Here are some mails from and to Thomas Meyer, son of Thorbjørn Meyer, deceased former Central Coordinator for the Sathya Sai Organization in Europe (North) and Head of Sai Education in Europe (EHV). Thomas Meyer is not the son of Marianne Meyer (now head of Sai Education EHV herself). She married widower Thorbjørn Meyer and became mother to a son, the one named here as having been genitally oiled by Sathya Sai Baba.

Thomas Meyer has, since writing these very revealing e-mails has apparently 'returned to the fold' after his father's death and has decided he was 'confused' at the time he contacted me. (I can certainly affirm that. But he seems much more confused now since he wrote to me that "soon everything will be love and light". Some hopes! He is now making his living as a 'healer', which fits well with the delusions he holds again. (Note: I retain the full source data on all the mails posted below).
I sent him a final mail, as follows:-

On Dec 7, 2010, at 5:25 PM, Robert Priddy wrote:

You want to block my mails because you cannot take the truth about Sai Baba. But I am nonetheless making one reply now. You have not had the experience that I have had of the entire Sai Baba delusion, or met the very many people who have seen through him, to whom he has lied and who he has exploited. I know a number of those who were sexually molested. And your brother was sexually molested, whatever he says, because what Sai Baba does with oiling is an illegal act in India. The private parts can only be seen by a doctor with the patients' assent. Sai Baba is no doctor! Your brother has no doubt had to rationalize what happened to him, but there is no proof whatever that the oiling can have had any positive consequences for his understanding.. all that is is indoctrinated denial (with his authoritarian father looking on) and subjective speculation - an attempt to see it in a positive light. He did this as the introductory grooming to very many boys who he later abused most vilely, you can rest assured of that!
It is not unethical to write about public persons' writings and activities when they are dead. If that were so, then most historical writing would be unethical! Had Thorbjørn Meyer kept quite about his beliefs instead of inducting many others - including young boys - into the cult when he KNEW about the allegations from persons. He was caught lying openly on Danish TV news too saying he had contacted victims he never had(!), what about that with all his empty talk about truthfulness, service and love (What a pin everyone found him to be - here and in many other places)! You may have forgotten that I knew your father and, though I did my utmost to understand him when I was a leader in Norway, he was a most unpleasant and pompously ill-advised person without any good ideas or a single critical thought.
I also keep all old mails, so perhaps you would like to see my collection too... I think they would make good reading for the general public now.

You are plainly even more confused now with your fatuous claim "Within the coming two years all will come into the light and the truth..." is it not amazing that... time after time this has been said by Sai followers for 30 years, yet never does anything remotely like it happen. Why? Because Sathya Sai Baba is a a major fraud, whatever else he is. Will he fly through the sky? Lift a range o mountains? Will all the world be Hindu in a few decades? etc. etc. etv. All sheer rubbish. He has done some good things, who hasn't.. but I am not in the business of promoting any more of them than I once did since I have overwhelming evidence that he was a major pedophile and complicit in executions of four of his followers. I know most of the facts from many perons who were in the know. I do nothing for my own publicity... only I have to use my name and stand forth fearlessly or else people wouldnot take account. But they do, I can tll you.. on a very large scale.
If you decide I am not so wrong, after all let me know within a fortnight at the latest.


Begin forwarded message:

Hi Robert and thanks for your mail.... Interesting, but not surpricing.... Now my wife and I are fully focused to our new shop in town as I told you we started in July this year. It has been a greater success than I imagined - and much faster than I thought. Now in December we expand and get doubble space...

I no longer think of Sai Baba - never regret anything because I learned much, but after you and I wrote together and I decided to quit "him" from my life, I only have had more energy, more power and more success..

I never have thinking about him anymore - never feel unsure as before about myself and my life because now only have to feel sure inside and not have to feel "he" has to be asked or give approval.

I consider it to be very happy that I found you by internet and that we had our talks by mails. Thank you for that.

Robert - I am sorry I cannot provide any news because I have absolutely NO contact with my father, Marianne or my brother. Since I gave no attention to my fathers 75 years Birthday I never hear anything - even from my brother. Thats okay. I couldnt say that I miss any of them, because in fact they never been in my life as anything happy or positive.

