said that he had dreamed of a clothes line full of washing and behind the line was a naked woman. Isaac is loud , his words are easily overheard in a small restaurant where visitors gather. I am not sure he is altogether aware of how often his bravado is overheard and repeated. ”

Eventually Sai Baba told him to move into the Ashram. He was ’gifted’ an extra apt. next to his old one on the top floor of the South Prashanthi complex. He has, since that time, had it completely refurbished and painted purple in the hallway. It looks like something from a Harry Potter movie. Isaac, himself, is also such a character, he reminds me of one of the Wizards in the Harry Potter books.

Issac’s chair on the ladies side is placed up against the pillar on the veranda. He faces out on to the wheelchair ladies. Due to Isaac’s awkwardness about the placement of his chair, a retired ashram gentleman now sits quietly to the left of him. Sometimes other important guests are given chairs close to Isaac’s. Isaac is no longer the only man seated on the women’s side on a chair. Yet in a recent talk (Jan 2009), he gave to Dallas Sai devotees, he claims he is.

During Isaac’s First Year on the Veranda.

Isaac was pretty punctual in attending darshan during his first year on the veranda. He came almost every morning at around 8.30 and again at around 4.30pm each afternoon. He sat quietly meditating most of the time. Sometimes he appeared to sleep. I am sure he was trying to avoid the ladies seated close by who faced him. Yet Isaac’s attempts at sadhana and sannyasin seemed to fall apart after a while. He couldn’t help himself when it came to a pretty face. It became common knowledge that Isaac’s large cold eyes wandered over the women seated for darshan. He would sit watching several ladies he was attracted to, even while Sai Baba was sitting inside the Mandir. Although Isaac is aging, I suppose he has not lost entirely his attraction to women nor the need to be with one. Yet despite his prominent position on the veranda, he comes across now as a man wearing golden handcuffs. He has been given orders, he states, “that Sai Baba has told him no women”. During February, 2008, he had a crush on a visiting Danish woman whom he made friends with. But to give him his just dues, he ended it very quickly.

Towards the end of 2008, Isaac came later and later to Darshan, often arriving after Sai Baba was already seated in the Mandir. Seems like Issac was growing tired of the constant long waits in the heat where he looked bored and fed up.

Why is Isaac Seated on the Ladies’ side?

Many of the ladies enjoy discussing the reasons why Isaac is seated on the ladies’ side. Some of the reasons given are as follows: Issac Tigrett seems to have difficult relationships with women and therefore he is meeting his demons face on. Others say that he is there to bring up the women’s stuff. Well, I find that one a bit hard to swallow. As mentioned before, he is an aging and fat man with a grumpy personality.

Commonly reported among followers:

” Issac himself believes he is seated there to act as bait for evil. I expect he means he is bait for the evil in women. Perhaps he sees all women as evil? Having married several who have taken him for a ride, perhaps he has a right to such an opinion.”

The aging Isaac does have a problem with some of the younger women living around the ashram. Some claim to have received messages from Sai Baba indicating that Isaac is to marry them or something like that. One lady actually approached Isaac with her Sai message. He replied. “Sorry Maam - I have not received the same message.”

To be fair to the women that claim ”they are receiving messages concerning Tigrett, Sai Baba often uses telepathy to convey his instructions. I am not sure all the women who claim they are hearing something about Tigrett are making it up. Perhaps they are ’receiving’ their messages from the Sai Source itself. If so then Tigrett should be aware that, he too, is having his ego button pressed by Sai Baba. After all Tigrett would be the first to admit that people receive messages from Sai Baba.

He himself reported that when he was staying in a hotel in North India during 1972, a voice came into his consciousness telling him to visit Sai Baba. Isaac had no idea where the message was coming from, he looked behind him and saw a photograph of Sai Baba of whom he had not heard of. He decided to follow the dictates of the ‘received ‘message and went to Brindavan Ashram, where Sai Baba walked up to him and offered him vibuthi and uttered the very same words as he had conveyed in the message, that Tigrett had heard in North India. For more about the ‘messages’ - see Isaac Tigrett’s talk, posted in the links.

He held pujas in his apt. for many months after his arrival. They were later closed to the public because too many women turned up. I believe the pujas are still continued but by invitation only. Isaac being Isaac, felt the general public women were only attending out of curiosity or to make friends with him.

Towards the end of 2008, he became even more aloof. He sold his flashy red sports car which had given him a high profile. Everyone knew where Isaac was due, to the bright red sports car. He now walks though the ashram and takes rickshaws when he needs to go outside. He is seldom seen outside of darshan times. Seems like he has put himself in a corner, not a happy situation for a person who wants to be a true ‘chela’ of his Master.Isaac’s mantra:

I see God in everyone I meet. He even mentions that in his latest talk given in Dallas Texas. Yet Isaac avoids almost everyone living in and around the P.N. Ashram, giving most the cold shoulder

Read also the epic story of Isaac's Tigrett's horse that died at Prahshanti...

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