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Subject: My best guess on Baba's purpose...
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Date: Wednesday, March 3, 2010, 5:48 PM

The way it has been shown to me Barry is that Baba is drinking up the poison of self-hate in this world through these incidents.

Remember the story of Krishna and how He drank the poison in the lake and nearly died?

Baba has set up a drama where he will be the target of hatred, so that those who have self-hatred can project it onto God. This is the fastest way to transform the planet.

Remember in Krishna's day, Krishna was ushering in the Kali Age, the least Dharmic Age, going from the Dwapara Yuga to the Kali Yuga. That means from the age where unrighteousness was in the relations to where it had infiltrated into the hearts of all. Baba is ushering the Golden Age. That requires a quantum leap from Kali which is the least righteous to the Age of pure righteousness. This is MONUMENTAL Barry, impossible except for with God. So Baba designed a plan where lots of hatred would be directed toward Him - Inimical Bhakti - fastest path to truth, because when you hate and direct your hatred toward God - that hatred is transformed and finally you see that you have no hatred left. Then you are pure. Baba needs a hand full of pure devotees to save the world.

Sai Baba's face at Shivarathri 2010.

Now do you understand why He looks like hell? He is absorbing all the poison off the planet. No small feat, and as I said before He is doing it in the most efficacious way possible. Remember Baba knows the past and future of EVERYONE, and loves everyone equally, thus whatever He does is toward the benefit of ALL. That is the explanation that was given to me internally, when I inquired.


Comment by Robert Priddy: This is close to the ultimate of indoctrinated rationalization and denial of reality. One can but pity the writer of this egoistic and presumptious codswallop!

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From: yaani drucker <>
Subject: Re: Am running behind
Date: Monday, March 1, 2010, 5:18 PM

See you speak of Baba as ruining people's lives while you throw me under the bus, unmindful, or unaware that you are ruining my life. But that is usually how projection works. We project onto others what we cannot bear to look at in ourselves. That's psychology 101 my friend.

Reply: Yaani, not I, is the ultimate victim of her own projections - she attributes everything to Sai Baba, every idea, act... bothe the positive and then also the negative as 'his teaching and testing'. Yet she wants her cake and to eat it, so she projects th ruin of her life onto the exposé (in this case me).

See also Yaani Drucker hypocrisy about academic qualifications & enlightenment

"NOTHING IS REAL, STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER" or 'Yaani Drucker on how nothing was turned into nothing, by nobody'

Yaani Drucker & SB's advaitic doctrine - a recipe for confusion and personality disorder

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