Professor Anil Kumar Kamaraju (one-time botanist) interpreted Sathya Sai Baba's speeches from Telugu to English for decades and so had close access to him.

The following interview shows informed persons his overwhelming gullibility as a translator and endorser of Sai Baba's impossible claims. One minor example is seen where he translated into English Sai Baba's claim that he regurgitated a three-ton golden lingam from his stomach (1 Mb video clip in wmv)! Kumar's many on-line accounts of Sai Baba personality and 'teachings' were often revealing of Sai Baba's immense sense of self-importance The author Brian Steel Ph.D. has ably demonstrated this here. Kumar's stories were often absurd as to be hilarious (to the non-indoctrinated) and revealed Sai Baba's immense pride, such as when he boasted to Kumar that he had the Prime Minister and the President of India waiting outside his door until he was ready!   It was also the same Anil Kumar who made the announcement from the veranda of the temple (mandir) of Prashanthi Nilayam (October 3rd 2007) that Sai Baba would appear on the face of the moon the same evening and asked people to go to the airport to view this. In the event, Sathya Sai Baba was driven there but the entire sky was overclouded!  

A privileged official in Sathya Sai Baba's ashram and institutions, he took to himself a Finnish mistress while still married to his Indian wife, which Sai Baba himself obviously knew and did not disapprove (despite all his puritanical ranting about sins of the flesh, and inordinate praise of female celibacy - even in marriage!) (See testimony about Kumar's extra-marital affair here) This fact alone detracts greatly from the entire moral standing claimed for himself by the 'embodiment of purity and love' whose strictly puritanical views on sexuality and morality were again shown to be as a Potchemkin illusion. In Bangkok Kumar was asked about  some questions of skeptics and critics by The Nation, re-posted by the propaganda web site Anil Kumar was creeping and servile around Sai Baba but he always behaved like a big shot in the ashram (and he spoke in a most unpleasant trumpeting voice).
Here are some of his rationalizations to try to explain away what otherwise are facts that themselves refute the claims of total selflessness and omniscient omnipotence that Sai Baba always claimed for himself.

The Interview in 2012, Bangkok, Thailand:-

How do you explain the huge amount of cash and jewellery found in Sai Baba's room, which was unearthed after his death, especially as the Sathya Sai Organization does not seem to have a history of soliciting funds? 
You know, [devotees], they're  trying to hand it over to him personally. But he never accepts. They want to give something. He rejects it openly, throws it in their face. But these people don't give up. They send them by courier, they post it. And those that were received by mail were [left] lying there. But he had never looked at them. He never used that money. He never touched those packets. There were many cheques for huge amounts that had not been cashed, some dating back to 1993. Had he been money-minded he would have got them cashed. Many [packets] were not even opened. Because he was not at all bothered. All the money and jewels found in his room have nothing to do with him. 

Comment: It has been widely publicized in the Indian press and Sai Central Trust members that the only person who had access to Sai Baba's rooms for months before his death were Sai Baba himself and his trusted young male consort, Sathyajit. After Sai Baba's death, the special security lock to his Yajur Mandir apartments was designed so that it could only be opened by Sathyajit. He held out for weeks after the funeral negotiating with members of the Trust before he allowed them to get access. Only Sai Baba and Sathyajit knew about all the valuables, currency, gold, silver, huge silver statues of Indian deities and much much more that they had allowed to be stored and hidden about the place. There was a five-by-five meter bed there within which many valuables were concealed, plus wardrobes and cupboards! It is therefore evident that Anil Kumar is either in psychological denial about all the wrong-doings and falsity of Sathya Sai Baba, or knowingly covers up and falsifies facts. It is likely that his main motive was to save face, having been one of those who had so thoroughly tied his prestige and life to his master. That all the money and jewels could have had nothing to do with him is inconceivable. For decades it has been known that he had at least one rooms in the Prashanthi temple which he kept locked and from where he produced many goods such as clothing for ceremonies, plays as well as gifts for his students. Howard Levin reported this in one of his hagiographies about his time around Sai Baba in the early days. This further indicates that he was a secret and habitual hoarder.