So for me - Baba is a person in India - but noone I have any connection to. I feel nothing about him and only feel sorry for the ones getting used by him or anyone else that would use people as him.

By luck I turned to the channel where BBC showed that program you wrote about, and my God...... !!!! If not scared to go there before then most ceratinly after... Baba looked spookey.... He looked direct UGLY in those small spots with him... Old - all right, BUT he looks as some one doing black magic... His eyes that I used to see as shining was dark and scary. Uhhh, anyone see that BBC spot must get second thoughts ( I hope). I was not affected by our talks but saw the programme as "neutral", and I just felt disgusted by seeing him. He really looks as someone that mis-used his power and energy and now is left as some hollow shell with dark energy inside.

Take care - now have to make Birthday cake for our daughter that will get 10 years tomorrow.

With Love
Thomas and Aungsumalin Meyer, Odense

From: "Aungsumalin & Thomas Meyer" <>
Date: 22 May 2004 22:09:23 CEST
To: "Robert Priddy" <>
Subject: I am only greatful...

Hi Robert,

and thank you for your kind answers. Dont worry.. "you" did not take over my weekend. For the last 3 days I have been speeding around internet reading - most likely because NOW was the time to get these things out from my system. It matches the pain in stomach and heart beating the last 2 weeks that I didnt quite understood why. But I know my system is hyper sensitive, and it will always "speak" to me when something old or likewise needs to get out and finish.

Since my wife and I in 3 weeks will start our new little business with Thai healing massage and for the first time have a small clinique in town - it seems just correct to get this away from my inside once and for all.

I will try to speak with my brother in a quiet and soft way to see how he is and maybe what happened. He has always spoken to me around things he never speak with our father about. And he knows my way of "seeing" things very well. I hope I can assist him to find his own two feet and start to trust himself rather than SSB. Or even our father. It is "funny". Since I became open around my "power" to see or even at times to give some healing to someone - my father became even more distant in his approach to me. As he said, only one can give healing, and that is Baba. Lucky for me - I had living proof of some healing for my youngest son after he got his hand in a car door at the age of 3. After this I have had the happiness to provide for many people - what some call healing, but what I always tell people - I do not heal you - I only use my energy with love to open for your very own power to heal yourself. Now I only "use this" in the family and then just use my energy when give massage for everyone to benefit. I feel this is the best way to quietly be able to give something of value for people in a way that noone can place me "in the wrong place" ! In my understanding we are all the best and in fact the only healers of our own life, but we can provide love - trust or the feeling of safety for others to open for their own powers inside... ! I write this to tell you that I am not a self-claimed magic person or in my own eyes -mystic healer.
I am "just me", and if I can provide some help for someone by listening - give a good massage or likewise, then I am happy to do.

Take care Robert. With your current mission, and after all that you told me now - I would almost not be surprised if many people would like to stop you. Only do I not hope that anyone would harm you or others that with an honest heart has the courage to stand up and speak open ! I wish you all the luck now and in the future.

With love and respect

Begin forwarded message:
After that "stormy" weekend of yours and my mailing - my in depth going with everything and esp. myself, as I already told you, it was as if a shadow left my life. This is ONE thing, but what I might not have told you was that THAT shadow came into my life more and more short time after Baba came into my life. My mother took her life - then my uncle - then met my ex-wife, and and and. Some remains was still there even though I have been and is VERY happy with Aungsumalin - with whom I have now lived almost 4 years.

Those remains was like some "old energy" that just would NOT leave me, and in an ongoing way kept making me have money problems no matter how much I worked and no matter how much energy I put into changing that.

You know Robert, since that weekend - now almost 2 weeks ago. Everything has changed in a speed never seen before. We got finansing to our shop - even though I thought it was impossible. And we did not "only" get what we as a minimum needed. No, we got almost twice as much. Some old things I had not been able to pay, and was nerveous that they had sent to the lawyer - I found out had NOT gone so far - and I was able to pay this with no extra fees or charges of any kind.

