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"In this world, do you find any person who gave water to the water-scarce and poor area of Rayalaseema? There are many rich people and influential leaders and politicians but not even one has undertaken the good activity. In such a situation Sai Baba started supplying drinking water to each and every house in this area of Rayalaseema."  (From Sai Baba's Christmas Discourse, 2000: published in Sanathana Sarathi  - Jan. 2001, pps.1-11)

Comment: This applies to India, perhaps. But many people there also gave the water project money. Many other organisations, not least NGOs, are also giving water wells and other sources of pure water to the poor around the world, (despite the need still being much vaster than can be met)

"Is there any government that is giving free medical care? People don't even think about the sanctity behind it. Most of the educated have become so low and mean minded. Is there anyone who is doing even one thousandth of this work? No, no. It is only Sathya Sai Baba, who is doing this selflessly, always for the welfare of others."

Comment: Sai has a right to point out his own services to India's poor so often as he wishes, but many, many other people are doing at least one thousandth of the work Sai Baba does! In Pakistan, ex-cricket start Imran Khan has built a huge cancer hospital which provides free medical service. In Northern India, the Swami Rama foundation has also built a major free hospital. There are any number of other people making sacrifices, for the poor and needy, often devoting their entire lives, both in India and all around the globe. Even many governments, since Britain introduced its national health service, give virtually free medical care - and though based on payments to national insurance, many of the services are free or virtually so. Sai Baba also relies on donations from others and interest from investments, which alone allow the services given under the Sai name to be free. There are also any number of schools, colleges and universities in the world for which students do not have to pay anything.

"Sathya Sai Baba is rendering selfless service to humanity because he is selfless from top to toe. Are people with brains not able to understand even such a thing? Why do people publicise? Such bad publicity is done for the sake of money alone.

Comment: what does he mean by 'publicise' here. He is publicising his own good works here, so it must by a veiled reference to those - such as on the Internet - who have accused him of various 'misdemeanours'.  He tends to confirm this by saying:

"Don't be afraid of any bad publicity going on. Here in Bangalore a magnificent super speciality hospital costing about 300 crores is being constructed."

Comment: Sai Baba accuses his critics of accusing him for money without any evidence whatever. It is difficult indeed to know who would pay those who were devoted Sai service workers for decades enough to impugn themselves tell sheer lies of such an extensive and detailed nature (the Catholic Church? Muslim clerics? the Rationalists? Hardly!) Besides, no one makes anything from such Internet sites, even the most successful Amazon.com is only just making money after many years in the red. On the other hand, SBs outburst seems designed more to try to ensure that the flow of money to his Trust is maintained, which the fall-off of many Western followers has threatened.

"Even a few devotees are becoming weak. They are not true devotees. Having known and experienced the power of Sai why should you be shaken by such wrong publicity. The writings on the walls and the newspapers, they are all rotten and dirty."

Comment: Baba does not say which 'wrong publicity' here either... but indicates that it is in the newspapers, anyhow. To say that devotees who become weaker (i.e have some doubts) are not true devotees of Sathya Sai Baba is correct, but they may be devoted to God and dharma apart from that, surely? So this can only have a hurtful effect on many who cannot help their doubts, due to what they may know. It is much more like raising a stick than loving compassion. Would Jesus have spoken so, I wonder?

"If you obstruct any sacred activity you are a demon and not a human. Let such demons increase in number all over the world, but nobody can come in the way of Sai Baba. Some people are trying to reduce the respect people have for Sai Baba. I never crave for respect so when it is less, what do I lose. The respect towards me is rising day by day."

Comment: "Obstructing sacred activity' is a vague, catch-all phrase. To what or whom does it apply? Everyone who opens his mouth about anything Sai Baba does not like, one is led to suppose. Is this another veiled attack on his self-named accusers of sexual molestation? Or is it an attack on other 'demons'? Apart from this, such declarations sound rather hollow when repeated so often. Respect may be rising in some places, but what of the rising disrespect for Sai Baba in many places? That certainly exists too. For example, anti-Baba Internet sites register huge numbers of visitors. (Just one had registered over 80,000 hits within less than a year). Are such persons demons, really?

"Those who put God to suffering, those who accuse God, they will be committing the worst of sins. If you are unable to do any meritorious deeds keep your mouth shut. Don't do any sinful acts."

Comment: How God can be caused suffering is a mystery - at any rate, for Sai Baba has stated "Sai has no suffering" (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 10 new ed., p. 39, Ch. 263 and claimed that he can't himself manage to feel suffering (Vision of the Divine, p. 97); and that suffering never approaches Sai (Sathya Sai SpeaksVol. 23, p. 21 Ch. 163) and so on, including "The tiniest suffering in you is felt by Sai" Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 3, p. 5 Ch. 39.) Make sense of all this if you can.
So do allegations cause Sai Baba suffering? Or is he really entirely unmoved by any praise or blame?

"You can betray anyone but betrayal of God is the worst of sins that you can commit. You can never atone for the sin in spite of taking many births."

So some people are to be condemned to everlasting shame, despite all the assurances that Baba has given concerning how everyone is destined eventually to achieve liberation? Baba repeatedly says he is the one God in whose hand all power is concentrated, so is this a kind of threat against those who are speaking out? Or, with all that omnipotence, is he actually granting them the right to state their case, whatever it is? How God (i.e. Baba?) can be 'betrayed' here, he does not specify. The Judas stamp, with which Baba brandishes, denigrates and threatens people, is a far cry from his own declarations in earlier years that he equally loves even those who criticise and denigrate him and 'even those who deny me are mine' (Sathyam, Sivam, Sundaram Ch. 14, p. 265). He has also remarked that the activity of his denigrators had the great benefit of keeping the critics' minds occupied with God!

Sathya Sai Baba's self-trumpeting glory is not credible, it is incredible! It can only arouse further suspicion of him among right-thinking people. To understand more of why this is so, see here

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