Why was all the money not taken away? Why was it left lying in the room? 

Anil Kumar:
Because no one had access to his room. No official could go to his room. They had to wait for him downstairs. He came down and talked to them. No one knew what was lying in the room. It was news even to the officials. I, having had proximity to him for four decades, can categorically say that he never talked about money. Money was never a criterion for him for anything. Money was never a consideration for anybody to come close to him. He attached no value to it. If you take my example, I was an ordinary college lecturer, with a hand-to-mouth existence, so how could I be so close to him? I never gave him anything.

Comment: Since Anil Kumar had no access to the room either, he could not have known that Sai Baba did not know what was stored throughout it. That is obviously only what Kumar wants to believe as a weak way out of the huge quandary that most revealing proofs of his Lord and Master's miserly hoarding created for almost everyone.
That Sai Baba allegedly "never talked about money" is absurd. Not only did he made many references to money in his countless discourses, he even asked me for money in a private interview, and did so to other persons I knew well! Though he very often to denied that he accepted any himself or that his organization should solicit money (which it actually did in a number of countries), Sai Baba himself also appealed via his journal Sanathana Sarathi for funds for his hospitals and his water projects etc. His claim to have nothing and take nothing from anyone was an outright untruth obvious to the sane observer of his opulent lifestyle, a huge confusing deception to confuse and divert attention from the obvious facts that he decided to what the funds given him should go, and he personally countersigned every cheque received as he stated this in a discourse (Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 26, p. 261). In 1986 his nephew - then manager at the State Bank of India in Puttaparthi - flipped through a very thick wad of cheques to show me that Sathya Sai Baba had signed every one. No one on the board of the Central Trust could decide any expenditure that he did not approve, nor decide on what should or should not be built like museums, sports facilities, apartment blocks and everything else! This shows that he was in all ways the de facto owner of all the property and wealth of the Trust and that he alone could accept and decide over the disposal of its donated funds. Sai Baba is further often reported to have handed out cash in quantities in various kinds of currency, both to favoured students and to some of those foreign boys he had sexually abused (such as Alaya Rahm - see testimony on the BBC documentary 'The Secret Swami').

Anil Kumar further stated:

"Baba may not be accepted as an incarnation or as divine by everyone, but his teachings are universal. His educational system is universal. His educational system aims at total personality development, comprehensive growth. It is a value-based education. So, no matter what the religion, everyone can follow it."

A teaching which denies the validity of human rights and supplants them with human duties and inalienable 'human values' cannot be 'universal' or underpin any kind of universal education system. Even a cursory study of Sai Baba's doctrines show that they are entirely Hindu-based, hence highly culture-specific and not least in conflict with most defining beliefs about divinity and theology of mainstream religions (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism, not to mention secular and non-theist communities.  His claim that all religions share the same core values does not hold up against the fact of religious differences both in belief, doctrine, culture and social life. Human do, of course, share many values but not equally and seldom across the board. There are opposing values held in many opposing Weltanschauung whether religious, political, social or otherwise). In general, many key values that appeal to many or most humans are shared by secular and atheistic people. Such values include justice (wholly absent from all Sai Baba's doctrines), equality before the law and social equality (denied by Sai Baba), democratic rights, and the exclusion of religion from elections. Sai Baba's human values - which he originally drew up literally on the back of an envelope in the form of five words (love, peace, truth, right action, non-violence). Thus they are vague generalities at best, and are not mutually distinct. Sai Baba himself never defined them clearly but illustrated them mainly by examples (especially from ancient Indian scripture) and anecdotal evidence and stories. They omit most modern social values that have evolved with civilization, not least because he insisted that human values are divine values set once and for all by God (i.e. himself).