It feels really clear as a NEW and fresh energy of life and trust has arrived in our life, and I feel it has all to do with me having been able to see clear and being able to take 125 % full responsibility of my OWN life, my OWN desicions and stuff. Noone outside me has responsibility of my choises and my life and I need NOT ask "Baba inside myself" this or that. I only need to know with myself that I am honest - that I LIVE and PRACTISE that love I am - and that I always do my best.

Today I suddenly saw the picture of Baba giving Darshan. You know Robert. No matter all the stories about him and abuse or like that. Those darshans is in fact the most terrible way of him making a large and very unkind and un loving difference between people. Imagine how many thousands sitting and having great hopes of a smile - a look or even an interview. And imagine how many left behind never getting this year after year, most likely making them think they are not good enough just as they are..... That and also the idea that making rings and all that stuff. Today I spoke with an old friend, and as we talked about. IF Baba really had been this GREAT love with all those powers. Then he would have gone around his own poor country and made food and water for people as his message and miracles. Not Gold, rings and watches for just a few selected people that came to visit him. I am pretty sure that IF he had done as I say here instead, the whole world would have seen his miracles as REAL and would have listened to his message with deep feeling.
Furthermore his excuses that oiling on the genetial on young men is healing or to awake the Kundalini power, seems just a bit strange, that howcome this never seems to happen to the young women ??? They too have that power - they too are divine - and in fact according to many of his own words, they are in better contact with their inner God than men are. So it seems quite strange that he would only "bless" the young men with this "healing"... !

But I do think - that had he done so to women, they would NOT have shut up as easy as the men did. The men also being quiet for long time due to some feeling of shame and no wish to tell anyone that another man - even Baba - had done so. !

I am quite sure he would never have been able to do as this to women - they would have talked about this and they would have asked many questions... !
So much for "healing" in these ways.
I will run to bed now. Have been going on since before seven morning and have to get up in 5 hours to drive our youngest son in school around 45 min. driving from here.
Take care - and dont forget to send message about that in BBC world as soon as you know.

Love from Aung and Thomas

Begin forwarded message:

Dear Robert, a very long weekend is now ending. I have much work to do in the coming 2-3 weeks, as we will open our new clinic the of June. However, I feel more energy and power now to all the new. It feels as if something "dark" has left my life.

I thank you from all my heart for our long conversations this weekend. Somehow a shadow in my life that has been there since I was 17 - is gone for good. I have no doubt what so ever, that this shadow has been Baba, his energy and his manifest in my life, through my father, my first marriage and my long lasting feelings of "never being good enough". The last of which my wife now has been wonderful to show me that I am... ! But the last piece was still inside me, and somehow I knew that for long time without knowing what it was.

For the first time in my grown up life I actually feel free. And for this I bless you with all my love from my heart. Please understand this exactly the way it is meant. :)

There are so many things I now understand. I cannot -yet - put words to this, but it has to do with the power Baba had inside me. That feeling that he was always there and always being the ultimate judge of me. It was manifested very much through my father - and therefore was something deep deep inside me. A genuine fear of being ME.

You know - it feels as being born again. Just with so much more knowledge and wisdom that is MINE and not Swamis or whatever we used to say or feel. I know now that the good ways my life has turned the past 3 years is truly because of ME and MY choices - not because of SSB or anyone else. That is powerful and good.

I am determined to work with you and the people that works to stop SSB and his rising empire. As sad as it is, I must say that all old SSB people still working for him as my father I consider as criminals. And this, in the true meaning of the word. As I have now seen many papers - documents and so forth by Internet - I can see how many many people has known about the abuses for long time. And this - in my view - is far worse than Baba himself. He may be sort of "excused" due to the fact that he must be either psycotic or partly insane -maybe from too many years with worshippers around him all the time. But the people that covers up for him and still point the way for young people to follow him - they are the true criminals of all this. They KNOW - but still keep quiet, or worse, refuse everything. I saw my fathers mails to you - right ? And you cant tell me that he dont know anything about this. I will never be able to believe he dont know.
And even if he or others dont know then they have the supreme duty to examine and find the truth. And they did not.

