Thorbjorn Meyer  T. Meyer grovels for Sathya Sai Baba  

Professor Peter Pruzan  Jorgen Trygved
Sathya Sai Baba's chosen leaders in Denmark who defamed alleging victims of Sai Baba's sexual abuse in the Danish media.

See transcript and comments on Meyer's interview with Danish TV News).
In Danish - Se Jørgen Trygved på TV  - Professor Pruzan The video clip showing the above interview in English is viewable here 6mbs downloadable   
or In Danish - Se Peter Pruzan på TV)

Not exactly great examples of their parroted preaching 'love all serve all' and 'see only good'! These three fanatical believers in the Incarnate Godhood of Sathya Sai Baba - Thorbjørn Meyer, Professor Peter Pruzan, Jørgen Trygved, have all in various ways and in public defamed Conny Larsson and their allegations are based on the false witness of a wholly disreputable spiteful person, whose sacking from the treatment home which Conny Larsson ran was accepted as correct by the Swedish authorities.

Mr. Thorbjørn Meyer was caught in a blatant untruth by Danish National Broadcasting's TV news journalist when he said he had investigated the sexual abuses, but was shown not to be telling the truth by his own subsequent answers to continued questioning. His cheap libel against Conny Larsson (accusing him of being a pedophile in an attempt to avert attention from the serious and credible allegations against Sai Baba's known pedophilia reported by numerous of his unwilling (and even willing) partners. The allegations in Meyer's unconscionable and low-minded attack was later refuted by the Swedish government, which funds Larsson's drug-addiction treatment centre, and by further investigations by the Danish journalist, Øjvind Kyrø, which he had to make before his film 'Seduced by Sai Baba' for Danish TV could be broadcast (in which film Conny Larsson describes the sex abuse he suffered).

Pruzan on Sai baba sexual molestations
In psychological denial and cognitive confusion, Peter Pruzan told on Danish TV that he does not deny that those who claims to be victims of sexual abuse by Sai Baba, believe they had the experiences they claims... but that this could just as well be fantasy etc. etc.

Professor Pruzan on sexual molestations by Sai Baba

Peter Pruzan of the Copenhagen Business School is proud to wear the above cheap false jewellry which Sathya Sai Baba falsely pretends contain three genuine white diamonds and a watch his guru also pretended to 'materialize' out of thin air.

A ring supposedly 'materialised' by Sai Baba and the cheap watch worn proudly by Professor Pruzan. More fakes for more dupes! Meyer & his younger son (who is known to have had had a very close acquaintance with Sai Baba) were both given 'materialised' rings with cheap, false green gems, exactly like that given to Robert Priddy (click here). Øjvind Kyrø filmed the royal jeweller, Mr. Peter Hertz of Copenhagen, opening the alleged large green diamond ring given to Priddy in by Sai Baba, which he then could certify as a cheap synthetic green sapphire with green tinfoil behind the stone to increase its brightness. None of the many prominent Sai followers, including numerous Indian Government Ministers, have ever produced independent proof that a single such claimed 'diamond' is genuine. 

According to Bettina Vilmun, journalist for the Danish daily newspaper BT, Director Jørgen Trygved said:

"I have long since accepted that there are people who are more clever than I" says Jørgen Trygved, who is of the opinion that in Sai Baba he has experienced a greatness that cannot be compared with anything.
"Why now? Therefore I cannot see how he could suddenly become a homosexual and pedophile. It is not logical that this should come now when he is nearing 75 years of age. If it really was so, how come it was not revealed earlier?
There are very few people I trust and more will be needed to make me suspect Sai Baba of what he is now being accused of. I have great confidence in a man like Isaac Tigrett. If I heard directly from his mouth that the accusations has substance, then I would surely take myself down there and ask Sai Baba. What I need to know I want from Baba himself and not via a number of rumours."

Had Trygved had the honesty to investigate the matter, he would easily have discovered that Sathya Sai Baba has been accused of homosexual abuses in public since the 1970s, such as by former devotee Tal Brook in several books. After Trygved stated this, his trusted friend. Isaac Tigrett stated toe the BBC that he believed the allegations of sexual abuse and that it would make no difference to him if Sai Baba were to go out and murder someone tomorrow! See this in a transcript and brief video clip from 'The Secret Swami', BBC documentary. Trygved operated on the simplistic and naive principle that, if your God idol says he did not do something, then he could not have done it!

Here is the text with Trygved's words in Danish: - flg. Bettina Vilmun, journalist i BT, sa Jørgen Trygved:

"Jeg har forlængst accepteret, at der er mennesker, der er klogere end jeg,« siger Jørgen Trygved, der i Sai Baba har oplevet en storhed, som han ikke mener kan sammenlignes med noget.
Hvorfor nu? Derfor kan jeg ikke se, hvorfor han lige pludselig skal være bøsse og pædofil. Det er ikke logisk, at det skal komme nu, hvor han fylder 75 år. Hvis det virkelig var, mon det så ikke var blevet afsløret tidligere?
Der er meget få mennesker, jeg stoler på, og der skal mere til for at få mig til blot at mistænke Sai Baba for, hvad han nu bliver beskyldt for. Jeg har stor tillid til en mand som Isac Tigrett. Hvis jeg hørte direkte fra hans mund, at der var hold i beskyldningerne, ville jeg nok tage ned og spørge Sai Baba. Hvad jeg har brug for at vide, vil jeg have at vide fra Baba selv og ikke via et antal rygter.

Video clip of T. Meyer on Danish TV (in Danish)

See also Danish journalists discuss Sai Baba abuses and T. Meyer's e-mail exchanges with Robert Priddy

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