Sathya Sai Baba's 'educational system' (Educare and EHV - Education in Human Values) is primitive and rigidly unchanging, because he claimed that the 'human values' he outlined were created by God as eternal, unchanging truths (i.e. not human values at all). Though foreign devotees developed some classroom routines based on their own ideas, the EHV community can take no account whatever of any system of educational pedagogy accepted and operating in developed countries... it exists in total intellectual isolation from all modern research, eschews sex education in any form and ignores any serious discussions of its aims, teaching methods as regards ethical values and socialization. It is not open to any checks and balances or feedback from grass-root educational experience, being 'set in stone' by Sathya Sai Baba as a divine, eternal truth.

A lot has been said and written about his reported clairvoyance. Apparently in 1998 he told his inner circle that the world was headed for many natural disasters and that the earth's axis might even shift. We now know that during the Japanese earthquake/tsunami the earth's axis did shift. Are you aware of any predictions he made which came true? 

Anil Kumar:
"He said long ago that Muslim nations will go through turmoil and terrorism. We've seen that in Afghanistan and Iraq; he predicted the unification of Germany, and long, long ago he said the Soviet Union will collapse. Then, he also predicted the decline of the US economy and the dotcom bust." 

Comment: This is quite all simply all rumour based on third-hand and anonymous reports and embellished by zealous imaginings. Aa any experienced visitor to Sai Baba ashrams or centres knows - there is an unceasing rumour mill which inflates every scrap of 'news' in the manner of the game of Chinese whispers! Such rumours were allowed to spawn and grow, despite the very strict and censorious controls on what organized members can state in public meetings etc.

Sai Baba never once predicted "the unification of Germany" (nothing remotely suggesting it can be found in any of his constant discourses, especially not "collapse of the Soviet Union" - mere fantasy). It was reported by some German devotee that she had prayed to Sai Baba to bring down the Berlin Wall just days before it happened! Others claimed to have heard Sai Baba once to mumble on the veranda of his temple 'Communist come-me-next' without further comment whatever. That is all... and the report is unverifiable as no one has written about this, let alone giving the date or context. I can guarantee that he never predicted the dotcom bust in any known discourse or authenticated publication, any more than he did so about the US economy's decline. He has not stated in any discourse from the very beginning that Muslim countries would be affected by turmoil and terror! (I once indexed the entire literature authenticated as being his own statements in 1800 one-liner quotations covering everything of any note).

Talking about clairvoyance, he said more than once that he'd live to 96, but actually passed away at 85. How do you explain that?

Anil Kumar:
"He said Some Hindu scholars believe that, as per the lunar calendar, he did live to 96. According to the lunar calendar, a year has 324 days. Sai Baba never said he'd live to 96 according to the solar calendar.
Two years ago, he pointed to a spot and told me, "This is going to be my Samadhi [resting place]." When I told him "please don't say that", he said "why are you afraid? It's inevitable for anybody. Death is the dress of life".

Comment: This is the desparate rationalization of Sathya Sai Baba's failed predictions of his death (of which he made a number of quite different ones - all putting his lifespan at well over 90 years all documented in the literature see here). The failure of his prediction of living into his 90s - touted constantly by Sai authors and believe for decades by all devotees would be a final proof of his prescience - was so damaging to his credibility that some explanation - however far-fetched - had to be put forward. Sai Baba never said that he'd live to 96 according to any lunar calendar either! The fact is, he celebrated all his birthdays according to the solar calendar (his last being his 85th, meaning he entered his 85th year. Actually his age by normal reckoning was 84). Not only that, but the various kinds of Hindu reckoning by lunar months - which makes for apparent 'lunar years' which are shortr than the solar year - do not agree mathematically with his actual date of death All this can be examined here(Moreover, his actual date of death is uncertain to within a few weeks as it was evidently covered up by his minions who eventually disconnected him from a massive life support system to coincide with Easter Sunday! See here).

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