I have certain ideas about some actions that could be taken - like maybe contact Danish Government - some Danish reporters and maybe some Thai Reporters. We have to get more more out into the public in a way that could get like UN - UNICEF or likewise to HAVE TO examine more. If many enough puts the pressure on - eventually someone will have to listen. We must discuss this more.

Now time for bed long due. I will return Robert. I feel confident that we can get results - dont ask me why or how, it is just a feeling.

Night for now - and talk to you later.


Begin forwarded message:
Dear Robert, just return from working ( until our business works with profit we work with cleaning. I used to have my own business in that area, but now we work as ordinary employed - is much easier...)

In my eyes it must be the most supreme duty of anyone that finds out what is ongoing by Baba - to work hard with this. Today I startet to think about all the young people - or big children for whom Baba is all their life. They have invested all their trust, energy and faith in him. For all and everyone that has been or - God forbid this - still will be abused - how many will end up in deep crisis and total lack of selfconfidence and self-love. And how many will turn hard and cold because the most intimate of all - the trust and faith in "God" has been betrayed.

This must be considered as a Global problem for all mankind when we try to understand just HOW many people that Baba has had under his influence and then even more by the powerful devotees that control working places and try to build the Sai empire with more and more schools.... !

My God - this is far more serious than the first thoughts......!

Robert, you can count me into the active group of this. I am a father of 5 children and by God - the worst possible in my world has always been the fear that anyone by force would abuse one of them. Maybe even my own brother has been this.

What if I wrote a personal letter to the Danish Primeminister ? I know he is very close to Tony Blair in UK whom I can understand refused to visit the Sai Org. ! I dont know Robert - but by God - we should do all that we can possibly do.... ! The article I read today by that Swedish woman I already made some copies to send to some close friends that is Sai devotees. I am excited to hear their reaction.
Today every single picture and book I had about or by Baba went to the container. Not if I want stuff from there inside my house.

After this I felt a freedom inside that was huge. It is still there and my energy to be of all kinds of help to this work is very large.

I would not be able to just sit down and await what would happen. I put 25 years of trust into Baba - I taught my children about him since they were born. But to understand the things I do now - that is simply to BIG and to serious to do "nothing".!!! Robert, if you wish you can use me as a contact in Denmark if anyone wish to speak .- open up or need to tell their story. I have many years experience in listening and helping people with matters of highly intimate character. I only know that I need to do something to be a part of stopping this madness that strikes out in the most sensitive and intimate area of a human being - and then at children and young people.
Who else do they have if not US that know and have experience of life to assist and be there as guides !

What Baba has done is not only the worst possible - it is even worse because his responsibilty is even greater than anyones due to his position as the Divine incarnation of God. The rest of us now have to carry this responsibility as best as we can do and helop to prevent more abuses to innoncent youngsters. My wife - that for 13 years was teaching children and young people in Thailand supports me very strongly in this.

I hope that you feel I can be of use in all this.


From: Aungsumalin & Thomas Meyer <>
Subject: p.s.
Date: 22 May 2004 18:51:02 CEST
To: Robert Priddy <>

Hi again...
Just a short p.s. to you.
I am greatful all this - our conversations happened now. Not far from today we thought much of going to visit Baba with all our children. To be honest now - that will not happen. And I will also try to speak more to my brother Troels and let him to speak more about what happened back in 93. And was that all ?? Or did more happen that he did not say ? For almost 4 -5 years now he have had great problems with his sexuality and found that he could not have relations with girls. Some thing that never before gave him any problems. I can wonder if more has happened to him - or if our father also has spoken about things in ways that is "not okay"... !

It is not nice thoughts, but I know my father. When HE believe in something and when HE has decided that this is the truth, nobody can question him or go against him. Trust me, I tried some times and always got treatment worse than if I was a criminal. I can only guess what my brother has been exposed to but maybe never spoken about.

Well Robert. My weekend certainly had another contens than I had planned. But I accept this as something of a great present, that all of this came up and was looked at with fresh eyes.

I sent a copy of my mail to you, to an old dear friend to whom I intoduced Baba some years back. She never visited him - and that is only good. Now I have shared with her, what I discovered by myself and by our mails.

Thomas Meyer

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Aungsumalin & Thomas Meyer" <>
Date: 23 May 2004 15:40:43 CEST
To: "Robert Priddy" <>
Subject: WHAT CAN WE DO...................

It is a bit hard that around 25 years of trust has been totally runned down the drains..... But this I am sure you know all about. I just wished to thank you Robert. You and all others that has had the courage to stand up and open this awful bag of dirt.

I just read the story of Britt Marie Andén from Sweden. It creeps up and down my body when I read and now I have printed this out to show my big children. They have growed up with my firm trust in Baba - and I think I have to show them "the worst" so that they inside can and will understand this is not just a handful of angry people that didnt get from SSB what they wanted. This is far more large.

Is it not possible to contact United Nations as a person to press them to investigate this for REAL. What about some of the agencies of USA ? I mean he has done things as such to American Citizens too ?? There must be a way to STOP this - when I imagine how thousands of young people - just in India - their whole world will fall apart... But far more important must be to stop this abuse and maybe even killings of people that wanted to stop it.... !

What is being done at present moment ? I mean like Internationally. ? BBC World is not enough. There must be proper authorites that works Internationally that victims can place their alligations to and ask that this is invbestigated by a neutral group.........

Hmmmm - I can feel I get angry from deep deep inside, to really understand that anyone uses children and young people as such. HOW CAN ANYONE shut up around this ? The old devotees that still follow him even though they MUST KNOW..... ! I wonder what my own father knows ??? How can he NOT know as he is going there 3-4 or more times a year ????

Have to run - have work to do. I just got so so angry and feel we should do something - contact someone - file complaints every where it is possible.-.... !!!

Love to you and your wife

Begin forwarded message:
From: "Aungsumalin & Thomas Meyer" <>

Just got your mail. Happy to hear you are safe :) Just thought about this since what I always found the most scary is people that is so fanatic as I found my father and people around him to be. I dont know - I mean after what you told me now in many relations, one could almost fear that people that still work for all this - will go a long way to stop anyone who tries to end their empire.... !

Let us not hope or imagine that ! And now as you say when BBC has done so much research, it will come into the open in a much larger scale.

You and your family will at all times be welcome to a visit. My wife would be ever so happy to provide a true Thai meal for any guests of the house. To night she feels happy of all that has passed this weekend. She feel free somehow, even though she never met Baba. Would it surprise you when I tell you that my father never showed any interest in meeting her - now for almost 3 years......

Never mind. In fact I almost never had a father so what is the difference ?

I will write our complete adress and contactinfo for you here :

Aungsumalin og Thomas Meyer
Korsløkkevej 53
DK-5220 Odense S.Ø.
Phone : +45 65 90 53 53
Fax: +45 65 90 53 55
webpage still under construction around our little business : - maybe some companies of Norway could find their way to our company - and we could visit you. My wife being from the super warm country would like to see Norway, and for me I used to go there much for skiing as child. Now many years ago, but maybe I can remember... :)

Begin forwarded message:

Stockholm - and had some good talks with him. Shortly after my father that had been close friends with Curth and Sisko suddenly claimed that Curth was no good and only full of big ego. I was somewhat surprised - and unable to find out where Curth was gone except someone said they left to stay in Spain.

Not long time ago I suddenly thought much about Curth. And now I got the idea, do you have any idea how he and his wife is, are they still around or or ?? Maybe you dont know them, but you must know about them since I remember much writing about how Baba opened for Curths energy.... ! I never spoke direct to him around that, only enjoyed to speak with him i general at that time. I recall him as a very kind man - and remind that he was not very impressed with my father. I have no idea what their relations was or why my father suddenly shut him out for. But - that I have seen so so many times, and at that time saw often around Sai devotees that had other opinions than him.

Never mind that. It is in the past, and I suppose this is simply the way of my father as a person - sadly. But I am curois around Curth. Ist he still Sai-devotee - or is he gone and forgotten ?? In internet I can only find links around his old book The Heart of Sai.

And by the way - now I remembered the word I thought about regarding healing and what I have worked with. Your own very good word. Strong intuition ! That is what I feel I have - and try my best to use for the benefit of others whenever I can do.

Take care

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